vestiges of divergence
[2]  According to Kamaljiori, the androsphinx mate of Osysa, some Vestiges have been destroyed over this epoch, others lie scattered across the Planes of Existence, and some are sealed or hidden. I've updated the wording to clarify that the ranged attack does slashing damage. While this scaling system isn’t quite new in Dungeons & Dragons, this is somewhat new to 5E. Its Dormant state does that directly by bestowing advantage on thieves’ tools and stealth checks. [2] DMs reading this might worry that all of this can make a character overpowered. In fact, smart use could lock down a certain enemy and insure they never attack the party during combat. During the wars of the Calamity, great destruction rained across the many lands of the world. When awakened, it affects CR 10 creatures, and the DC increases, and the exalted Wreath follows that trend; CR 15 creatures, higher DC. In its second Awakened for, the item allows for magnification, X-ray sight, and the ability to see invisible/ethereal entities. These artifacts have 3 forms. The creature has disadvantage on Charisma checks and vulnerability to all damage. If you’re fighting a Lich, consider not attuning to this for the day. side effects may include debilitating ego, wanting to live in a tower, and eventually being taken down by a … In all seriousness, this is one of the least directed Vestiges in Wildemont. Marisha Ray tweeted the complete item card for the Spire of Conflux, See Matthew Mercer's list of Vestiges shared. The advancement system is fantastic. Over the course of their adventures, the adventuring party Vox Machina has found and retrieved eight of these powerful items throughout Exandria and even the various Planes of Existence bordering the Prime Material Plane. This video covers the legacy evolving magic items in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, the Vestiges of Divergence. Wondrous item, ring, rare, requires attunement by lawful alignment. Marisha Ray tweeted the complete item card for the Spire of Conflux, See Matthew Mercer's list of Vestiges shared. Flesh Rot. The College of Valor gives you the best chance at spinning both a song and a blade. Whenever a creature’s attack against the wielder misses, they can use their reaction to immediately attempt to make a shove attack against that creature. Keyleth Either give it to those nature-lovers, or someone who knows Polymorph and can use it. I'd love to get some balance feedback, though I think I'm pretty set on the abilities. , this is somewhat new to 5E. These bonuses increase by one further for both the Awakened and Exalted levels. Many were lost to time, but some can resurface as found artifacts or precious heirlooms. The target is affected by a random disease listed in the contagion spell. Others were passed down through bloodlines for generations, a sign of respect and importance within their culture. When you’re dormant? The Vestiges of Divergence are ancient and powerful artifacts from the Calamity. Finally, when exalted, you get an extra use of Arcane Recover, as well as… (Can you guess? Crazy. Realm of Astaris Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Just ask Superman! […], Armor Class is one of the basic building blocks of character creation in D&D. Eventually, through extreme personal challenge, evolution, and achievement, the Vestige can reach its full potential in its exalted state. Keyleth, still in possession of the Spire of Conflux, takes her place as Headmaster of the Air Ashari in Zephrah. The creature begins to bleed uncontrollably. Previously used by an assassin to eliminate the Den of Druja, Cabal's Ruin was worn by Mistress Asharru before it was stolen by Anna Ripley. In its Dormant state, this tome can replace a wizard’s spellbook and comes with a wealth of pre-written spells. Matt Mercer’s ability to balance drama with game mechanics shines brightly with these; Whether you want one because you are running a Wildemont campaign, or are looking for a baseline to make your artifacts more interesting, this is a fantastic start. This item is “pieced together from the pelts of rats… and is dotted with the bloated corpses of magically preserved insects.” Its powers are suitably gross, allowing polymorphs into rodents, immunity to disease, and casting insect plague. You also hit harder with your new claws or fangs, and the armor lets you transform into a Giant Owl, as a polymorph spell. Many Vestiges, if sealed away or left without a worthy attuned individual for a period of time, will revert to their dormant state. Forged by a union of acolytes of Melora and Sehanine, the Star Razor carries the blessing of the fiercest full moon and starlit night. Some have been designed with specific players in mind, some have been designed to fit with any sort of playstyle. [Source] You can also become a Storm Avatar, being a lightning machine for a full minute, once per day. This is a rather specific ability, but unlike the charm ability of, for example, the Nature Cleric, this actually works really well. The creature has disadvantage on Intelligence checks and Intelligence saving throws, and the creature behaves as if under the effects of the confusion spell during combat. Fan art of the Spire of Conflux, by David Rodrigues. This allows them to be used by anyone, not just those with a specific armor proficiency. They also make players more likely to hold onto strange or unique artifacts in the hopes that they may grow stronger. When dormant, this is a set of thieves’ tools for lockpicking, and you are automatically proficient in them… And gain advantage when using them. Instead, the effect happens upon a successful attack or grapple. But… Do remember that this only affects 3 types of monsters. Once a treasure of the Sutan bloodline, it was lost in a card game to the fire giant Juuraiel. The creature's flesh decays. Eventually, through extreme personal challenge, evolution, and achievement, the Vestige can reach its full potential in its exalted state.


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