walking essay thoreau
1909-14. But soon, by some inexorable law, our life goes by and the cars return. When you focus on your passions, your life becomes meaningful. We have heard of a Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. You may safely say, A penny for your thoughts, or a thousand pounds. . He had another similar swamp which I could not survey at all, because it was completely under water, and nevertheless, with regard to a third swamp, which I did survey from a distance, he remarked to me, true to his instincts, that he would not part with it for any consideration, on account of the mud which it contained. Thoreau's neighborhood offers the possibility of good walks, which he has not yet exhausted. To come down to my own experience, my companion and I, for I sometimes have a companion, take pleasure in fancying ourselves knights of a new, or rather an old, order,—not Equestrians or Chevaliers, not Ritters or Riders, but Walkers, a still more ancient and honorable class, I trust. I do not know of any poetry to quote which adequately expresses this yearning for the Wild. Our forests furnish no mast for them. But methinks that is a scurf that will fall off fast enough,—that the natural remedy is to be found in the proportion which the night bears to the day, the winter to the summer, thought to experience. I would have every man so much like a wild antelope, so much a part and parcel of Nature, that his very person should thus sweetly advertise our senses of his presence, and remind us of those parts of Nature which he most haunts. We have to be told that the Greeks called the world [Greek], Beauty, or Order, but we do not see clearly why they did so, and we esteem it at best only a curious philological fact. I believe “Thoreau walking” to be such a great lecture that instantly grab your, In Walking by Henry David Thoreau he starts off “I wish to speak a word for Nature, for absolute freedom and wildness, as contrasted with a freedom and culture merely civil, — to regard man as an inhabitant, or a part and parcel of Nature, rather than a member of society.” He continues on how walking isn’t just a workout or voyage to see the landscape but a crusade to conquer Sainte Terre the “Holy Land”, that we “must walk like camels”. The sun sets on some retired meadow, where no house is visible, with all the glory and splendor that it lavishes on cities, and perchance as it has never set before,—where there is but a solitary marsh-hawk to have his wings gilded by it, or only a musquash looks out from his cabin, and there is some little black-veined brook in the midst of the marsh, just beginning to meander, winding slowly round a decaying stump. I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least,—and it is commonly more than that,—sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements. Dulness is but another name for tameness. A single farmhouse which I had not seen before is sometimes as good as the dominions of the King of Dahomey. Soon after, I went to see a panorama of the Mississippi, and as I worked my way up the river in the light of to-day and saw the steamboats wooding up, counted the rising cities, gazed on the fresh ruins of Nauvoo, beheld the Indians moving west across the stream, and, as before I had looked up the Moselle, now looked up the Ohio and the Missouri and heard the legends of Dubuque and of Wenona’s Cliff,—still thinking more of the future than of the past or present,—I saw that this was a Rhine stream of a different kind; that the foundations of castles were yet to be laid, and the famous bridges were yet to be thrown over the river; and I felt that. Removing #book# So is it with man. There may be an excess even of informing light. In short, all good things are wild and free. . We would fain take that walk, never yet taken by us through this actual world, which is perfectly symbolical of the path which we love to travel in the interior and ideal world; and sometimes, no doubt, we find it difficult to choose our direction, because it does not yet exist distinctly in our idea. I am a good horse to travel, but not from choice a roadster. The village is the place to which the roads tend, a sort of expansion of the highway, as a lake of a river. We are told that within three miles of the centre of the East-Indian city of Singapore, some of the inhabitants are annually carried off by tigers; but the traveller can lie down in the woods at night almost anywhere in North America without fear of wild beasts. Mythology comes nearer to it than anything. I confess that I am partial to these wild fancies, which transcend the order of time and development. To preserve wild animals implies generally the creation of a forest for them to dwell in or resort to.


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