twisted wonderland prologue translation
Why are you up!? I’m a clown for thinking the prologue will end at chapter 5. Choice 1: A talking r-raccoon?! Anyways, Twisted Wonderland … ※ Please don’t re-post these translations anywhere without permission. Oh, but feel free to re-translate to your own language given that my blog is linked as the JP –> ENG translator ^^ [Twisted Wonderland] Prologue 1: Awakening Stranger! And here is the masterpost for Episode 2 of Twisted Wonderland's main story~! The lid is too heavy. As usual, chapters with a Rhythmic or a Battle will be marked so you could be prepared before going in ^^ If you've noticed, this chapter has more battles compared to Rhythmic, so … ♡—Hall of Mirrors—♡ Ace: They really expect me to … Choice 1: Gyaaaa!?!? Choice 2: I'm in a room with floating coffins!? Prologue 12 ♔ Twisted Wonderland Translation under the cut! [Twisted Wonderland] Episode 1-9 Translations. [[MORE]] ・━━━━ ━━━━・ Prologue 12: Punishment Escape! Ok, ok. Gotta get.. Whaaaaaaaa! Prologue 15 ♔ Twisted Wonderland Translation under the cut! Time for ... my secret move! Guwaahuhh~ There! Posted on March 22, 2020 March 31, 2020 by kanadesmusings. Episode 1-9~! Grrrr! Choice 2: F-fire!?!? [[MORE]] ・━━━━ ━━━━・ Prologue 15: Tough Spot! Apparently, there are 20 chapters in total, and I’ve been translating them as I go… I’m not done yet, though, but I’ll just post those I’ve finished here.


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