ways of worshipping aphrodite
The next most important question is: Why do we worship? ( Log Out /  It all comes together to enhance your spiritual experience. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I wanted an organic way to honor Aphrodite, which meant taking into account my personal holy days, the days celebrated by my Pagan group, and the rest of my life. Aphrodite reminds us to be gentle to ourselves and others. Still, existing as corporeal beings, we must have a place to worship, even if we can set up a sacred space pretty much anywhere. You can ask for self-compassion when you are experiencing depression or anxiety. Your worship may look very different than mine, and that’s okay! Love is the inspiration… We worship a Deity because we love them, because we admire their virtues, because we respect their work in this world (and in others), and because we want to, not because we have to. If you are a Hellenic Reconstructionist, you probably follow a lunar-based calendar similar to this one (Baring the Aegis) or this one (Hellenion). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ( Log Out /  13. It’s where a lot of the magick happens. One you may want to check out is the myth of Mesperyian, daughter of Hades. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Everyone knows Halo and Call of Duty but they don’t get your creative juices flowing! For Earth: Rose quartz is a favorite, in many forms – candle holders, wands, palmstones, or carved hearts. I don’t necessarily agree with the delineation between the two – I believe all love has Divine qualities and that any love to, from, or between humans is Earthly because of our connection with the material world. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And, of course, the spiritual growth and transformation along the way (Adventures of a Struggling New Empath, Lessons in Faith, Trials by Fire, Spiritual Growing Pains, and Divine Surrender). And her final part to play was when Hera needed a charm to make her irresistible to Zeus to trick him. Philostratus the Elder, Imagines 2. Throughout history, Aphrodite has been a symbol of both Divine and Earthly Love (as her common epithets Ουρανια [Ourania] and Πανδημος [Pandêmos] attest). One day we will clone a woolly mammoth. Each tried to give Paris something to make him choose her. Traditional Pagan Wheel of the Year Days: Beltane (naturally) and Summer Solstice in particular, but I celebrate all the other Sabbats as well and I find ways to honor Aphrodite at each of these times. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As with a great deal of science, it is derived by the pursuit of science fiction. July Full Moon – Celebrating the Blessings of Love, Dealing with Spiritual Doubt as a Pagan – Divine Synchronicity, Consistent Messages, and Doubts in Devotion, Dealing with Spiritual Doubt as a Pagan – Shared Spiritual Experiences, Dealing with Spiritual Doubt as a Pagan – Personal Spiritual Experiences. .css-d8ali9-Footer{padding:1em;}.css-1bjgiud-SiteLink-Footer{color:#1A1A1A;padding:1em;}ExploreContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseSupport. She was created from the Titian Uranus' severed genitals when they were thrown in the sea and mixed with sea foam. Personal holy days include: the anniversary of my dedication to Aphrodite and my initiation as Her priestess, my birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday, our anniversary and other important romantic days for us, and random whimsical celebrations whenever I feel like it! In the age of perfectly manicured Instagram feeds, diet and exercise marketing, and all the ways our modern world tells us that we aren’t enough, we need self-compassion now more than ever.


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