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They call it family care. Thank you. Not once. Das ist der längliche schmale Transmitter. The MM2 doesn’t stick protrude out from your arm more than a few millimetres more than your Libre does. The New MiaoMiao 2 Reader for FreeStyle Libre 1 & 2. MiaoMiao 2 + SmartWatch + Tomato or xDrip+. When tracking shows ‘Returned to sender/shipper’, we will refund you . There is no ad in all of the screens in the Tomato App, so you can concentrate on what is important. 1 min read Tomato released new version for both iOS and Android phones, the new version works with all Libre sensors, including US 14 days and Libre 2 sensors. Rob. MiaoMiao collects real-time glucose information every 5 minutes, Tomato App sends you alerts when your BG level is too high or too low or up rapid or down rapidly. See more of Tomato App on Facebook. You can take a shower or swim in the shallow water. 1 in shallow waters (you should not submerge your watch bellow 1,2m of water) It would mean I could choose the urgency at which to take action. Tomato App sends you alerts when your blood sugar level is too high or too low, or rises too fast or drops too fast. If there was one thing I wish I could do with the alarms it is change the alarm sounds. The MiaoMiao is designed to last for years, with a 1 year guarantee. Using a pin (the device for getting a sim card out of an iPhone is perfect for this) you press the small reset button on the MiaoMiao. Please note this post may include some affiliate links. Why my connection status is ‘Not Connected’ when I connect xDrip with MiaoMiao2? 10.Which adaptor can be available for MiaoMiao cable? 1,425 people like this. The only situation I haven’t fully tested it in is water. You then place it on charge. 3 As I use the Libre 1 reader to upload my data to Abbott/Diabetes clinic, will the reader still work with the Miao Miao 2 attached to the sensor? Should I Be Taking Regular Breaks From The Libre? Hallo, miaomiao hat mein Interesse geweckt … wenn ich es bestelle, bekomme ich dann auch eine deutsche Anleitung dazu? What watches can be used to show glucose with it? How to add a tomato complication to your Apple watch face? Miaomiao Smart Libre Reader and Tomato App are both Produced By Our Team. Community See All. I took that time to charge the MM – but really it didn’t actually need it yet. 2 As I cannot find a UK seller of Miao Miao 2, as I will have to buy from an EU, or US seller, is the charger compatible with UK power/electricity? Tomato App is Perfectly Compatible with Miaomiao. Disconnecting and reconnecting problems and Bluetooth issues as they sometime happen with different smartphones are minimised. Contact Tomato App on Messenger. 8. what should i do if i want to cancel order ? MM 2 & TicWatch C2+ MORE. Being able to distinguish between a blood glucose reading that is above target or one that is above 13.9 mmol/L without having to look at my phone or watch would be really useful with the kids around. Privacy Policy Do you know how many charging cycles you can get on these before you have to replace them? The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. I would be lying if I said I didn’t go in to this with a decent amount of skepticism after my previous experience, but as always I was willing to give it a try.


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