world war 3 2026
In other words, scary accurate. On October 23rd, later in the year, the Chinese intervened on the behalf of the Pakistanis and on their own interests in taking disputed territory they had from India which caused a near-instant route of the Indian Army as it began being overrun. Alle News Manche sagen das der Krieg immer gleich bleibt. When #3 comes to fruition, you better have you bunker ready to go. You can save this report and start watching macroeconomic and geopolitical developments over the next 10 years. October, 28th 2026 - November, 2nd 2032 (Proxy Conflicts continued until mid-2070s). You can help out the After the Flash Wiki by adding some information into the page! There will be plenty of news during that period of time that will allow you to narrow down the time frame and hopefully to save your family and yourself. The 2028 summer Olympics are cancelled. Be forewarned and prepared.2/2019 addition: now with China become more powerful militarily, the most likely scenario will be a war between US and China. Tensions between the US and Turkey has heightened over the past year, initially as a result of the US providing authorisation to Turkey to clear the Syrian border of US-supported Kurds. Outcome Now, compare that to massive losses as per % of population in the wars described above. They fight against the Allies: USA, UK and most of Europe, Brazil and Australia, Latin America and Japan. Russia is fed up with the US due to NATO's expansion right up to its borders. Since no one likes being lectured, Putin is not only fed up with the US foreign policy, he is furious with it. Total US Population at the time.... 4 Million (including 700K slaves). On March 15 all of the members of the Eastern Block leave the UN along with 10 other countries. In Summary: Both China and Russia are fed up with the US. MY.GAMEs und The Farm51 arbeiten zusammen! The FEDs have been trying to do just that over the last 10 years. Palestine attacks Israel declaring war. The US and France immediately propose war on Venezuela but the UK and Italy are hesitant without UN or NATO support. The Allies reclaim Ukraine and take over Taiwan. A date of 2029-2032 is sufficient enough for our purpose. Italy send 80,000 troops to Greece with the UK sending 20,000 troops to Greece and 20,000 to Finland. On April 10 Libya invades Tunisia with Russian assistance. The Italian and British force controls Palestine and head to the Egyptian border to repeal Egyptian forces. The same day Russia and China announce the treaty and declare war on France,US,Israel, and Italy with Venezuela and North Korea and form the Eastern Block. Based on my work this is not a coincidence. And right before the start of the war in late 2025, the Chinese moved into Mongolia as another move into claiming territory, the country was quickly overrun and put under Chinese ownership. Sure, a natural catastrophe, an earthquake, giant tidal wave, meteor strikes, etc....are all a possibility. The Russians took it up a step with the next goal was to take over Georgia, something they were unable to do in 2008. The Allies send 400,000 troops (150,000 American, 75,000 French, 50,000 British, 50,000 Italian, 75,000 other) to open a new front with China on June 29. In fact, I see this economic issue as the major trigger point that will eventually set this war off. (***Please note, I am very well aware that there were many wars in between the wars described above. A majority of nations, including most of the world's great powers, fought on two sides consisting of military alliances. You can dismiss me as a crazy person and that is totally fine by me. Commanders I think absolutely no way will there be World War 3 before 2026. Im fiktiven Star-Trek-Universum findet der Dritte Weltkrieg von 2026 bis 2053 zwischen einigen der ehemaligen Westmächte, der Eastern Coalition of Nations und zahlreichen anderen, sich dynamisch ändernden Staatenbündnissen statt. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 50,000. TUE takes over all of Scandinavia after bombing Oslo. Prime Minister Modi might then feel forced to bring on a more serious conflict and given China’s vicinity, and the growing relationship between Delhi and Washington could lead to more disastrous international implications. The action angered a lot of Southeast Asia with the nations having previously laid claims to part of the sea then willingly formed SEATO with the United States in early 2023, on April the 13th. Surprisingly the FIFA World Cup 2026 in Canada goes on peacefully and the 2026 Winter Olympics are cancelled. China rising and gaining military strength. Simply be aware that this is coming down the pipeline and decide what plan of action is best for your family and yourself. In Europe Russia has taken half of Ukraine and Poland and the Allies put a last ditch effort in the capitals of Warsaw and Kiev. “The United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world.”. Both countries plead for assistance but Japan only receives 30,000 American troops because they are busy fighting in the West. Southeastern Asian countries along with India decide what to do in a meeting in Bangkok on June 17. Try telling Christians that there will be no Rapture before the gates of hell open up and they will curse your soul to ten thousand years of fiery hell. Consequently, this World War III is more likely to be a combination of class warfare and settling old scores. One global currency. Finally, before you assume that I am sort of a doomsayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following, understand something very important. Über 600 Millionen Menschen verlieren in diesem nuklearen Konflikt ihr Leben, sehr viel mehr werden radioaktiv verseucht, die meisten Staaten und Städte werden … This type of assault could have wider implications as it could prove to be a threat to global oil supplies which would inevitably cause more nations to intercede. Humanity as a whole will lose. As you know, the first Atomic Bomb (Little Boy) was used by the US on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. With that said, we can anticipate Putin to be in power in Russia for as long as he wants. After the Flash Official Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 45th - 49th Presidents of the United States (The Future of America), United States Senate elections, 2022 (Owen's version). My study shows that the weapon that were "brand new" at the preceding 84 cycle war are used on a massive scale during the next war. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. At first, I thought that I got some of my calculations wrong, but after some verification my original work was confirmed. This results in the collapse of the UN the same day. France orders 75,000 to Finland, 25,000 to Tunisia, and 25,000 to Greece. Britain and Italy send 35,000 troops total to invade Palestine. In result they break countless U.N. treaties but the U.N. is too naive to notice. I rest my case. Same applies to your family. Another attack was also carried out in the following year on September the 10th when Separatists claimed attacks on Eastern European cities with the three notable countries being Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia. The NFL has cancelled the 2027-28 season. EXACTLY 84 YEARS LATER------------------------. Purifying the oceans and the human spirit United States of America:-President Ted Skavinski (2021-2029)-President Jacob G. McCormmick (2029-2032) In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to describe China and Russia as having a "brotherly" relationship. TUE attacks Belarus, Ukraine and takes over them. In early 2025 the Indians finally subdued, and on the 14th of January they signed peace and hand over large sums of territory to Pakistan and China. Every country declares war except Saudi Arabia (resentment of Iran), Jordan (ally of Israel), and Algeria,Tunisia, and Morocco. On multiple levels. The EU praises these actions the following day and Italy declares war but Britain is still hesitant without the UN. TUE hacks all of the Allies systems. In 2024, Xi Jinping declared himself Emperor of the New Chinese Empire of which was another cause of the Chinese Nationalistic moves it was making in Asia. TUE takes over The Caribbean, Venezuela, Ecuador and Columbia. It's own bear market so to speak. For example, Civil War was fought over cotton trade, not slavery.....Revolutionary War was fought over excessive taxes...not British rule and WWII was triggered by economic depression and war repatriations in Germany in the 1920s and the 1930s. Bereite dich für World War 3 vor! Currently, the world’s two largest economies are locked in a bitter trade battle. World War 3 concerns were triggered around the globe following the death of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani in a US airstrike in January. They agree to pass a law requiring all men ages 18-24 to enlist in their countries militaries and optional for women of those ages. If you have ever been to China, you very well know that Chinese are very proud people. You will eventually get vaporized or otherwise killed during the war. As such, please don’t contact me or seek further guidance in regards to this report. The US,UK,France, and Italy meet in Paris to discuss action towards these threats. The TUE tell the Allies that what they are doing is for the better and Oceania joins them including Australia and Indonesia. More or less, the treaty works as follows. On May 18 Egyptian forces attack Israeli, British, and Italian troops on the Sinai peninsula with a bit of success. Simply be aware that this is coming down the pipeline and decide what plan of action is best for your entire family. The Allies Try to persuade the Middle East but they say no. "If a global pandemic doesn’t cause China to calm things down in the South China Sea, there’s not much that will. After a strong run up (due to inflation, not fundamentals) the stock market proceeded to collapse to the tune of 90-95% within a 2 weeks time frame. "China admits it has a maritime militia, and it’s a clear violation of international law. “The number one thing that we should think to look into is international economic sanctions. Mr Trump announced on Tuesday that the United States was devising a strict response to China's proposed national security legislation for Hong Kong and that the plans would be revealed by the end of the week.


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