xtreme drift 2

His vaunted FTO is tuned almost to perfection, and he continues to thwart the ambitions of those racers who would conquer Hakone.

[1] Unlike past games in the franchise, there are no cars from American manufacturers. They cannot be simply unlocked by passing the Conquest mode, but rather by winning the special invitation by beating the significant opponent in the game and winning a number of prizes to be allowed to participate. The game features 4 Stages through the game. Several sponsors and many high-stakes drivers are on short courses, and several drivers from the original Tokyo Extreme Racer are featured in short courses. Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake. TAC challenge: Just like the regular time attack challenge, but the driver also has a health bar that will be reduced if the player bumps with walls. The player can buy a used or new stock car, tune it with aero and engine parts, get sponsorships and challenge other racers in nocturnal illegal gambling touge racing or perform downhill / uphill time attack in daytime. 19% . They are a group of 13 drivers with high-performance cars, with all of them having a distinctive yellow paint job and custom vinyls. Hakone and Haruna return from the original game, while several new locations, like Shiga Kusatsu, Hiroshima, Nikko and Mount Rokkō (divided into two roads, Ura and Omote) are new roads to race, and some of them being omitted from the game. They are looking for a new blood, for someone who would bring a new style and trends to the game! The career mode (or Conquest mode in the game as it's called) features a single driver (with name provided by the player, default name is "k_taro") on his quest to become the best racer in all the Osaka area. (Note : his FTO is equipped with a L4 engine instead of a V6). Try to finish your laps as fast as possible to earn some extra money and buy a new, better car. Anyone can be a legend in the game Xtreme Drift 2 Online. For instance, a road only has one Slasher now, and number of Tricky drivers (more powerful drivers serving as prelude to a Slasher) have been added. Offroader V5. He's currently focused on creating the perfect line. Extreme Drift.

- Yūya Takuma, aka World Supremacy (Dominator in EU & US version) : He holds numerous records in Hiroshima-Noroyama. Evo-F2 Racing. Extreme Drift 2 is a fast paced racing game to test your skills in drifting. -Tatsu Zōshigaya, the Miracles Summit, aka Supremacy Murder (Reign Supreme in US & EU version) : When Emotional King suddenly disappeared from Aso, in his place came a next racing phenomenon : Zōshigaya, all of 19 years old. The Conquest mode has been significantly changed, with several new real-life locations of races being present in the game as of course, several new being presented in the game. Try to score the most points for drifting. He changed his machine from a Galant VR-4 to a Lancer Evolution IV and made a fresh start. Later, a secret will be revealed at the end of the staff credits. City Rider. Car Challenger. One of these groups is looking for an all-round driver who would be their leader in a set of events of the upcoming year. There are also several parodies of cars from anime and manga titles like Initial D, Wangan Midnight and Over Rev! Enjoy Extreme Drifting 2! Standard races are CA challenges which allows the player to progress through levels, which in turn allows the player to race in Advanced Races.


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