when you meet a dog for the first time wag
I know this is an old question, but I feel I needed to correct some things. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Check out our puppy smuggling pages for more. I know the odds are low for that kind of thing to happen, but if you consider a child who loves dogs. Download and print the checklist, Puppy buyer advice printable version PDF 65 KB Again, very intimidating and may cause a fearful or aggressive reaction, even if it doesn’t, trust me, they don’t like it. You’ve messaged their Guardian, introduced yourself, and asked all the right questions. We can save you the bother of trying to remember it all. How can I not make them feel intimidated by me? The main cure for that is to have more than one dog for the child to choose from (and not puppies obviously, a protective mother dog is another thing human children need to be warned about). This article can explain how you can do that, so the dog can get to know that you are around. How do you make a button that performs a specific command? When a dog sniffs a person, they can determine whether that person has a dog of their own, where in the neighborhood the person might live, and more. We have plenty of "scent" on the back of our wrist, and an open hand may be misinterpreted by some dogs. Speak calmly to the pet’s human before making contact with the dog, and allow the dog to greet you first. So, be patient and take it slowly. It is beneficial for the environment but will also serve your dog’s dental health and will get rid of bad breath. We have all heard that first impressions are important. can sometimes be interpreted as a challenge. What about when a dog is meeting another dog for the first time? Place your hand out in a loose fist or fingers pointing down, so the back of the palm is facing the dog. Some dogs are comfortable with meeting new people, but others may be shy, nervous, scared and stressed when someone new comes into their territory. I do a lot of pet sitting, so I know that dogs need time to get to know new people, be they pet sitters, friends or family members. I'd add that you shouldn't look directly at the dog either, as that A dog is a huge responsibility and usually a 12-15 year commitment. Unexpected Indeterminate result from evaluating a limit. Ask people you know if they have a really friendly dog you can meet. “[But] it’s almost like dating — you want to go slow at first to get to know each other. Establish your relationship right from the start by emanating confidence and respect for any new dog you meet. You want to avoid coming across as fearful, however, as this can lead the dog to be defensive. Do NOT bend over him (standing over a dog is a dominant posture). Using a higher pitched voice can signal weakness as well as stress out the dog. you can apply the same techniques, but letting the dog come to you and back up if he wants. Dogs have an extremely keen sense of smell. One reason small children often get bitten by a dog, is because they are right on eye level with Rover. The same goes for dogs. We all know that every dog is different, and their activity needs will change throughout their life, so a PitPat helps you to keep your dog active in the way that’s right for them. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Don't reach over a dog to pet him on the top of the head or on his back until you can tell that he enjoys being petted there. It is good to know the breed an the dog's characteristics. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. But dog lovers everywhere agree it's all worth it. Having unknown humans swooping into their faces, picking them up or putting their hands all over them is a bad idea for a first meeting. This commitment is financial, emotional, and time-consuming. Stay calm. Before go out and get a dog, it's best that you ask yourself this question first. When you meet a dog for the first time, body language is everything - so is your calm energy. Also, if you want to vocalize, speak softly and in higher pitches.


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