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UCAS Tariff points only apply to Level 3/SCQF Level 6 qualifications, not Level 2 qualifications such as GCSEs. Some universities and colleges may exclude qualifications if content is duplicated in other qualifications. Tests are available on five occasions each year at designated test centres. Results: http://www.act.org/content/act/en/research/condition-of-college-and-car…, Contribution of assessment components to overall grade, Timing of assessments/results for learners, Progression information/access to HE within home country, Calculate Not all universities and colleges use the Tariff – it's therefore really important you check individual course entry requirements. Find out your options and start planning your next steps, All the information you need to take your education to the next level, Not sure if uni or college is for you? Learn more about them here. Although there is no national curriculum, the general content of the high school curriculum across the country has many consistencies. Students taking the optional writing test receive five additional scores reflecting performance on the writing test only: a writing test score (scaled 2-12) and four domain scores (also scaled 2-12). They will be able to advise you, as they understand how the Tariff points system works. Current. UCAS Tariff points are allocated to qualifications generally studied between the ages of 16 to 18. Universities and colleges may use it when making offers to applicants. Level 3 – acceptable as a group qualification satisfying HE general entrance requirements. Mathematical skills students have typically acquired in courses taken up to the beginning of grade 12. Not all universities and colleges use the Tariff. Speak to your teacher or adviser about your qualifications, grades, and higher education entry requirements. UCAS Tariff points translate your qualifications and grades into a numerical value. The Tariff is based on a finite scale, so it is not possible to get more than a certain number of points for a single award qualification. Superscoring – some US universities allow, or prefer, the process of ‘superscoring’ results of the admissions tests. That score is the average of four domain scores – Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions – which also range from 2-12. Not all qualifications are on the Tariff, so don’t worry if you can’t find your qualification, as a university, college, or conservatoire may still accept it. We aim to update the Tariff calculator annually to reflect these changes and to add new qualifications. Each ACT subject test score ranges from 1 to 36; all scores are integers. As most policies are set at the state and local levels, the school curriculum can vary from state to state and even between school districts within a state. Each multiple choice question correctly answered is worth one raw point; incorrect answers are not penalised. Access to admissions tests – although it has traditionally been the case that students would have sat for either the SAT or the ACT tests, it is becoming increasingly common in the US for students to sit for both – this is seen as an advantage since some students perform significantly better in one compared to the other. There are lots of different BTEC qualifications listed, and not all BTEC qualifications include a D* grade. UCAS Tariff points translate your qualifications and grades into a numerical value. They will generally only count the highest level of achievement. Age Level of study US grade UK year; 11 – 13: Middle school: 6th – 8th: Years 7 – 9: 14 – 18: High school: 9th – 12th (freshman – senior) Years 10 – 13 Check the qualifications and grades you’ve entered are correct. It’s a good idea to read the guidance notes in the Tariff calculator to understand how the Tariff works. Find out what UCAS Tariff points are, how they’re used, and how many points your qualifications are worth, using our points calculator. It does not discount any qualifications or subjects. Established in 1959. Not all universities and colleges use the Tariff – many use qualifications and grades instead. Information Profile list, https://www.ucas.com/advisers/guides-and-resources/tariff-2017, http://www.act.org/content/act/en/research/condition-of-college-and-car…. Please note, the UCAS Tariff calculator is an indicative guide only. Some employers use the Tariff to help with their selection process. How to work out Tariff points for Access to HE Diplomas. Some qualifications with Tariff points might not be considered by particular universities and colleges. On satisfactory completion of 12th grade and the state graduation requirements, the student receives a high school diploma (the requirements for which are set by each state). Apprenticeships, internships and gap years, How to choose between undergraduate courses and unis, Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) – what you need to know, Getting the most out of a UCAS virtual exhibition, General visa and immigration information for studying abroad, check the entry requirements in our search tool, Five reasons to sign up to the UCAS newsletter. Make sure you’ve read our guidance in the drop-downs above so you understand how UCAS Tariff points work and what they’re used for. Find out what else you can do. Marks can be given as letters (A+, A, B+, B, etc), or as numbers out of 100%. Many qualifications (but not all) have a UCAS Tariff value, which will vary dependent on the qualification size, and the grade you achieved. Check entry requirements in the search tool. ACT or SAT I on their own are not normally sufficient for competitive HE admissions. Enter the subject you're studying (this is optional). Work out how many UCAS points your qualifications are worth. Select your grade from the drop-down list – the Tariff points for this qualification will display automatically next to your grade. The optional writing test is a 40 minute essay-based test. These may include English, mathematics, foreign language, physical education, art and / or music, general science, and social studies (a subject that combines history, government and geography). The mandatory subjects within the ACT (English, mathematics, reading, science) are all assessed through multiple choice tests ranging from 35 minutes to 60 minutes in length and between 40 and 75 items (see Structure, above). Select your qualification from the drop-down list. Not all qualifications attract UCAS Tariff points, and very few international qualifications are included. The most competitive US institutions will require ACT students to take the ACT with writing. Remember, the UCAS Tariff calculator is an indicative guide only. Chat with students, ask questions, and share experiences. Grades K (kindergarten) – 12 correspond with Years 1–13 in the UK. However, some universities and colleges use UCAS points in their entry requirements, so you may need to know how many points your qualifications are worth.


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