wildwing and mallory
." "Ha. Somehow, I shouldn't have been very surprised, but I was. Author's warning: This fanfic is LOOOONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG! Author's Note: I'm evil, hehe. And that's even *BEFORE* it was done. I know I worry. "You sound like me." ". Nosedive blanched, looking horrified. I'd be the butt of their jokes for a week, probably longer. "Well, at least we know that Wildwing's feeling better." Aug 4, 2019 | 11 votes. We wouldn't have been half as efficient as we are now if Canard was leading, even though I hate to admit it. (I think it's Duke.. Can't remember, had to stuff them into the closet. He realized his own potential and abilities for the first time. Dive glared at her, pouring his milk. He's got a raw talent that can't be replaced, and he's come through for us so many times. He explained rather lamely, trailing off. . She continued. And when I would've gotten the answer, it would've killed me. He threw them down next to Wildwing, closing and locking the door before he plopped down onto them. "Don't worry, I will!" But . Nosedive sighed, sitting down on the bed next to his brother and cautiously touched Wildwing's cheek with the back of his fingers. The boy was breathing softly, deep in sleep and was at peace. "Somethings just needed to be said before it was too late." Isn't that the definition of family? "Tanya?" A Girl. Tanya let out a long, frustrated sigh. "You lived through something that would've killed most ducks, didn't you? (People literally can experience short-term mental illness if they don't sleep enough. "All of you nearly ended up dead because of me. She replied, her anger quickly dissipating, and another few minutes of silence passed. He's got a lot more to live for than I do. But I got to admit, I'd rather have it no other way. I also decided to write another MD:TAS story because I actually pulled off that other one rather quickly, and that made me very happy. Really, he was starting to sound like Wildwing, worried to death about him. . Yeah, she did." "Didn't see you in your bed. A minute later, Nosedive returned dragging a sleeping bag behind him with one hand, grabbing his pillow off of his bed with the other. Nosedive laughed, giving Wildwing a thumbs up before going back to setting up the game console. Mallory let out a moan as she buried her face in the hand that she had used to rub her temples. It dawned on him then that she was going to make him hold to the 'bed rest' rule. ." The possessor was the youngest of the Mighty Ducks, a blonde teenager named Nosedive. "Well, he likes books, but I think he's too bored to be entertained by them.


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