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Page created in 0.416 seconds with 27 queries. Can one of the Pards tell me where I can find a list of serialnumbers of Uberti Lever Action guns.

Cowboy                        starts with CB500. Some proof marks on side of frame and the roman numeral XX.

List of serialnumbers Uberti Lever Action. Start at 21XXX and continue to the end of 28XXX and into early 29000 range.. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can share serial numbers between different models.

Otherwise, your suggestion, Abilene, is a possibility as well. Search "" across the entire site Search "" in this forum Search "" in this discussion.
http://bluebookofgunvalues.com/Info/PDF/Powder/PiettaandItalianSerial.pdf, https://bluebookofgunvalues.com/Info/PDF/POWDER/MBPProofmarks.pdf.

a milled hammer and hand cut and sharp cocking serrations.

... Lyman Number 2 Tang Peep Sight Uberti 1866 Winchester, Blued. Anybody know how to tell how old it is?

There is no box with a date code anywhere on this gun. Got an Uberti SAA clone today at a yard sale. The proofmark pdf page still exists. and the classic Uberti profile front sight. OK Pards.

I hope I can find something.

Search for two letters (or even roman numerals if earlier) stamped in a box on the rifle and post it here. Serial numbers: 123093 is a early Uberti Neddleton with a USFA roll marked barrel built "under the blue dome". Similar to the Marlin lookup tool above (and provided by the same website) comes the Winchester lookup tool.

One of the serial numbers had really nice font and the other looked like it was "micro stamped" or some other kind of computer generated crud. Typical Uberti firing pin with a cast hammer and dull cocking serrations: More typical USFA Cone shaped firing pin.

You can simply visit the above web site and type in your serial number off of your Winchester firearm and TADA the date is quickly retrieved from their database and displayed on your screen. The catalog number is 1487 but this 1873 is marked on the barrel as a 45 Colt not a 44 Magnum.

"USFA Ser # 58988, .45, 4 3/4, BP frame, walnut grips.

Benelli said the don't have serial numbers for Uberti's before Stoeger took over importing. Uberti or USFA or a parts gun serial numbers?

USA guns have better profiled grips behind the frame and trigger guard.

If the gun is a generic Uberti USA, then possibly an email to Uberti will get you the info. According to a web site this is the Italian date code for 1977. Uberti is typical a 1st generation style cocking serrations on the hammer. On butt frame stamped 4809 (serial number?) Pronounced flats on the grip to frame junction might well indicate a Uberti gun.

Re: List of serialnumbers Uberti Lever Action.

The year of manufacture is identified in this way on commercial Italian firearms. The aged finish of a "Gunfighter" model built on a BP frame. But there was no Federal requirement for guns to have a Serial Number until the Gun Control Act or 1968.

If so where do I find the ranges? Abilene, thanks a lot for that, have been looking for that info for a coon's age. ITALY. I bought it from my hairdresser in 1996. Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database.
Ammo By Caliber.


The gun is question has a Uberti loading gate window.

Also, in some cases you can contact the importer and find this info. I have a Uberti Walker I'd like to date can this be done by serial number? Ordered new from USFA around 2005/2006.". Great example of a early USPFA gun and the paper work.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Most of the old time firearms manufacturers stamped serial numbers on there guns long, long ago. Wood grips on the US guns? Has LA Dist Inc and NYC on the left side, with XX7 on the right Colt, Winchester, Smith and Wesson, to name a few have always stamped serial numbers on their guns, starting in the mid 1800s. Thanks for the info. for about 16 years and I was wondering how old this gun is. Advanced Search ... A. UBERTI & C. GARDONE V.T.

I take a look on both sites.

I wish I could help you more, someone should be along who can! I traded it to my brother in about 1985 for an old car.

Some of the late 28900 rage were Buntlines. Bangor Dan, the serialnumber is: 12997 and I think he is about 18 or 19/20 years old. Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by TomADC, Nov 23, 2010. Serial B3718 in 357 Mag.

Visit Winchester Lookup Website.

Both of them had the serial numbers offset on the frame so you could install a lanyard ring (a nice touch)

... Search Home ? Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. 28958 and 28959 were 7.5" b/c engraved guns. Login with username, password and session length. It's a replica of the Remington New Model Army .44 caliber, AKA, 1858 Remington. HOT TOPIC:SASS - Big Changes Coming in 2022. I don't remember everything about the gun but I do believe that the Navy Arms is/was the importer of the gun. It's new address is: The date codes for my 1996 '60 Henry (BH), and 2001 '66 Carbine (BP) are under the lever on the lower tang along with the proofmarks & serial niumber.

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A forum community dedicated to all firearm owners and enthusiasts. I have an Uberti L.A. Golden Boy in 38 Sp.

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HN 47239. For instance, if a gun is a Cimarron, a call to them with the serial number can get you the year they received it (or sold it?).

That is correct--Navy Arms was the importer.

Fixed the actions and forcing cones on a pair of Uberti 1875 pistols in 44-40 yesterday. Choose Your Serial Number Rebate Available Price Match Request Recently Added Firearms View All Firearms. More to come...but that seems to be the basics.

That model is the very first "gun" that I bought for myself when I was about 19 years old (in about 1970).


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