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The Warner E. Sallman Art Collection, Inc. 5911 N But when he sold his 1940 oil to Christian publishers Kriebel and Bates, it took off, selling a million reproductions in the first year. }); }); Sallman found the idea for this painting in Bernhard Plockhorst’s 19th-century portrayal of the subject, which shows the mother sheep craning its head upward toward its lamb in Christ’s arms. Who knows, maybe the powerful image of that painting contributed to my call to ordained ministry years after the fact. One, called simply “Head of Christ,” is believed to be the most reproduced painting in history – more than any Picasso or Van Gogh or Michelangelo. Get your answers by asking now. Anybody that does art knows anything about this ? Lecture presentations are given at various venues around the United States. With the purchase of the collection from the owners, Kriebel & Bates, Inc., an unusual story of a circuitous venture in religious marketing and publishing was drawn to a conclusion. //-->