thesis statement about peloponnesian war
As Thucydides says in his history of the war, the underlying cause was Spartan fear of Athens' expansive power. Essay, 4 pages. After a short while the city of Athens started dominated and invading other city-states. The other factor that triggered the war was the trade sanctions that the Athenians gave to the Megarans who were Spartans allies. 31. There could be no possible, While the war may have been over, relations between Athens and Sparta continued to go sour. Essay, 11 pages. Name Lysander was appointed Spartan navarch for the Aegean, The Peloponnesian War A series of conflicts occurred during the “Thirty Year’s Peace” that pushed Sparta and Athens to war again. also offered here. How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War. Caused by the growing tension between Athens and Sparta, it came and left, leaving only destruction in its wake. Help. It started as a small group of city states who merged in order to bring to an end the then intense Persian war. For America, we can learn lessons from the Peloponnesian War to help us be better informed of the causes of war. Class A good number of the population of the Athenians died during this period not only as a result of the war but also an outbreak of plague which consumed almost two thirds of entire Athens population. But with the help from Spartans, the Athenians were all defeated miserably thus they were unable to invade the city. Old Greece in 431 BC was not a country. The Peloponnesian war (431–404 BC) was an ancient Greek war fought by Athens against the Peloponnesian led by Sparta. 2 pages. The Persians allied with the bid to revenge on the Athenians for the war they had prosecuted in the earlier century. No form of communication, no freedom of trade and the richest soil were frequently invaded thus changed master. Any warrant officer or enlisted member who. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree on the. The meaning of this statement is clear: if there had been no Corcyra and Potidaea, there would have been no Peloponnesian War in 431 BCE. Under the leadership of General Lysander, the Spartans got an overall victory over the Athenians. Get a verified writer to help you with Peloponnesian War. Peloponnesian war took place between 431 and 404 B.C. These two countries had made a peace treaty which had lasted for thirty years at that time. Through the stories of Thuycides, we have the world's first eye witness account of a war from a great historian who lived through it. After Corinth faced defeated from Corcyra which happened to be one of their colony, they started building naval power but the Corcyra formed an ally with the Athens so as to gain defense against any farther attack from the Corinth. Humanities Greek and Roman Contact Us/FAQ. Thucydides famously claims that the war started “because the Spartans were afraid of further growth of Athenian power, seeing as they did have the greater part of Hellas was under the control of Athens”.


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