unturned vehicle mods
You need to sign in or create an account to do that. ID is 7102. Fire the guns! Don't forget to subscribe and leave a like! If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Unturned. Unturned Items is a complete, searchable list of all current item IDs, weapon IDs, vehicle … [Legacy]STK TERREX (Custom gun / Spawn table), "Singaporean 8x8 IFV with 30mm autocannon". ABSOLUTELY FREAKING SPITTER ZOMBIE ACID! Please drop a Rate and a Favourite if you like what you see! An updated list of all Unturned vehicle IDs for the latest version … Just a normal car... or is it. Stand up against the authorities and tear these statues down! It's a company car. You can still use the modpack, but updates are highly unlikely. Will be updating constantly with new Food. not based off of any real gun so its completley unique. It's loud. Here are 2 Coast Guard vehicles that are a preview of my vehicle collection to come. Vehicle Events A vehicle will be spawned at a random location on the map at a random time. So... Hello! Note: This modpack has been officially discontinued as of the 28th of October, 2017. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. I had t... [Legacy]The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal : Military Vehicles, If your Want The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal Gun Pack, Outdated mod, you need Unturned to use it. The most mass produced helicopter. More colors could be come in the futur. Salut à tous et voici le dernier addond crée par mes soins portant sur l'armée française ;). The racers have 4 seats and a top speed of 60 miles per hour. © Valve Corporation. This mod adds more than 50 vehicles (more coming soon) military/police vehicles to the game.This modpack adds a lot of different vehicles to have more variety. This is just something I put together in 3 hours. Please see the. Manually Operated Turret (NOT MAINTAINED AS OF NOW), Ever wanted to have a Manually Operated Turret? I know i don't make mods quickly as the other modders but thats because i don't have many ideas about what to make and i have so many friends and im working on a game with a group recently. Pirate Guns! Auto de policia seguro y OFICIAL para el servidor Pinkred ROLEPLAY... My First ship Mod Made for Welcome New Map "Hawaii". So, here it is, [, Unturned Compatible (Unity 2017 update). In Unturned, vehicles are mobile objects that are found across the Playable Maps. Today me and DIE_(= are back at it again with our brand new mod, the potato launcher! ), (OUTDATED) Mordecai's Airships - Zeppelins, Blimp & More v.6, [Legacy]Tiger Light Protected Vehicle(LPV), "Modified version civilian 4WD,with added armored,Military standard tires", "The new Chinese reconnaissance and attack Helicopter". [NEW]Turkish Ambulance + Health Personal Wear. Happy to see you here, @Demon Joker! Have you ever asked yourself "What is the end game"? BlueFire and I have been working on a First Responders mod, so I thought id release a little preview to give you guys an example of what to expect. While not quite as fearsome looking as the Crocodile, it is an even deadlier attack helicopter desipte lacking troop carring capasity. An object pack which includes 2 rockets, 2 launch pads a shuttle and other objects. Saddly, these BuMPs are imported, gun ports covered and the cabin always open ... [OUTDATED] Chevre Beau Vent (CONVERTIBLE !). IT IS NO LONGER RELEVANT, Welcome, the mod is still in beta, will soon dare the final version! Thank you to everyone who reported the issue in the comments! Up to 5 bullets and its compatible with the Schofield's clips. I just wanted to test my models :D, Pako's Objects Pack [FINAL] [Unturned 3.28+]. I got this idea where you create suggestons for 3D text and I will add them to this! The trucks themselves aren't dead, but I don't feel like updating this and reuploading the whole mod split by color would make my life so much easier. PLEASE DELETE MY OLD MODPACK. Just a simple Coast Guard SUV and a Search and Resuce Helicopter. Note: This modpack has been officially discontinued as of the 28th of October, 2017. iLLmatik Gaming Bradley (12 Tank Pack) [Un 3.28+], iLLmatik Gaming Littlebird (24 Heli Pack) [Un 3.28+]. FeexRanks Forked from Freenex1911/FeexRanks MySQL based ranks with reward functions. Weapons of mass destruction right at your disposal, what could possibly go wrong? It was made for cold weather rescue for the airforce but made its way into army service becasue it was able to transport a whole squad into combat. Unturned Vehicle ID List. While massive, it is still quite manuvable, but mind the extra wide blades. Our signature features are: Item IDs List - an instantly searchable list of all Unturned Item IDs, with the ability to sort by type We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. A remaster will potentially be arriving for you guys, soon, though! The RCN Mordecaizer, a submarine equipped with sonar sounds and torpedos! Scares the hell out of them. This mod adds armored cars and some racers. I made this map quickly as a proof of concept and to get my tools for the new 3.0 horde mode out as soon as possible. All creations copyright of the creators. Unturned Hub was launched to provide a fast, easy-to-use interface for Unturned information and data about IDs (for items, vehicles and animals), skins, commands and more. Here is a new DIE_(= and Hugo's vehicles mod.


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