westsail 43 layout
As with the 42, A number of rigs were available including cutter, ketch and yawl. The boat sold in incredible numbers, and along the way set in stone the shape and style of American bluewater cruising boats for nearly two decades. The molds got sold to P&M Worldwide and another 15 boats were sold in kit form before production finally ceased. Westsail boats for sale on YachtWorld are available for a swath of prices from $21,500 on the relatively more affordable end all the way up to $49,900 for the more sophisticated, luxurious yachts. as with many full keel vessels she points better as the wind pipes up. Nice motion in a seaway without any evil caricteristics. Kits were sold in various stages of completion; Hull and Deck, Sail-Away, and a complete boat. While the boat can easily carry all she needs for comfortable cruising, she will be affected by loading her below her water line. Using the same hull they were also available in a centre cockpit design and called the Westsail 42. Looking to Buy. ISBN:978-0939837328 YachtWorld, 1221 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida 33131, USA, Double stainless steel sink c/w hot and cold pressurized water, LITTLE WONDER watermaker (200 gal per 24hrs). The Westsail 32 started out life as a flush-deck Kendall 32 when Larry Kendall approached Crealock to design a heavy displacement offshore sailboat along the lines of William Aitken’s famous 32 foot double enders Eric and Thistle. Westsail models can range in size and length from 32 feet to 43 feet with unique boat hull types including displacement and semi-displacement. This collection of capable blue water boats features time-tested sailboats with rich histories. This data could vary from the data about the boat on sale published by the advertiser, sailing cruiser used with motor Perkins located in Langkawi (Malaysia). Further; later models had a 3″ hawse pipe added midships that eliminated much of water entering the cockpit. She already has many of the desirable items of cruising kit... generator, watermaker etc. Additional access to the engine room is from the bathroom back here. DC charging from three solar panels,including a controller. The yacht's AC system is 110VAC, sand potential inlet and distribution. » Boat US, Jack Horner’s review of the Westsail 32 Offering the best selection of Westsail boats to choose from. Offered By Navy Point Yacht Sales-Toronto, CLEAN, NICELY EQUIPPED AND READY TO GO FOR SUMMER 2020! WESTSAIL - Boats For Sale. Singlehanded Sailing Tips. The first mold had a forward hatch and large heavy sliding companionway with a lazarette hatch that sat up above the deck. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. MANA is berthed here in Langkawi awaiting new adventures, these yachts are noted for their sea kindliness and she will make a good long range cruiser for a couple or young family. Full suite of SCHATTAUER sails which were purchased in Seattle in 2000. It’s worth checking out the fuel tanks, especially if they are of black iron. Additionally, Bud Taplin is an known expert on Westsail boats, he was the first general manager at Westsail, and is now active in providing advice and surveying services for prospective buyers. Fully aft is the double cabin with en suite bathroom. An optional interior featured opposing settees and a centerline table. Westsail models can range in size and length from 32 feet to 43 feet with unique boat hull types including displacement and semi-displacement. For Sale. Motivated seller! All padding and the two mattresses aft are brand fresh. Below the waterline is a very full keel drawing 5 feet. She’s generally credited for starting the cruising boom of the 1970s which brought “the cruising life” out of the fringes and into the mainstream. The second bathroom is just aft and a fair size. While the Westsail 42 was penned as a center-cockpit, it was followed up with a rear-cockpit variation dubbed the Westsail 43 a year later which was built from the same hull molds. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The accommodation layout is a good design. In the early years, often sailed by beginners on badly setup rigs, boat speed was often lacking and she was ridiculed as the “Wet-snail 32” among the bluewater sailing fraternity, however some of this reputation has been shrugged off in recent years. Record runs aside, most owners can expect to average around 110 miles per day in the trades. The hard dodger is a great feature and stands out. MANA is berthed here in Langkawi awaiting new adventures, these yachts are noted for their sea kindliness and she will make a good long range cruiser for a couple or young family. The new company became Westsail Corporation and the new boat was dubbed the Westsail 32. Some owners report the wetness comes from the cockpit seats being flush with the side decks, so any water channeling down the side deck is likely to wet your bottom (some custom boats have this problem solved with a cockpit coaming). Look for signs of rot in the plywood cored decking and signs of fiberglass compression at the mast step. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form. Additionally we hear reports of owners logging week-long consecutive runs of 140 to 160 mile days during trade-wind sailing. Space is available on these web site pages for any owner wishing to advertise their WESTSAIL for sale, or for prospective owners to advertise their desire to find a suitable Westsail to purchase. Your favorites are temporarily saved for this session. 15hp MERCURY. It’s said when asked how big the market for such a boat, Crealock estimated 10-12 boats. Full forward the forepeak is dedicated to stowage. The yacht's genset, a 3.5kva PHAZOR, is housed port side in the engine room. The current sale price of the Westsail 43 of the 1976 is 41.019€, You can unsubscribe from your alerts whenever you like. This meant that the company was selling boats up to eighteen months later at prices that were considerably outdated. All lighting is LED. One can easily tell the lead ballast because the keel sump is much deeper under the engine pan. About 55 Westsail 43's were built by Westsail between 1975 and 1979 and later 6 more were built with the same molds by Jomarco. The Westsail 32 has a reputation for getting cruisers where they want to go, though not very quickly. Embed this page on your own website by copying and pasting this code. Can't sleep? Westsail 32's have won 1st in their class in ocean races such as the transpac, Newport-Bermuda and most recently Anigua classic. As far as i understand a 32 is designed by Colin Archer and the 43 by Crealock. We recommend disactivating it while you visit our site. Yacht brokers are also offered the opportunity to advertise their Westsail listings. The Westsail 42 like its smaller 32 foot sibling was offered for sale as fully completed boats or as kits for owners to complete. They are usually used for traditional, time-honored on-the-water activities such as overnight cruising, sailing and watersports. » Westsail the World Documentary trailer on YouTube. We all know the 32 as a slow, but sturdy cruiser, but not a boat I would choose. The tweaks include subtle modifications to the keel and a revised rig with a smaller mainsail. A representative will be in touch shortly. Entering the vessel there is a raised dining desk immediately to seaport and gives excellent all round visibility. I am looking for a solid offshore/liveaboard. Later hulls had fiberglass gudgeons, earlier hulls had stainless steel gudgeons with a bronze pintal. Sign in to save Full height mast steps on main mast. All cushions and the two mattresses aft are brand new. The cutter rigged ketch rig is aluminium white painted, in very good condition. Yeah, but W32s just make a run for shore and self-careen on the beach. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. i would be happy to ear from someone who knows the 43. The Westsail 43 sails rather well indeed. The Westsail 32 goes down in history as the boat that launched a thousand dreams. Moving forward the next seating is port and starboard, giving plenty of seating overall. Remember me. CHOLAMARK RIB c/w beach wheels. Thanks Dewey, I really appreaciate your feadback. MANA is berthed here in Langkawi awaiting new adventures, these yachts are noted for their sea kindliness and she will make a good long range cruiser for a couple or young family. Designed by William Crealock, the Westsail's were designed to travel the world with peace of mind of her construction and sailing ability. The deck and cabin trunk is fiberglass cored with two layers of half inch plywood, with an extra two inch plywood base to reinforce below the mast step. She is quite heavy and requires some knowledge of trim to get her going. This Westsail 43 has a clean and purposeful appearance. The hard dodger is a great feature and stands out. The desk is de moundesk and can drop down to convert to a large dock. 43' Westsail 43 Aft Cockpit Ketch San Diego, California Asking $38,999. A cutter rig sits on top with a bowsprit forward and on some boats a boomkin astern. This vessel is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida and is in need of some work. The hard dodger is a great feature and stands out. Can you tell me what the cockpit size is like. 21.5' Catalina 22 Amery, Wisconsin Asking $6,000. 3.5KW PHAZOR marina generator LITTLE WONDER watermaker (200 gal per 24hrs), HYDROVANE gust vane, two vanes onboard (2009) Running illumination Granny bars Belaying pins Bowsprit Dorade vents Solid double rail stainless steel guardrails with wire gates each side Teak caprail Deck prism over nav station MAGMA gasoline BBQ (2019), DBC life raft (unknown condition) Horseshoe lifebuoy Life ring. The engine has had oil changes every 150 hours. Luxury models can hold motors up to an exceptional 85 horsepower, while the most modest models may have as little as 20 horsepower engines (although the average motor size is 38 HP). It caught the imagination of the American public. As at 2014 the asking price of Westsail 32s are in the range of $30k-$55k USD. After Westsail closed, Jomarco built 3 hulls. The best point of sail is a beam to broad reach between 90 to 120 degrees off the wind with an optimal heal angle of 20 degrees, with good trade winds owners report the boat is capable of  7 knots which is its hull speed. Look for a boat that has 35 hp or more, the original 25hp Volvo MD2B is often reported as insufficient for a distance motoring into adverse weather. The Westsail 32 follows a long line of traditional double-enders dating back to Colin Archer’s famous 19th century Norwegian pilot boat Regis Voyager which itself was influenced by Archer’s earlier work with designing lifeboats. I am not sure if a westsail 32 and a 43 are the same boat. In the early days the boat had a terrible reputation under sail, perhaps not entirely deserved. The company ceased operations in 1981. Boat Trader currently has 8 Westsail boats for sale, including 0 new vessels and 8 used boats listed by both private sellers and professional dealerships mainly in United States. Westsail 42/43. In 1988 David King skippered his personally modified** Westsail 32 Saraband to a Trans-Pacific Cup victory, a remarkable feat given the light wind conditions that year. them permanently, access them on any device, and receive relevant alerts. YachtWorld currently has 16 Westsail yachts for sale, including 0 new vessels and 16 used yachts, listed by experienced boat dealers mainly in the following countries: United States, Mexico and Malaysia.


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