yiddish swear words

Like that person who’s always humble bragging on their Instagram. It can also refer to someone who is easily tricked. Pisher: Used to refer to someone who is inexperienced, with the analogy being a “pisser,” or “bed-wetter.”, 4. Shanda: And then use this term when they get into trouble, causing a scandal!

Shanda—shame, scandal. Hey, we’ve all been there. 3 Capital Cities?

Bupkes: Used as an insult against an insulting amount! 48. This could be used to describe your outfit when you throw it together at the last minute, and it just doesn’t work! Tuches: Your derriere or bottom. Macher: While this one can be used positively, as an insult, it is used to describe someone who is a conspirator and strives to go far in life, no matter what the cost to others.

The connotation is the "four-letter word" kind. 34. Hey there, Gentiles. Feel free to do so as much as you like! “Du farkirtst mir di yorn!”: translates to “You’ll be the death of me!”, 9. 17. Meesa masheena: A particularly horrifying, terrible or tragic death. Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but have a different meaning and spelling. Here is a list of terms you should feel free to use, along with the correct pronunciations (hint: it helps if you have a head cold).By the way, I fully acknowledge that different sources have slightly different definitions for which Yiddish words mean what in particular (though the pronunciations generally stay the same) - this is because the Jewish diaspora was such that different words in different areas took on slightly different meanings even within the same general context of the Yiddish language. 12. Hok a chanik: To prattle on endlessly or be a Chatty Cathy, usually talking nonsense. Use these 35 Yiddish insults to get you started: If it’s someone you like, don’t punch them in the kishka, as you’ll go right for their stomach! Hok a chanik: A chit-chatty individual who talks incessantly, usually about unimportant and nonsensical subjects. Which Continent – Is Russia Part of Europe or Asia? Khazer: A gluttonous person or a pig.
Plotz: To explode from anger or irritation. So, with that in mind, I figured I'd write a quick guide to swearing in Yiddish, with common terms you can sprinkle into your own sentences to your heart's content. 28.

Love learning about new languages? Shamatta: This translates to “rags,” but is used to refer to clothing, as in the clothes of peasants or destitute children. Shaygets: A little rascal, like the artful Dodger from Oliver Twist. What is the Triple Crown in Horse Racing? From the vast array of Yiddish insults, put downs, lamentations and naughty words, here are 61 of the best, with my personal favorite phrase ever right at #25. (This is funny because the show Scandal was created by Shonda Rhimes.) It just sounds cooler.

16. Too good to pass up. (Usually the word means goat or horse stool.) Beheyme: Literally translated, it means a “cow’s head” but as an insult, it means “fool.” A “kosher beheyme,” means a “trusting little cow” or a very naive individual, the kind who would let themselves be led to the slaughter, 6. 1.

Purim-level drunk is not for amateurs.Oy Vey (OY VAY) - This one is tricky to translate.

35. Some sources pin one as "an unlucky person," basically someone who the universe constantly craps on, while the other is a klutz (also a Yiddish word originally, but common enough that there's no point in putting it on this list). 29.

An expression of grief, often used in response to the news of someone’s passing. Note: For an entire array of Yiddish phrases, check out the invaluable book, Born to Kvetch. Moyshe kapoyer: Hopefully you don’t have one of these people at work, as it is someone who is always mixed up and doing things the wrong way! “Vey is mir!”: An expression of angst, similar to “Woe is me!” Like “Oy vey!” but a lot worse. 9. Who Invented Fireworks? Dedicated to your stories and ideas. 37. If you want to curse someone with a horrible death, you would say, “a meesa mashee af deer.”, 32. In context, used as a sarcastic response if someone says something like, "I'd be a great model if I was 5 inches taller and 30 lbs lighter." A chit-chatty individual who talks incessantly, usually about unimportant and nonsensical subjects. 36. The direct translation of this phrase is “my grandmother’s taste,” used to refer to someone who has old-fashioned views or has a taste that is outdated.

Ongepotchket: A hot mess! Make sure to check them out! 26.

41. “Abi gezunt dos leben ken men zikh ale mol nemen.” Sounds nice in Yiddish, right? Shlimazel: A person cursed with constant bad luck and to whom bad things usually happen. Use these 35 Yiddish …


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