titan t2 short rack
You have REALLY short ceilings and even the short versions of the X-3 and T-3 racks are too tall.

The whole reason I’m recommending this unit is because it has long safety arms that actually work good. The pull-up bar is 68.5-inches off the ground. Here at Walmart.com, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Yeah, with the J cups in the top hole you’ll have the bar at least that high. Lastly, part of the relative lack of popularity is because the side bracings are welded — this prevents some people from getting it into their home gym (i.e. Those type of designs are at best annoying, and at worst dangerous if you aren’t conscientious about it. There may be shorter ones, but they’re not going to be heavy gauge racks with Westside spacing like the X-2. Contact From the picture it looks to be the short version. If not, then you can very easily slide, tilt or completely flip the rack over while you're inside doing the exercise. NOTE: For gauge, higher is thinner; lower is thicker. It’s even worse in a basement with 7ft ceilings. All you freaks who find pull ups way too easy can make it double hard. I mention this because Titan currently does not sell X-2 pin/pipe safeties separately on the X-2 accessories page. The Titan T2 Power Rack is designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Hey, I’m 6’2. Now that we've covered some of the more "glamorous" features, let's get into the more boring (but very important!)

I had checked with Titan and for a while I said it was 11 gauge, but at some point I became convinced that it’s 12 gauge, due to not only the weight but I think also from someone who has the rack or better info. Thanks for this. Those that are heaver than recommended maximum should take a look at some of these power racks that include a pull up bar. Hi Ricky, good question.

the top left and top right of the frame) for reverse band movements. I mean, assuming they never changed it. With it you can lift way more safely than one of those small lightweight squat stands would allow you to. A full power rack just gets in the way. But because you're in this grey area of ceiling height, the X-3 and T-3 full-height racks may be just slightly too tall for your ceilings. Setting up your power rack with all your workout gear and accessories is simple. The primary benefit is having a dedicated station for pull ups and related accessories. I have a similar question-also a tall guy. The T-3 and X-3, which are both great values, are more expensive (though the. Rep includes two pull up bars, a 1.25″ and a 2″ in the back. Increase the stability of your rack. That's it--very quick.

I looked it up. Also, I have a ceiling that is 6″10 high.

Solution 2: Squat Rack with Open Top.
and we have not verified it. It persuaded me to purchase it (when it gets back in stock). Right now, this includes the X-2 Mounted Step-Up Platform and the X-2 Dual Pull Up Stabilizer Bar.

and we have not verified it. While it doesn’t come with many accessories and features, it still allows users to perform various exercises to activate different muscle groups.

I don’t think the ones going out to the sides in the back do much, because a rack doesn’t hardly ever tip sideways (unless you use their dip attachment I guess), but the ones sticking way out in the front, plus the extra frame in the back for the aforementioned weight pegs, helps keep it stable even if you don’t weight it down.

As you should expect, you get a pair of j-hooks standard with the X-2. They will fit in virtually every basement or low mobile home ceiling. However, I don't see how that would be feasible, simply because one of the pull up bars is directly below the stabilizer bar. You can upgrade to UHMW-lined J-cups, and while you’re at it, choose from three styles of dip attachments. For lifters such as myself, bolting the rack to the floor is not an option.


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