why was danzig important to germany

I've seen AI Germany successfully do Rhineland, Anschluss, Sudetenland, Slovakia, Danzig and Slovenia peacefully all in one game. Note Bob’s website is no longer functioning. Much of the province of Posen, which, like West Prussia, had been acquired by Prussia in the late 18th-century partitions of Poland, was likewise granted to the restored Polish state.…. Gdańsk, German Danzig, city, capital of Pomorskie województwo (province), northern Poland, situated at the mouth of the Vistula River on the Baltic Sea. Poland toke over the administration of the Danziger railways, which were now administered by the Direction of the Polish State Railways at Torun. the whole Kreis (circle) of Danzig-Stadt.

By the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, Germany had to renounce in favour of the Allies and their Associates, all rights over the following parts of the Regierungsbezirk Danzig : (Until the formation of the Free City in 1920). (1) Based on the Peace Treaty of Versailles and on the Conventions of Paris and Warsaw (1919 – 1921), Poland retained however some economic privileges safe guarding its free access to the Baltic : The same treaties also transferred to Poland all diplomatic and consular representations of Danzig, which did however retain the right to conclude treaties, join international organizations, etc. 1853 – 1865 Friedrich Wilhelm Carl von Brauchitsch (* 1853 – 1854) The Kreis Karthaus was established in 1818. 1934 – 1936 Seán Lester (Ireland) 1888 – 1959

———————————————————————————-, LOCAL LEADERS OF THE NSDAP IN THE DANZIG AREA. Omissions? The question is not precise because Germany never lost Danzig, it only happened after the End of WWII.

1933 – 1939 Willibald Wiercinski-Keiser (since 1934 Wiers-Kaiser) 1888 –, Senators of Finances- Senatoren für Finanzen, 1921 – 1928 Ernst Volkmann 1881 – 1959 Copyright 2000 – 2003 by Bob Hilkens.

He was appointed because he had successfully resolved an important traffic problem in Danzig the year before), 1921 – 1925 James de Reynier (Switz.) The Kreis of Elbing was formed in 1818. 1929 – 1931 Franz Arczynski* 1886 – 1946 1939 Capt. The Swedish wars of the 17th and 18th centuries halted the city’s economic growth and began its decline. 1925 – 1929 Joost Adriaan van Hamel (Neth.) 1861 – 1870 Georg Ernst Carl Parey (*1861-1862) Heinz Hesemann (*1941-1942) You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Zoppot = Sopot. As Danzig it was the childhood home of the German writer Günter Grass, several of whose novels are set in the locality. 1910 – 1918 Heinrich Scholtz 1874 – 1918

1879 – 1883 … Birkner Gdańsk appealed for reunification with Poland (1813–14), but, when the Congress of Vienna instead partitioned Poland among Russia, Austria, and Prussia, the city was relegated to the province of West Prussia. 1896 – 1919 Friedrich Lebrecht Trüstedt. So world tension never got to rise above 25% for the UK and France to become anti-german.

At the end of WW I the city and the surrounding lands were claimed by Poland. The town of Gdansk or Gyddanyzc was first mentioned in 997.

1916 – 1919 … von Unger. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). The Kreis of Danzig-Land was created in 1818. (1). 1943 – 194.

1868 – 1879 … Frank 1863 – 1931 – 1933 Fritz Dumont

1942 – 194.

The Gdańsk shipyards were sold in 2007 to Donbass, a Ukrainian shipbuilding company. © 2005- 2020 eirenicon llc.

Franciszek “Kuba” Dabrowski* 1904 – 1962 1862 – 1890 Leopold von Winter 1823 – 1893 ———————————————————————————-, Senators of Home Affairs- Senatoren des Inneren. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. 1909 – 1918 … von Kries* 18.. – 1918 The Treaty of Versailles converted Danzig from a German provincial capital into a League of Nations protectorate subject to numerous strictures established for the benefit of Poland. ManyRoads Creator, Professional Genealogist, Family Historian, ManyRoads Podcast co-host, Old Guy and most importantly 'opa'. 1825 – 1853 … Blindow Waterfront of Gdańsk, Poland, on the Motława River. 1892 – 1919 … Wessel. In 1920 Danzig became a Free and Sovereign City under the Protection of the League of Nations. In 1457 Gdansk – by now largely Germanized and renamed Danzig – became a Free City independent of the Order. 1942 – 1945 the Police Presidents of Danzig-Stadt s.a. 1924 – 1932 Henryk Leon Strasburger 1887 – 1951 Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! 1943 – 1945 …, Incorporated both Zoppot and Gotenhafen (before a Kreis outside the area of the former Free City). 1887 – 1908 … Döhn Not to be confused with Stare Miasto (“Old Town”)—which lies to the west and is the site of several significant historic structures, including St. Catherine’s Church—Główne Miasto was rebuilt after World War II to resurrect Gdańsk’s 16th–17th-century architectural heritage.

The territory of the former Free city was divided over nine Kreise : Like the rest of the Gau Danzig-Westpreusen, the city territory was conquered by Soviet troops in early 1945 and transferred to the Polish administration. The Kreis Berent was established in 1818. 1932 Р1936 Kazimierz Pap̩e 1889 Р1979 1941 Р194.

The NSDAP of the Danzig area was divided into nine Kreise, part of the Gau Danzig -Westpreussen.

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Gdańsk is an important cultural seat containing schools of medicine, engineering, and fine arts; a maritime centre; many fine churches, museums, theatres, and gardens; and a concert hall and an opera house. Granted local autonomy by the king in gratitude for its loyalty, Gdańsk expanded greatly, reaching its peak during the Renaissance as the most prosperous port on the Baltic. Permission to use for non-commercial purposes granted on condition credit is given and copyright holder notified of intended use and user. 1818 – 1848 Joachim Heinrich von Weikhmann 1862 – 1868 Paul August von Jordan Poland finally built another port on Polish territory at Gdynia, 10 miles (16 km) to the north. The University of Gdańsk was founded in 1970.

The city centre, known as Główne Miasto (“Main Town”), lies on the Motława, a tributary of the Vistula, 2 miles (3 km) inland. ———————————————————————————-, Presidents of the Senate- Senatspräsidenten, 1920 – 1931 Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Martin Sahm s.a.

1871 – 1877 Gustav Gottfried Keil

Albert Forster 1902 – 1952, (2) The Senate, still headed by Greiser, continued to function as an executive 1923 – 1925 Mervyn Sorley McDonnell (UK) 1880 – 1949 1880 – 1953, General Commissioners of the Polish Republic (3)– Komisarze Generalni Rzeczpospoltej Polskiej. 1852 – 1861 Carl August von Groddeck By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. ———————————————————————————-. 1919 … Walzer*. In 1772 Gdańsk was seized by Prussia, which resulted in a rapid dissolution of trade through the port, and in 1793 it was incorporated as part of Prussia. The forces at the Westerplatte fort withstood seven days of bombardment by the Germans before surrendering, and the fort remains the foremost symbol of Polish resistance. It comprised 10 members – 5 Danziger and 5 Poles – and its president was a Swiss citizen (Nederbragt was an exception. 1920 – 1921 Bernardo Attolico (Italy) 1880 – 1942 1911 – 1914 … Römhild 1926 Com. Borys Mohuczy It was granted municipal autonomy in 1260 and developed as a trade centre. As the majority of the population was German, a possible integration into the new Polish state was however out of question for the Allies. 1885 – 1893 … von Krosigk Poland had the right to maintain a separate Post Office (since 1925).

Hitler wanted Danzig because, at one point, Danzig was a part of Germany. 1851 – 1861 Bernhard Otto Curt von Beneckendorff und It was part of the Polish Principality of Pomerelia until 1309 when conquered by the Teutonic Order.

1890 – 1895 … von Zander 1921 – 1924 Leon Boleslaw Pluciñski 1875 – 1935 The city has an international airport and ferry connections to Sweden. 1887 – 1895 Archibald August von Gramatzki 1940 – 1941 Kurt Witte*

1891 – 1896 Karl Adolf von Baumbach 1844 – 1896

1883 – 1888 Eugen Karl Hugo Dippe This article was most recently revised and updated by, Gdańsk - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). You can, also, support us by buying ManyRoads Bling? Danzig and Poland were united in a customs union. 1866 – 1867 Hermann Wilhelm Karl August von Brandt 1921 – 1923 Gen. Sir Richard Cyril Byrne Haking (UK) 1862 – 1945 1891 – 1974 Kurt Bietau, 19.. – 1941 … In modern times, shipbuilding there has been an important source of foreign currency. After a short transitional period its area became part of the restored Regierungsbezirk Danzig of the Reichsgau Danzig-Westpreussen (= restored Province Westpreussen). It was renamed Elbing-Land after the city of Elbing had become a separate Kreis in 1874. 1928 – 1931 Albert Evert 1888 – 1907 Rüdiger Etzdorf (*1888-1889)

1845 – 1853 Gustav Pustar Ignacy Szaniawski 1865 – 1866 … von Treyden* 0 0. stevhep. By 1754 it had the largest population (77,000) of any eastern European city and annual grain exports of more than 200,000 tons. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

Their main task was to settle problems which could arise between Poland and the Free City. 1881 – 1893 … Gumprecht This page is concerned with the history of the whole Danzig territory as set up in 1919, not only with the town of the same name. 1893 – 1907 Robert Graf von Keyserlingk-Cammerau 1903 – 1910 Heinrich Otto Ehlers 1846 – 1910 Instead it was decided to restore once again a Free Territory of Danzig, under the supervision of the League of Nations. Poland is a very big country with a very limited access to the sea.

1875 – 1882 Friedrich Gustav Edmund Hugo Schultz Danzig was very important to Germany for many reasons. 1943 – 1945 … Gillhoff*, 1939 – 1940 … Sommer 1833 – 1851 Georg Kaspar Otto von Kleist The city has two main port areas. parts of the Kreise Berent, Danziger-Höhe, Danziger-Niederung, Dirschau, Elbing- Land, Karthaus, Marienburg and Neustadt. In 1938 Adolf Hitler demanded that the city be given to Germany. 1937 – 1939 Carl Jakob Burckhardt (Switz.) 1885 Ernst Ferdinand Julius Bruno von Schwichow* 1918 – 1919 … Freiherr von Dungern*. (4) First postwar administrator of the town of Gdansk : City President of Gdansk -(Prezydent Miasta Gdanska), 1945 – 1946 Franciszek Kotus-Jankowski

1931 – 1934 Carl Josef Benziger (Switz.) 1895 – 1919 … Brandt Incorporated both Elbing-Land and Elbing-Stadt (before a Kreis not included in the area of the former Free City), 1939 – 1941 Ernst Wagner From 1919 to 1939 it again had the status of a free city, under the Treaty of Versailles, with Poland having administrative governance over it. Thanks Comments; Report Log in to add a comment Answer 5.0 /5 0. 1934 – 1938 Maj. Stefan Fabiszewski 1896 – 1974 Firefly720 +1 Kaneppeleqw and 1 other learned from this answer It was near the Baltic sea, and allowed access to the sea 5.0 1 vote 1 vote Rate!

There may not have been anything too important about Danzig; I can't remember off the top of my head, but I know that territory was taken away usually because it had natural resources or Germany had taken over it during the war. 1907 – 1919 Theodor Christian Traugott Graf von Baudissin-Neustadt 1874 – 1950 (4). 1901 – 1910 Gottfried Hagemann 1… – 1918


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