1948 dodge fluid drive

A day or so later, I finally had my chance! Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, and Mopar are trademarks of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Manipulation of the clutch pedal and gearshift lever is completely eliminated in normal forward driving once the car has been started from an “engine off” state. I am particularly happy to say a word here about Dodge Fluid Drive, because the engineers of Dodge enjoy a reputation as pioneers in a number from S. Keller: I had/drove many Fluid Drives, like this: push in clutch, put in Hi, let out clutch and drive all day. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fluid_Drive&oldid=986472933, Articles lacking sources from December 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 02:25. As you note, it could be ordered with both standard 3-speed manual or M4 vacuum-operated or M6 hydraulic semi-automatic trannies. When a speed of approximately 14 MPH is attained, the driver lifts his foot completely off the accelerator pedal, the underdrive gearing disengages, and the car is now in Direct Drive. For example, with the great emphasis that they have always placed on the preciousness of human life, the engineers of Dodge gave the world such fundamental improvements as All Steel Bodies and Hydraulic Brakes-both magnificent contributions to your safety in driving. Many semi-automatic Chrysler Corp. cars are still on the road today and have never had a transmission rebuild, proving the old Chrysler Corp.’s commitment to engineering and design simplicity. The Hydramatic was embraced enthusiastically by consumers, and was installed in 45% of 1941 Model Oldsmobiles. And I believe many of you will react the same way. by Sam Chase. The actual gears available were four different ratios. Immediately, as if soaring away on an invisible cloud, the car sweeps smoothly forward. I had the Chrysler's shift lever UP or in the normal "second" position and let that straight 8 wind up until it sounded about right then STABBED THE CLUTCH VERY QUICKLY. Only the medium of motion is oil in this case-NOT AIR. vsCFUserGeoIP = jsonResponse.geoip; Now, the power is applied so smoothly and evenly that you can creep right out of these "tight" places without difficulty. Fifteen operations are necessary to start a car and get into high gear in the usual way. "As far as pulling power in the pickups, not a problem, we regularly pulled 4-41/2 tons of hay with a four speed 1/2 ton. Tests and Reviews. This rotating action throws the oil by centrifugal force against the fins of the runner, causing them to rotate in the same direction.

"You can push start a Fluid Drive vehicle using 2nd gear in the three and four speeds and 2nd gear low range in the wait and clunk, starting with the clutch depressed at about 15 mph ease the clutch out. There were two styles of transmissions available. These moving parts are merely two bowl-shaped shells of steel almost identical in appearance, into which a series of evenly spaced blades or fins are welded.

In place of this, a new and far more flexible medium is used-namely, a BODY OF OIL. Once the transmission shifted into high speed range, the driver again depressed the accelerator pedal, and continued accelerating. And despite this, the engine will not stall. The gearshift lever, too-right on the steering post. Starting on hills is greatly facilitated. At least, they have reached their majority in years.

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This car is in fantastic condition having had a restoration in the late 90's in Canada where it came from and where it spent most of its life until coming to Ireland in 2004 and where it continued to be pampered by never being left outside once hence the complete absence of rust. It is exactly like one electric fan forcing a current of air against another idle fan and setting the latter in motion-just as a breeze turns a windmill. Following the development of the fluid coupling, Sinclair in turn licensed the fluid coupling, now also known as ‘Fluidrive Coupling’ to many companies including the Chrysler Corporation. We are used to quick acceleration now and feel we must use the low range first. Cars. xhttp.open("GET", "/videoplayer/verify_user_eu_geoip.php?verifyUserGeoIp=true");

The car can be driven by declutching and shifting in the normal fashion, starting in 1st, shifting to 2nd, and then to 3rd. Fluid drive cars have a lower numerical rear axle ratio, thereby reducing constant speed engine RPMs. Each 'range' had two speeds.

I do agree that the shared-oil fluid drives were in more than the Plymouths.

In 1953-54, Plymouth offered a variant called “HyDrive”, which is a 3-speed manual unit and clutch, with the fluid coupling updated to a modern torque converter (pictured above right).

The transmission shown was an early variant (M4 "Vacamatic") of the later M6 transmission and was marketed to compete with the new Oldsmobile fully automatic, clutchless Hydramatic transmission, introduced in the fall of 1939 on 1940 Model year Oldsmobiles. Fluid drive advantages are: In 1941, Chrysler offered its “semi-automatic” transmission in combination with the fluid coupling, at considerable (for the time, anyway) extra cost, usually between $100-140 depending on the model on which it was installed. No doubt you've had the discouraging experience of seeing your One of the fellows in my class had a lovely 1948 New Yorker Highlander coupe and he drove it most conservatively. The impeller naturally turns because it is fixed on the crankshaft. In densest traffic where you may often have to throttle down to a speed of a mile an hour-where you are constantly compelled to pause and shift with a conventional transmission -Dodge Fluid Drive permits you to stop and go at will merely by braking or accelerating as the case may be. } Chrysler’s first fluid drive cars were introduced in 1939. The bell housing is also longer to accept the thicker fluid drive unit. At this point, the transmission is in “Underdrive High” which means that the transmission is in Direct Drive with the underdrive gearing engaged. The fluid coupling and torque converter was invented by the German engineer Foettinger in the early 1900s. It seems to me that automobiles have "grown" in much the same way-by a succession of giant strides in the form of basic developments, each one of which has added tremendously to the ease, the comfort, the economy, the safety of driving a car. "Fluid Drive" was always written as two well-defined words (not "FluiDrive"). The M-6 transmissions often confuse modern drivers who believe them to be 3-speed sticks that refuse to go into first. People need to remember that before the mid-1950s Fluid Drives were not transmissions, they were couplings between the engine and clutch, the shared oil ones were an attempt to build torque by using pressurized oil. You can drive for hours at varying speeds from as slowly as a mile an hour to your car's top speed­all in high gear! And far smoother performance. vsCFTagsEUFunctions = []; As more speed was gained, clutch quickly to "high" kicking down in the process, then 4th would come in when you let up on gas--usually around 70! if (geoIps instanceof Array && geoIps[0] && geoIps[0] == "-") { I drive my 1948 Chrylser New Yorker to work a lot during the nice weather, and with all the traffic lights and stop signs I go through that fluid drive with semi- automatic trans really makes it a relaxing trip! false : true); Acceleration from Underdrive High and automatic shift into Direct Drive is slower than with a fully automatic transmission. f(); Helpful in a 2 ton car. Soon as you're ready to You could start the car, put the transmission in 3rd gear, and drive with accelerator and brake all day, never needing the clutch unless shifting to reverse, neutral or first or second.


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