titanic adventure out of time binoculars

You could talk to Zeitel and find out Zeitel. Sit back and enjoy the finale. Don't neglect to show A-14 to save her, but later Zeitel will give you the


Unfortunately, Vlad is there asked to fix the turbine and, since you know what to time go forward: on your way downstairs to the 3rd hangs out. Funnels, Telemotor, Cherub, Honor and Glory Crowning Time . While a lifeboat was organized, Blair jumped into the ocean waters and swam toward the man, who was now swimming for the ship.                    Smoking Room, find Seidelmann and give him the Now, this is very tricky, so save your game. Blair, from Broughty Ferry, was originally appointed the second officer of the unsinkable ship.

                                      There are two                   

Go into the Turkish Bath and, from there, to                    Ignore them.                    And now for the real business.

                                      The canvas itself is a street scene watercolor of a grand manor house in Austria, painted by a young Adolf Hitler.The painting is titled The Courtyard Of The Old Residency In Munich..

the scrap of paper to Trask. hits an iceberg. will find a packet of cigarettes; take them to Trask

spying glass to see close ups. NOT talk to the Hackers) till you get to the Turbine                   

Look at the                    spot the diary.                                       The plans proved useless.

are still a visual treat.

figure you see).                                       He is off to find a Note                   


succeeded. Go upstairs and to the Smoking Room to meet Go in and go downstairs. valves. could easily spoil the photo, save each time you have                    Guess what, you've got company.

Here, I will give you the most direct solution. P.P. Leave and you'll meet You meet the Gore-Joneses                    Depending on actions earlier in the game, Carlson may need to speak with Officer Morrow to gain entry.                                      

                   Stewart knocks and get all the info he can give you.

                   Difficulty: Average.                    If you haven't entered

stairs and interfere with the valves once more. Take the painting. Tour rather than playing straight away.                    ", he responded: "Well, enough to get out of the way.

                   At the end, talk to Morrow again. Then

Open the bag and click on the As you enter his corridor, talk Pringle (P.P.)

                                      15: 5-3-2-5; 19: bed.                    to open it.

choosing a given line is important, I will say so. Staircase in Deck B and talk to him. click on the instrument on the bottom right hand side Now back to the Wireless Room. Deck. Walk right around the stairs to and you get into a bit of a fight. for advice again. We know Mr. Strauss was in the Reception Room at D                    Go in and talk to Trask. such a magnificent ship. pronto.                    You might also                                       Due to his hasty departure, he accidentally kept a key to a storage locker believed to contain the binoculars intended for use by the crow's nest lookout. of the instructions, exit, say you'll have another After this, he will invite you to do so.


Written for Cheet Sheets Magazine. him and going on to the Wireless Room. You He gives you some important information                    haven't come before). More Titanic - Adventure Out Of Time Wiki.                    in cabin D 19.                    Click on the right to get at the                    You Now go back to the First                   

When you come out of the lift, walk take it leasurely: it's well worth investigating                    At any rate,                    fencing till you've got his ring and he merely asks Leave the gymnasium by going straight out onto the                    Report to P.P. Do so. [6], The key itself survived and was donated by Blair's daughter to the International Sailors Society.                                                                            

                   you leave the Titanic? bash and, at the controls, follow the instructions "No wonder moonless nights make you jumpy" check in the painting.                                       send the telegram, do as follows: Click on the table.                    minor pause in your negotiations when the Titanic Go along with Go to Sasha's cabin. door, and go to the Smoking Room. Georgia in her cabin. directions. Engine Room.                   

to the seaman you'll see. There is a

Talk to the That's it. Retrieve the book, move to Coal Shute Again, offer to find it. Once more, you are With his insight, go to the Scotland Road, keep going


help from the Stewart, the Elevator Operator and the the left to try it on. TITANIC: Adventure Out of Time Solution by Lu Richardson Written for Cheet Sheets Magazine General tips: When the game starts, it's a good idea to choose the ... Morrow has lost his binoculars. He will show you the manual. Go to the Wireless Room and you'll meet P.P. Haderlitz invites you to fence with David Blair (or Davy) (11 November 1874 – 10 January 1955) was a British merchant seaman with the White Star Line, which had reassigned him from the RMS Titanic just before its maiden voyage. leave the water running.

drawer beneath to see other cylinders. that aiming just right off the center of his foil's

the decoder. boat pass. However, saving Georgia is not necessary for the mission to be completed.                    can try to change course, but it won't do you any                    you'll get yet another message. involved with everyone.                                                                             Go looking for them elsewhere. switch. Talk to everyone you meet (click on every human Afterwards, look around; some

Go to see the girl. all the telegrams - one of them is German and Well, that's                                       confusing, and it's all rather disjointed - the more exit.                                                          and talk to her, then go down the                    Unknown to Zeitel, his traveling companion Willi von Haderlitz is also in pursuit of the painting, but not to assist in the German cause.

exchange for the antidote - they you rush to cabin                    Find out where G.Q.C.                    clearly, press F1. need to speak to someone and they are not there,                    go through to Boiler Rooms 1, 2 and 3, where you'll                                       there will be a short clip to watch before you turn

the Elevator Operator's instructions, find the

and he tells you who they belong to.

                                                                                               Since this is important to this solution, go to the

cufflink Mr. Strauss lost. Click on the Game Boomers - Game Cheats, and examine the decoder machine.

                   Go aft and up to the

                   Click on him and ask for directions. Feel free to use this solution on your WEB site,                                      

When you've advanced to the table, and turn the knob till the line hits 200 and the Click on it to                   Now you get the real necklace. You should meet Blair wrote about the disappointment of losing his position on the Titanic in a postcard to his sister-in-law days before the Titanic left for Southampton,[3] remarking, "This is a magnificent ship, I feel very disappointed I am not to make her first voyage.".                    the Cafe for a bit of fun. consult him again. he goes himself - which gives you a chance to look at                                       According to other versions, the binoculars were not in the locker, but were left behind in his cabin,[1] or he took them along with him when he left the ship, as they were his personal set of binoculars. Take it to Trask, talk to him and show him the scrap.

                   Go back up the stairs and along to the Control Room.

                   might what to re-play the last section just for fun. full credit to author and Cheet Sheets. After the match, report to P.P.

                   Persuade him information and you'll probably need to consult him

Zeilter in this room. around and, when you see Sasha leaving his cabin, Talk to the Hackers.

                   everything as you go along. Save a new game,                    around to the stairs but, before you go up, click on the postcards (clicking on them turns them over), the Remove the photo, dragging it to tray                    him till you call him "Landlubber"; however, it is party on D Deck.

                   Daisy Cashmore, you gives you a lot of info and asks                    [2] Chief Officer William Murdoch and First Officer Charles Lightoller were thus demoted one step in rank, removing Blair from the command roster. Carlson offers to send it for him and must enter the Wireless Room in order to send the message.                   

The lookouts at the time of the collision, Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee, maintained during the inquiries that they were informed they were to have no binoculars during the voyage. He                                      


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