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The all new 2021 Trek Slash 8 is an enduro mountain bike that rolls on fast 29er wheels and floats on plush RockShox suspension with SRAM's newest GX Eagle handling drive train duties. The emphasis, though, is on longer. We’ve spent a few weeks on the 2021 Slash trying to sort out if Trek can have its enduro bike, and be fun on trails too. Try to say that five times fast. If you’re into park runs, Slash can deliver laps on laps of rowdy fun. All of this works to make the Slash longer, and more stable at high speeds, while still keeping riders centered on the bike. The all new 2021 Trek Slash 8 is an enduro mountain bike that rolls on fast 29er wheels and floats on plush RockShox suspension with SRAM's newest GX Eagle handling drive train duties. It has enjoyed racing success under Katy Winton, Pedro Burns and Florian Nicolai, but its geometry was getting left behind by rivals such as the new Specialized Enduro. Despite having longer travel, Trek have managed to retain the kinematics of the previous Slash, only increasing the overall progression by 2%. Trek Slash 9.7 – your entry into the world of carbon – € 4,499.

The newer 34.9-mm seat tube standard is used, including a new Bontrager Line Elite 34.9 dropper post. Even with steep seat tube angles, their long wheelbases, supple suspension, and overall heft can leave riders sapped of energy when it comes time to descend.

If your game is enduro, it rips while remaining light and planted on punchy climbs. As soon as you climb aboard, you’ll immediately notice a few differences.

The travel of the dropper post can be reduced with spacers if need be. Topping the range is the 9.9 XTR Project One bike for € 9,099. It sounds almost too good to be true – for just € 500 more, the Slash 8 comes with a RockShox Lyrik RC fork, a Super Deluxe Ultimate shock, a GX-Eagle drivetrain and the powerful SRAM CODE R brakes! It comes with a RockShox Yari fork, a Deluxe Select+ shock without a reservoir, an NX Eagle drivetrain, and weak Guide T brakes. So, as you might expect, the all-new Slash is far more up to date. The geometry and overall demeanor of the Slash favor riders who want a well-rounded long-travel 29er. Trek is releasing two aluminum Slash models and three carbon fibre builds. Trek and RockShox worked together to develop a version of the SuperDeluxe Ultimate for the Slash. Super Deluxe Thru Shaft shock . You only want the best? Your email address will not be published. Trek is bringing the Slash back up to speed for 2021.

The all-new Super Deluxe Thru Shaft air shock grew out of a partnership between Trek and RockShox engineers, who share a goal to create the perfect enduro suspension for …

Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. More than six weeks before the official launch of the new 2021 Trek Slash, we were lucky enough to do an in-depth review of the flagship 9.9 X01 model in size L. Besides riding the bike on our home trails, as usual, we also took it to the bike park in Innsbruck. Trek have released the long-awaited 2021 version of their Slash model. While Trek could have gone further, the plan is to keep the Slash’s trail bike capabilities, not make an exclusive enduro race bike that’s so aggressive it is no fun for anyone else to ride. The Slash is back up to speed with fresh frame features. The Slash 9.9 is a well-appointed machine.

In combination with the long 485 mm reach and the compact 437 mm rear end, the Slash demands a very committed riding style through corners and for quick direction changes. The Trek Slash caused quite a stir when it was launched in 2016 and played a key role in shaping the 29er enduro bike category. 28.5 pounds (27/5) w/pedals. While the previous Slash was more reminiscent of a modern, long-travel trail bike with its rather firm suspension and compact geometry, there’s no denying what the new bike was designed for.

Trek have updated both of these aspects on the new model. Get special offers, exclusive product news, and event info straight to your inbox. However, if you have to get up out of the saddle to pedal, we recommend locking out the shock first. Trek are also the first company to integrate the practical storage compartment in the down tube on an aluminium frame – awesome! Frameset: Slash AL – $2,700.00 Both the carbon and aluminium frames are available separately for € 3,999 and € 2,499, respectively. There’s no denying the new Slash’s heritage. The Trek Slash caused quite a stir when it was launched in 2016 and played a key role in shaping the 29er enduro bike category. By doing so, we were able to find a suitable climbing position. Riding uphill, the rear suspension is as pleasantly efficient as before, as long as you stay seated and pedal in even strokes. In total, the new Slash 9.9 XO1 was ridden by five experienced ENDURO test pilots. The shock isn’t just tuned for Trek though. The suspension is taken care of by a RockShox ZEB Select+ fork and the specially developed Super Deluxe Ultimate shock.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Thanks to its plush suspension and capable geometry, it’s ready to take on the most demanding trails. However, with the shock and hardware the carbon frame weighs 3,180g – the previous frame was slightly lighter at 3,060g. Slash is a long-travel trail bike built for big all-mountain terrain, racing the clock on rugged enduro lines, and having a rip-roaring good time in the rough. Trek also continue to rely on their so-called Mino-Link on the new model, allowing you to adjust the geometry by around 0.5° and the bottom bracket height by 6 mm – but we don’t know of anyone who actually uses it.

Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. With the cheapest Slash coming in at £2,650, Trek’s internal storage is available at a lower price point.

There are a few other things we noticed during our test. Slash gets a bump in travel to 160mm at the rear and 170mm upfront.

The handling of a bike is key, but there are a few other factors that are important to consider before buying a new bike. Trek is bringing the Slash back up to speed for 2021. Long-legged riders or anyone who regularly attempts very steep climbs will have to push the saddle as far forward as possible. Full-length, dual-density downtube guards add additional protection against debris and while shuttling. Once shaft speeds increase above 10 inches per second, the compression circuit opens up and allows for unrestricted movement. While the Slash retains its classic Trek look, there are numerous changes to the design and geometry. The down tube protector has been lengthened, but it can also be split in two to save weight, though we wouldn’t know who would want to do that. Trek’s Re:Aktiv shock is gone for 2021. Below are full details of what’s changed on the Slash for the upcoming year. Trek also wants to keep the Slash fun for everyone who doesn’t spend their weekends between course tape. From a rational point of view, the extra charge compared to the Slash 9.8 simply isn’t worth it – but who of us is rational when buying a bike? Let’s be honest – who would buy a Trek Slash for its climbing prowess? This should allow for tighter turns, but we rarely found the steering lock of the old system to be a problem on the trail.

To complement the longer reach numbers, Trek is speccing very short 35mm stems across all sizes, along with (now almost ubiquitous) short offset forks. The last major reworking of the Slash came when it moved to 29″ wheels in 2017.

Perhaps the most important update is to the Slash’s shape.

Complete bikes are equipped with droppers from 150mm to 200mm (Medium and Medium/Large sizes get 150mm posts, Large frames get 170mm, XL frames get 200mm). Snack storage! Thru-shaft shocks have a damper shaft that goes all the way through the damper body and out the other side. There’s now 170-mm front wheel travel, via a RockShox Zeb and 160-mm rear. In our opinion, if you must have a carbon frame, this is the model to go for. By submitting your comment you agree to our Privacy Policy. Since then enduro has continued to change. According to Trek, the Slash is also compatible with coil shocks. Well, it’s now 2 degrees steeper, measuring 75.6 degrees in low and 76.1 degrees in high. One feature that irked me on previous Trek mountain bikes was thankfully invisible while riding the Slash. Read the new issue of ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine now. The geometry has also been fundamentally revised: the reach is longer, the seat tube angle is almost 2° steeper and the head angle is slacker (now 64.1°).

Trek insists the removal of the IFP more than makes up for this, but we’d say that any reductions in friction resulting from Thru-shaft are unlikely to be game-changing. It comes with a 36 Rhythm fork and a DPX2 shock. We wrote a separate article explaining why we think the new Super Boost Plus standard makes little sense, so we’re glad that Trek didn’t go down that route.

It’s designed to thrive on the ever more demanding terrain seen at enduro races, with more suspension travel and longer, lower, slacker geometry. The bike is longer, the seat tube angle is steeper and the suspension feels plusher.

Instead of using a specially manufactured body, it is now based on the Super Deluxe which allows you to adjust low-speed compression in three stages and thus tune the bike to suit different trails. Trek claims the carbon fibre Slash tips the scales at just 2,450g. Use the Bike Finder to narrow your choices, compare models, and find the Trek that’s right for you. Fans of standard conformity will be disappointed by the 34.9mm diameter as well as the proprietary shock. 32.5#?

When the descents get steep and technical, the bike’s length keeps it very composed, holding its line and generating a lot of traction. The Slash is also now designed around a 35mm stem, instead of 50mm. Then, it was one of the early adopters for big wheels in enduro. On my size medium tester, it was a struggle to fit a 29er tube, CO2 with inflator, and tire lever into the downtube.

Trek have released the long-awaited 2021 version of their Slash model. This long-travel 29er enduro bike is built to be fast, smooth, and fun in the wildest terrain. Trek returns to the time-tested, and easily serviceable BSA 73mm threaded BB standard. If climbing is your thing, you should perhaps take a closer look at the Fuel EX instead.


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