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QR Codes are available for most characters, but a few have gone unreleased. She wonders if Vinny thinks she's unlucky, unsure if she even believes in luck. He started Vinesauce in 2010 and grew it into a large Twitch streaming network. Once rivals with Vinesauce, he has comfortably settled into a relationship with Witch. But she got with Walrus soon afterwards, so it's all good. Any other characters should go on the main characters page. We will continue to update information on Vinny Vinesauce’s parents. The fun-loving, albeit somewhat creepy, entertainer of the island. The same food was also first sold soon after he was removed and it's been interpreted by at least one piece of art as being made from his remains. One of the less popular Links, CD-i Link now lives on Vineland Island. The eponymous ape of DK Island, who has swung his way to the neighboring Vineland Island. He later shares the position with Tucker before getting ages up himself. slowly took over, and Stevens became the sole host. Vinesauce reveals that he wants to become friends with Walrus, possibly with the intent to sabotage Two Faced's relationship with DK. (This also shows up when you collect a 1-up in. Before that, he wasn't getting along well with everyone he met and only had a couple of friends. Until Two Faced brutally rejects him for Donkey Kong. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are her super all-time favorite and. Dheerse admitted to being devoted to Satan, she ended up being one of the first ones kicked off. Several islanders have expressed a fondness for him, and Ben commented you never hear bad rumors about him. – Who’s the richest YouTuber in the world? Vinny didn't know it was women's clothing, but Vinesauce liked it anyway. "Graahhmple Skilt" is his primary catchphrase. During Dimension Two, Hamburger asks Vinny if he likes video games. Vinny condemns her to one in the penultimate episode after she loses the popular vote, sending her to fight Vlinny in. "Nah...nah.." is her primary catchphrase. Corn dogs are one of his favorite foods. It's a major reason people believe she's a Jahn. He also admits to causing the timeline split, with his adherent Isaac as the catalyst. After she is defeated, she gives the owner a carnation as a victory gift, and possibly as a response to the flower she was given beforehand. ", "Would you like to see a funny face I've been working on? She is also given a lovely flower, which she places in her hair. The first man on the island to be married, with Lamb Chop. This isn't a typo; the word filter blocked the proper spelling. She didn't even show up. Either she was under their mind control, or she was lying so she wouldn't be assimilated. This scares Vinny. The audio for it spikes to ridiculous levels at random intervals. This is a reference to Vinny's, In Episode 52, his full name's pronunciation gets changed to "Crazy Bendy" (Vinny was feeling particularly. A quirky tennis player who may actually be a genie, and one of the original islanders. Post-assimilation, they're named "Jahn & Jehn". A short man with a love for baseball. He's been rejected in increasingly embarrassing ways, meaning that his charm score is rock-bottom (around, While Vinny insists that he likes Karl, he's also fed him his worst ever food. His videos are similar in style and content to those of James Rolfe and Jonathan Jafari. Sent to Vineland Island as part of the next Idiot Abroad season, but forgets about it as he goes on an increasingly ill-fated quest for love. Vinny Vinesauce’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and his father’s name is under review. In the SB Edits, there is an announcement from Vinesauce saying Skelorita never existed, and HOTDOG was here from the beginning. she never gets together with Waluigi at all, she's also two-faced in the sense of being deceitful. Gave Walrus a sausage under the assumption that he would hate it. However, only Jill appears to have been assimilated. Or at least that's how he appears to be. For those avoiding spoilers, it is recommended that you only view a folder after you've watched the episodes listed on it. Vinny Vinesauce was born in 1980s. After the previously mentioned Donkey Kong incident, she really started treating the other islanders like shit. He's also very boring. However, he is not amused when the latter becomes Mime Lady and the two end up breaking up later in the stream. After Two Faced dumps him, it takes one sausage to make him feel better. he smiles on camera (after being fed cotton candy), he heads to the island's amusement park and earnestly enjoys it (alongside Isaac), when Sponge reaches the final castle, he finds out why the princess seemingly left him: she died waiting for him, he's witnessed the death of a loved one before, canon states it was more Mulder and Scully than anyone else. Born in Staten Island, NY #14. What this means is unknown. When he's angry: "Honk honk fhuker" (pronounced "few-ker"). Her original creator set her as a kid, but Vinny gives her a birth year that falls under the grown-up threshold. He went from being one of the poorest islanders to being one of the Jahns' victims. Shortly after becoming Mime Lady, her boyfriend leaves her and nobody listens to her jokes anymore. Why he's allowed to stay, or if he has a motive for doing so, is unknown by anyone. He briefly blinked into existence in Episode 47, and Vinny acted as if he never left. CelebsMoney has recently updated Vinny Vinesauce’s net worth. Defied when Vinny stops treating him badly after Two Faced dumps him rather coldly. Arin kinda sucks, and I don't like how they have many unfinished playthroughs) When he's happy: "I'm not happy." Vinny made a similar mistake with Witch's wardrobe in the same episode. The Dimension Two island is overrun with HOTDOGs. Vinny Vinesauce’s birth sign is Taurus and he has a ruling planet of Venus. NOTE: This page is solely for the residents of Vineland Island. "Look at me! Groose, Vinny attempts to hypnotize Two Faced into ending her love for Walrus (, Walrus and Two Faced's date at the amusement park (, The game is just mocking Vinny at this point... (, Vinesauce slaps Two Faced, and the chat erupts (. A particularly strange-looking Jehn (and possibly a Jahn as well) tried passing themselves off as them in Episode 50, but were discovered and deleted quickly. Sometimes, when nobody is looking, he'll smile in spite of himself. Not so much with Groose, but she seems to really love Ralph. Please...", "Being a Sponge... fucking suuuuuuuuucks. After his mind wipe, he became a lot more timid, and has started to sleep with a blanket Waluigi gave him when he was young. Sometimes, when nobody is around, he'll smile to himself. Seems to have been a false alarm; no mention of this has been made since Mulder and Scully made the Jahns leave. The result of a young woman performing a very bad Jamaican accent, and then getting content-aware scaled. A man with an incredibly small face and body. It's gray as of her transformation into Mime Lady. Which only makes his recurring rejections more upsetting. From then on, Vinny suggested that he wants to become friends with Walrus. Implied when, during Quirky Questions, they don't answer when asked if they're afraid of "the end". vinesauce vinny vinesauce vinesauce vinny vinny paper ball audio. After he gives her an answer, she then says "Glad to hear it! The QR Code comes with the phrase "Ohi" (which the game pronounces as "oh-hee" instead of "oh, hi"). Vinny Vinesauce Popularity . When he's worried: "Bomb dodongos!" His European counterpart says "Ello, I'm Karl!". I like to think big and dream even bigger. ", "My name's Cling On? "Kazuma-kuuunnnn" is her primary catchphrase. If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us. She also got a sad phrase, though it isn't seen. He overcame it when someone (Clown Lady) asked him out. He has a voice like two balloons rubbing together and bizarre tastes in fashion. Returns in Episode 47 after a long absence, although with comically little fanfare. It ends up being pronounced "spellone ba-boo-gyoo" here; Vinny didn't intend for it to sound like that, but liked it anyway. Sure, the trip was later ejected to a side timeline, but it's the thought that counts. They have a strong faith and can be seen as stubborn in their old ways. Donkey Kong is the only islander aware that he's in a video game (. Their primary catchphrase is "Kilp me." Millennials is a generation who grew up with computers, internet and social networks. YouTube Stars. Isaac and Satan, who are considered "evil" islanders, who is connected to Isaac and Satan, two islanders who aren't normal in any way. Vinny got tired of having him on his island eventually removed him after becoming annoyed by his status as an overused meme. Jesus can crash, After her deletion, Vinny notices her empty apartment (. After receiving a disposable camera from Vinny, she takes an "artsy" photo of a seagull and names it "Surrounded by Sadness". However, because the European version's speech-synthesis engine is harder to "break" (at least when the game is played in English), she has a normal-sounding voice on Southbird's European island. Rumors abound about the link between the events, Unexpectedly subverted when he interrupts Vinesauce's, Throws a temper tantrum in Episode 54 that splits the timeline (, undoes the entire day. Initially, the channel's programming focused on video games and featured a number of hosts. Apparently living in a corrupted version of. "I think I finally have this life thing figured out. This may be why she became Mime Lady. Vinny's Mii, a young man with an easygoing attitude. Assuming it's canon, this is what actually happened to her after getting evicted. Fact Check: We strive for accuracy and fairness. The difference is that Isaac can only freeze the game and send Vinny back to the home menu. After many hardships, one-sided crushes, and failures to start up any relationships, Walrus sets her up with BonziBUDDY, and the two end up getting married even quicker than Groose and Lamb Chop. It's discovered in Episode 50 that she has a lock in her mind, hinting at either this or conscious. Has been in a stable relationship with Waluigi since the series's beginning, but hasn't done much as of late. In the "Metadachi Life" video, Southbird visits her while she's depressed and she wonders out loud how anyone could dislike candy corn, with Southbird assuming that's why she's depressed. He became Vinny's rival not long after he arrived once he got together with Two Faced. Vinesauce. However, he was not killed; he merely moved out of Vineland Island. She's a two-faced human girl who gets together with an anthropomorphic walrus. The game pronounces it as odd-sounding gibberish.


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