vc10 still flying
There’s no reason to suggest the aircraft can not fly again since it has been kept essentially active. The last VC10 flew on 25 September 2013 when the final example was retired, with all remaining examples scattered to museums or the scrapman. They were to be rewarded as airfield owner Dave Walton invited those that remained to do just that. Once Concorde was taken out of service the VC-10 was the fastest airliner in the world, and probably still is. These are compact and powerful, and provided the VC-10 … Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd, and first flown at Brooklands, Surrey, BOAC Advertising With a real legacy engine, one of the few, perhaps the only one survivor of the first generation turbofans. were designed for the Super VC10, such as the fin fuel tank and the uprated /From early on in the VC10's career the RAF was interested in the type, but Does anyone know anything about this one? A component can be examined using ultrasound or x-ray to measure the size of any cracks, and their growth monitored over time. The RAF C Mk1 (Vickers Type 1106 - one of them is still flying as a C Mk1 K) had three cruise modes: M0.84 - long range; M.86 - normal; M.88 - high speed. Can anyone confirm that there were some seats arranged like this for some reason or is it just a memory glitch? I was able to change my return ticket to BOAC VC10. @ 2020 Destinworld Publishing Ltd - All Right Reserved. A bonus was that as there was not a full complement of 1st class passengers, the stewardesses came through to chat and provide extra service. Super because of the stretched fuselage and therefore increased take off That is just such a mad aircraft. To be the Station Commander is just great and caps a wonderful set of tours on the VC10. is the leading community for discovering and sharing high-quality aviation photography. I hope GJD are successful and we again see an example of the Queen of the Skies in its rightful environment. Hi all A friend of mine has recently confirmed that i must have flown in DC10s between Gatwick and Entebbe in the mid to late 60s. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was inspired by the 737-100 question to ask whether any Vickers. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. When she finally did emerge, ZA147 spent approximately 15 minutes in the circuit at Bruntingthorpe performing two missed approaches and go arounds that provided the assembled throng with two final opportunities to hear her Rolls-Royce Conway engines roar into life, smoking away in a manner that only engines of that era can. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. Whether this happens, we’ll have to wait and see. Cockpit preserved, XV108 cn838 Royal Air Force. A series of later times were posted and missed, but eventually word came through at Bruntingthorpe that things were looking good for a 1445L departure. I was at Chileka when the last BOAC FLight took off and what a sight he took off then flew around and did a pass up the runway at around 300 feet and did a wing tilt magic, when it got to Larnaca it had an engine failure and unfortunately all the passengers had to go onto London on other flights and it flew its last time into Heathrow on three engines and no passengers. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. My favourite airliner ever. Both military and civil versions, Blimps / Airships The type 1106 that the RAF eventually ordered was different in many ways compared to the Standard VC10s that had been built until then. The Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum in Kiev, 11 Airlines Gone but Sometimes Resurrected,,2.1870271,214m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0xe143e881b1073cf:0xbb3a5be2a0bdcf80!8m2!3d17.570692!4d-3.996166?hl=en,,, Boeing 747 at 50. Vulcan XH558, "The Spirit of Great Britain," has been used for aerial demonstrations since 2007. I love the VC10 it was the master of the skies till this day in my opinion. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. BlogGAR – Karl Drage – Saudi Hawks at Al Ain 2013, Nellis Air Force Base – photography guide, Farewell Tornado – Tornado GR.1 Gulf War 1 (Part 2), Aviation News – Business deals mark high point for Farnborough International Airshow, Aviation News - NASA's new WB-57F, N927NA, flies for the first time in 41 years, Aviation history - The aircraft behind the moon landing, Ten years of GAR - Aviation Profile | Clay Lacy, Airlines - British Airways liveries | a retrospective, Historic Aviation Nostalgia - Blackbushe 1978-1984. ), I see them coming in to land at Brize on a regular basis, how long for though i don't know. Hi Guy, my database says it was sadly scrapped in 1981. It’s a good day for reflection and to remember some good memories, but let’s not be too sad about it; this is a celebration.”. Which are the best aircraft tracking websites and apps? The best livery of all times on one of the best looking airplanes ! I can't comment on military VC-10s, but I know a bit about commercial aviation. Whether you knew her as “Vickers’ Finest”, “The Queen of the Skies”, “The Vicky Ten” or “The Funbus”, the VC10 will be sadly missed. Keeping a 50-year old design in the skies requires a tremendous amount of work and Gp Cpt Lushington was keen to point out the incredible support that has enabled the RAF to do just that: “So many people have been involved with the VC10 – it’s not just the aircrew; it’s the engineers, the industry partners – there are so many people that have helped to keep this wonderful aircraft flying. The people behind TriStar Experience, an all-volunteer organization, have worked tirelessly for years to source and restore unique and special aircraft for the purposes of inspiring the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) workers. First flight 29 June 1962 This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. A major problem the RAF experienced was that when tanking the tail plane was very active resulting in the Tail plane Incidence Jack (TPI Jack) having a very short period between servicing. Although privately owned, Britain's aviation industry had been government-managed in practice, particularly during the Second World War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Before the restrictions Beags refers to, for crew training purposes - as defined in the AFM - we routinely took the lady to M.925. Hijackings (Historically it seems you can never be quite sure when it comes to UK government hardware policies.) Unit cost £1.75 million I love the roar of those Conway.I wish it is rebuilt in its current shape but with improved CONWAY and updated flight systems.Can you imagine a modernized VC 10 carrying passengers.It will sell like hotcakes. Sheduled for retirement from RAF around 2010 or so. Some degree of uncertainty appears to reign over precisely what happens next. No, the RAF took almost all in the late 70's. Preserved in taxi condition. Surviving Bits & Pieces I was fortunate to have flown on BOAC’s Super VC-10. the Atlantic by a jet airliner, a record still held to date for a sub-sonic These cookies do not store any personal information. Once again, they were rewarded as each of the crew members on that final flight took the time to meet the well-wishers, signing No. You’ve earned it. Views from inside the cockpit, Aircraft Cabins Now GJD Services Ltd have acquired the aircraft and two VC10 simulators and plan to get the aircraft airborne again on behalf of Keplar Aerospace, who, believe it or not, want to use the aircraft as an aerial refuelling tanker again. PART ONE ..VC10 FLYING THE VC10 Flight International May 7, 1964 By Captain R. E. Gillman B.E.A. the shorter runways of the era, and demanded excellent hot and high It’s a great read if you want to know more about this classic airliner. The wing spars were becoming a major problem also, hopefully 150 has low hours. As has been mentioned it was very quiet and smooth on board, I was fortunate that my partner and I were allocated seats at the front, just behind first class by an emergency exit to had very good leg room. Being a bit of a doofus when it comes to stuff about average aircraft life etc, do they reach a time when they are effectively taken out of commission due to reaching a finite amount of flying hours?. I did manage to spend a few hours in the cockpit when flying and got to know some of the crews, there was always 4 because they had to have a flight engineer and a navigator to plot the journey across Africa by the sun and stars mainly because the various countries we flew over the locals couldn’t be bothered to make sure the direction beacons were working so could not be relied on for locations . Vickers & BAC Conway engines. I do enjoy a spot of flying, especially when it's not in economy! The airliner was distinctive in that it had a tall vertical tail fin with horizontal stabilizer at the top. It The VC10 - 50 years ago The VC10 is widely acknowledged as one of the best-looking airliners to have flown, and perfectly reflected the design styles of the 1960s. @ 2020 Destinworld Publishing Ltd - All Right Reserved. I never knew that such a small number of these aircraft were ever produced. The Vickers VC10 was a much-loved airliner of the 1960s, iconic for its high T-tail and four rear-mounted engines. It’s a worthy successor to the VC10 and the TriStar,” I couldn’t help but interject and point out that Voyager doesn’t have the same character as the VC10. Up London – Accra Ghana Airways On ground watching it taxi was hair raising the power and roar like a jet fighter . ZA150 cn885 Royal Air Force. Examples were also flown in VIP configurations. But I, for one, would love to be there to witness this noisy, iconic jet take to the skies again! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. To be the Station Commander is just great and caps a wonderful set of tours on the VC10. Jump to: navigation, search After that I did various tours away from flying, then I was a flight commander, and then I had the privilege to go back and command 101 Squadron. VC10 and ultimately TriStar are being replaced in Royal Air Force service by the Voyager, an air-to-air refuelling capable version of the Airbus A330-200: “Voyager is wonderful.


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