who is ayu in empress ki
And they live happily ever after with their 2 mixed family boys. Slayer of my king. Sungnyang assured Chancellor Bayan that she would treat the Empress fairly. “You killed Wang Yu and trampled on my heart. His mind was clearly disturbed. Nyang and two others stay behind to look for Jukho to find the blood vow. However, it never occurred to her that they were plotting to kill the prince. Chancellor Bayan was quick to suggest that Lady Ki might be involved but Ta-hwan cautioned him from further accusing Lady Ki. She accused Dok-man of conniving with Lady Ki since they were both from Koryo. Sungnyang reminded the Empress Dowager that she just saved her from making a grave mistake knowing that she valued the purity of the imperial line. Sungnyang was in tears upon learning that her son, Star, is alive. Emperor Ta-hwan officially declared Ayushiridara as crown prince and heir to the throne. Chancellor Bayan and Taltal just looked away in shame. The Empress Dowager demanded that Lady Ki and all the servants from Koryo be arrested. With that final words,  Onbisu passed away. She recalled the moment when she gave birth to him in a cave. He realized that he had no memories of ever holding Maha’s hand. Nyang continues her revenge on the Empress. To Eunuch Park, Sungnyang ordered him to find a good home for Maha in Koryo. Feisu finally completes deciphering the book they found in Huksu's house. Ayu was now the crown prince, making her the Empress Regent. Sungnyang controlled her feelings and told Maha that he was not the Emperor and Tanashiri’s son. Fiction is the willing suspension of disbelief. Everyone gathered at the throne hall and waited for Lady Ki to state her case. Everyone knew that Lady Ki would do anything just to get rid of her son’s competitor to the throne. Yom Byongsu reported the outcome of the assassination attempt on Maha. How about an alternate happier ending? THANKS!!! Nyang and the Emperor survive the coup but the Emperor is shot by a poison arrow. Togon did lie and basically killed her father, geez. She was surprised though at how far Chancellor Bayan would go for his clan. 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He told Dok-man to keep his visit a secret from Maha, since he did not want to give the boy false hopes. Ok, I’ll make up my own ending. It was a good thing since it alerted her that their enemies were not far behind. She reared Maha like her own child only to dismiss him like a rag because he was useless. Wangyu begins to train the bums Wongjin brought as new recruits. She instructed Court Lady Seo to bring Maha to Koryo once he had recovered. Empress Bayan needed to think quickly in order to cover-up her crime. battle, Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. El Temur receives word from his men that his son is bringing Bayan and won the war. The King of Koryo and Yom Byongsu are to duel to see who will be commander. She ordered him to behave if he did not want to face her wrath. Eunuch Bang’s worried look didn’t escape his attention either. Maha asked Ta-hwan to kindly convey his gratitude to the Empress Dowager for raising him. Lady Ki would never work with Yom Byongsu since he was her mortal enemy. ... ← EMPRESS KI – EPISODE 45. Sungnyang wanted Ta-hwan dead to avenge Wang Yu’s death. Ta-hwan recalled the time when he was treated the same way and sent to Koryo when his brother was proclaimed an emperor. She thought of the words that she really wanted to tell him, “Star, my son. Damn it, now to getting over this sadness. Lady Ki’s presence at the temple would be a perfect ploy to destroy her completely. To celebrate this important date, we will present Top 10 Best Ta Hwan-Seung Nyang (TaNyang) Moments. Wang Yu comes up with a plan to infuriate El Temur, but needs Sungnyang to accomplish it. Lady Ki instructed Maha to come closer to her. King Wang Ko orders Sungnyang to get close to Wang Yu to lure him into an ambush.… read more . The Emperor comes to save Nyang and her servants from being punished for the Emperor's injury. In tears, the nun recounted the time when Tanashiri took the abandoned baby after killing the nuns and burning down the temple. Instead, he ordered Eunuch Golta to bring him pen and paper. Nyang discovers the blood vow and shows it to Bayan. Nyang tells the Dowager and Maha that she will reveal all the secrets soon. The Empress just smiled and ordered Yom Byongsu to spread the rumour that men from Koryo attacked the prince. She still hoped that her uncle would come to her aid but he just ordered her not to shame herself further and looked away. Victory Contents, love, Sungnyang cried as she called her son’s name…. As soon as it was safe, Wang Yu stopped the wagon and checked on Onbisu. Maha's true identity is revealed and he is kicked out of the palace. South Korea Photojournalism (40): Where do we go from here? Dok-man had the former Empress Bayan stripped and dragged out of her chamber. Wang Yu was overcome with grief as he shook Onbisu and tried to wake her up. So there’s plenty of fans, K-fans and I-fans celebrate it as 1st anniversary. He wanted to kill Yom Byongsu for planning to get rid of his nephew, Prince Maha. Yom Byongsu shot the prince with an arrow and hit him at the back. The Empress Dowager gave a rude remark which made Sungnyang caution her. Jeombakyi asked if Lady Ki now knew that Maha was her son. Wang Yu  tried to clean it for her but she stopped him from doing so. Happy Empress Ki Day! I managed to finish all 51 episodes of Empress Ki drama within 4 days during Restrictions Movement Order's periods due to coronavirus disease pandemic in Malaysia...I didn't count how many hours i didn't move from the sofa since i also take care of my 2 little kiddos while watching the drama... But i enjoyed the most during both of them sleep at night, tried to use every seconds of it to watch that drama all night long...And yes, I'd become like a mombie (mom + zombie) after that 4 days... Looking at how the growth of emperor's personality and abilities is so satisfying,Seung Nyang's heartbreaking moments again and again and again but alwasy back to be even stronger is so amazing,Wang Yu's honesty, loyalty and sacrifices everything even his own life for his love is so overwhelming...And of course, superb acting by all the supporting casts definitely brings perfection for this drama too...Obviously this drama is full with actions, emotions and various moral of the story... Amazing acting skills not only from leading roles but also from their supporting cast, superb scripts, very well oriented storyline, nice and mesmerising background music soundtracks and of course, various styles of Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won's actings from beginning until the end of this drama and charismatic aura of Jin Mo Ju as Wang Yu is undeniably awesome...!In the end, i think it's all worth it for watching 51 episodes of this drama...This is the longest Korean drama I've ever watched but i think this drama has become my favourite one and of course, if there is anyone asking for k-drama recommendation, i will surely recommend them to watch Empress Ki..! Sungnyang lost her child when an enemy accidentally grabbed onto the baby’s linen as he fell off a cliff; taking the baby along with him.


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