when does bonnie stop being the huntress
Bonnie hears about a six car pile-up. This spell changed Bonnie, making her less inhibited with regards to the dark arts. Also, his accent makes it sound very Shakespearean whenever he talks about love. Following this creation, Bonnie was able to deprive Arcadius of Enzo's soul, accidentally sending his soul to her alternate-dimension instead. This article is currently under construction. This power allowed her to perform extremely complicated tasks such as resurrection, self-healing, taking down the oldest supernatural beings as well as to shake the very balance (Veil) between life and death. The Walking Dead will soon be welcoming actress Hilarie Burton. How will Alaric respond to Stefan dragging his twins into the fray? Now he’s headed back towards Bonnie. All the scars disappear to make it clear the Huntress curse is completely over. Malachai's prison too was created by a Bennett witch, therefore, Bonnie was the only one who could give him an escape. Just as Bonnie is always playing the martyr, Damon is always “doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.” He was successful in saving her life, but if she ever does end up hurting someone she loves, she will hate Damon even more in the aftermath. After being freed from the vampire-huntress spell transferred to her by Rayna and the shaman, Bonnie's magic did not resurface for unknown reasons, which left her temporarily disempowered. She was shown to be able to easily levitate feathers, open doors and use her mind to move smaller objects. It is worth noting that on both instances, Bonnie used the spell that previously required the aid of another Bennett witch. She could also bind John's life force to Elena, ensuring her survival after the sacrifice. Through a powerful and complex spell, she was capable of bringing the denizens of the Other Side back into the mortal plane through physical contact. However, she was still unable to give Katherine, an ancient vampire over five centuries old, an aneurysm. This feat implies that Bonnie's natural powers surpassed even those of the Gemini coven leaders. This was due to the fact that Kai ensured that through his death, the spell would act in a way that if Bonnie tried to break it, both she & Elena would die. Originally, Bonnie had thought that she was a psychic in Pilot, however, it turned out that she was a witch. Bonnie became the huntress in The Vampire Diaries season 7, episode 21, “Requiem for a Dream,” and as Damon said, it may be her best look yet. With their only chance of saving their friend lying inside the Armory, Stefan (Paul Wesley) breaks the news to Caroline that they may need help from an unlikely source – her and Alaric’s twin daughters. She brings two unknown characters back from the dead (much to her own shock) in Oscar and Josette's body, making her the second witch in the show to bring back the souls of those who did not reside on the Other Side. Following this, Bonnie was through unknown means able to undo Kai Parker's sleeping spell on Elena, without causing either her or Elena's death in the process, despite Kai stating that there were no loopholes due to his status as the powerful Gemini coven leader. Looks like Lana Del Rey fans can expect some new music from the singer before the new year— but it likely won’t be the album you’re expecting. However, due to resurrection being considered against the laws of Nature, the Spirits abandoned Bonnie and stripped the power of the 100 witches she once had. As Bonnie attempts to kill everyone, Stefan and Caroline have a heart-to-heart on 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 7 Episode 21. She was able to, on multiple accounts, sense where people were and events regarding Cade. Bonnie also gained a longer lifespan, with her aging slowed, however, she did not inherit Rayna's gift of self-ressurection due to the harnessing of Rayna's last life. She and Nora (who wished to apologize for killing Stefan) first resurrected Stefan by finding his soul. He thanks Bonnie for sacrificing herself so he could have his Elena back, and also lets her know that everybody’s grieving process would be relatively short once they had back the one that they “really miss the most.” It would be easy to dismiss this as a lie if Bonnie’s huntress senses weren’t tingling. She also had a strong mental link with Elena, which allowed her to sense when she was in danger. This slowly led to Bonnie completely turning to the Spirits for power. This ability she commonly used on vampires, however, she also gave Mason, Tyler's uncle a powerful headache which brought him to his knees. Please do not remove or rearrange any information that could prove useful to the re-construction of the article. The upcoming big screen adaptation of The Things They Carried has found its stars in actors Tom Hardy, Stephan James, and Pete Davidson, and more. She also successfully manages to imbue her teddy bear with all of her magic by binding her power to it. There’s still a little bit of room for interpretation, but if he loved her as more than a friend, he probably would have used that as incentive for her not to kill him in that moment. However, it is unknown if this is because of the direct life-link placed upon their lives by Malachai Parker. Due to being related to Qetsiyah, the creator of the Other Side, only a Bennett witch such as herself can drop the Veil to the Other Side. Discovery Plans Grand Unveiling Of Global DTC Offering In Early…, ESPN Eliminates 500 Positions as Disney Budgets for a…, John Boyega: Studios Need to Speak Up and Protect Actors from…, ESPN to Cut 500 Positions to Free Up Money for New TV Ventures, The Best Face Masks for Kids Are Soft, Secure & Breathable, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. As the Huntress' abilities are tied to the phoenix sword, Bonnie was able to track any victim that she had stabbed with the sword, including being able to get inside their head. After being freed from the vampire-huntress spell transferred to her by Rayna and the shaman, Bonnie's magic did not resurface for unknown reasons, which left her temporarily disempowered. However, Bonnie has later on used Traditional Magic several more times, such as unlinking the Original Vampires and performing several locator spells as well as reversing the boundary spell performed by Esther. After returning from the Other Side with Qetsiyah's help, Bonnie had the ability to interact with those in the mortal plane and the supernatural purgatory.


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