tweak cydia ios 13 2020
It is used to remove clutter from your home and lock screens, which greatly simplifies how iOS looks. Users can enjoy the voice assistant features with the tweak. Utubed tweak lets you listen to YouTube audio in the background and use YouTube ad-free. If you’re someone who has already jailbroken his or her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and you are looking for some nice free jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.5, then you have came to the right place. Home Gesture is one of the best ios 12 jailbreak tweaks, this brings iPhone X gestures to the older devices. Also, it requires you to have a Mac or Linux computer to jailbreak iOS 13.6.1. This tweak will completely turn them off without requiring you to do this from Settings app. It is a paid Cydia tweak. So here we came up with a complete guide of the latest Cydia Apps iOS 14 and how to install them. It is an efficient way of listening to music. With AppSync Unified tweak you can install unsigned and fakesigned apps on your iOS device. With Flex 3 you can modify the behaviour of App Store apps and change the way they function. It is available through SparkDev’s repo ( 2 Tap “Add”, and copy paste the link of the repository that you want to include from the above list. This tweak replaces the today view page with Spotlight screen. Swipe down on the menu to utilize it. FlipControlCenter is a Cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 10.2 Jailbreak. Unlike that, the CydiaFree tool supports all A5-A13 devices and it doesn’t require you to have a computer to install Cydia on iDevices. Springtomize is an online customization tweak for iOS 13. Google window completely changes the way you use iOS 13. Spotify users will love this option on their iOS devices. FDots tweak lets you hide all sorts of dots from your iOS device. Article states that it’s for iOS 13.6 but it’s only good on... Tanner Marsh (also known as iCrackUriDevice) manages and runs both the iCrackUriDevice YouTube channel and the Best Tech Info website, reaching hundreds of millions of viewers/readers across the globe. Without any further ado here’s a complete list of FREE Jailbreak tweaks that you can download on your iOS 13.5 device in 2020. This is awesome because you don’t have to have all of your apps on the home screen and now the feature is on iOS through Cydia. In this highly detailed (and long) article we have featured a list of 90 jailbreak tweaks that are not only FREE to download but they are also fully compatible with iOS 13.5 jailbreak. There you go folks, these are some of the best FREE jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 13.5. Top 35+ BEST iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.4.1! Check out his YouTube videos for more awesome content. And for those who already have this iOS version, they're definitely looking for new Cydia Tweaks to download on their iDevices. This tweak is available from developer’s repo ( Keyboard Plus (PackiX $) – Additional keyboard features. You can add a search bar to your iOS app drawer as well. This is the ultimate tweak for WhatsApp that brings tons of features to the app. Cydia runs through repos. You can also add/remove/rearrange apps in the bottom pane of the Control centre. Cartella (BigBoss) – Change the look of folders to fit any setup. To do so, follow either of our detailed tutorials: The formatting of the list is as follows: ” Tweak Name (Repository *$ paid indicator*) – description.


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