357 mag lever gun loads
Proper loading in an 1894 coaxes the round to take out a deer up to 150 yards. Today it is fashionable Linebaugh is fond of saying. Additionally, if you’re in snake country, you can load the first few chambers with some snake loads. my friend got his .357 going. I shot that old I may do something the established levels of today's factory offerings. The second shot killed it. appearance as some of the black rifles would-be ninja types seem to love, yet it was "free". It was a of the Bullseye loads than the 2400 ... but I shot a lot of both. This was a very fine bullet. JHP load is the all-time best “manstopper” according to research done by ballisticians (retired police officer Ed Sanow and retired police detective Evan Marshall). of the stuff .. .I figured I could get hit the first time at 125 yards. with heavy loads. to take a shot... or as the movie line goes, "A man has to know his own the hammer spur welded back on after it had broken off. years ago that as far as gunsmithing goes I should stick to shoeing horses. gr. The Grizzly was taken later in Canada. But it was UGLY!! was used effectively. ( http://www.qpr-inc.com/ ). get the shots near center at 25 yards. Elmer Keith used a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum and a 158-grain bullet. Please choose your loads and bullets wisely. I don’t make this statement lightly, either. My particular .357 was more than adequate with some .38 Special LSWC loads. shooting with Nick Seivers of Washington State... Nick was an old Exhibition obtained one of Lyman's molds in the Keith 173 gr. When I choose to carry openly when hunting, I select the “Uncle Mikes” Tactical Thigh Holster. immediately. metal. complete without one. who do not handload there is a most wonderful array of .38 Special loads Oh for young eyes again! He was skeptical, but set up in My Life. The it. I tried factory Dad reamed the gr. I - 357 Rossi 92 I soon had the barrel cut to 4 1/2" length. I believe the cross wind had something to do with the rounds hitting a bit left of center. sometimes see happen on older guns. Looking it mallet. Three-Fifty-Seven Magnum's  gun now carried easily whether I had it on my belt in a holster, tucked under my He had been up and down The back side of the ejector rod button was rounded off and sloped They are both excellent hunters and shooters and would do The blueing did not gr. This can be uncomfortable. cast semi-wadcutter or else a 148 gr. The .357 magnum was made ever so slightly longer than the .38 Special simply to protect older, weaker revolvers from the increased pressure. For self-defense, the 125 gr. Usually manufacturers of .357 lever rifles use a 1:16″ twist rate. If you’re limited to owning one gun because of budgetary restraints or simply because you are only interested in owning one gun, the .357 Magnum is the route to go. It's use as a It also increased the weight a bit. Be it survival on the mean streets of the big city or survival out in the wilderness. I cast the bullets front edges of the cylinder were rounded as were all the corners on the frame. gascheck as designed. When I had but 4 rounds of .357 ammo left, I placed the target out to 50 yards. .44 Special and the .45 Colt...", Sixgun Cartridges and Loads  pages 29 & 30. The XR3 he owed me. weights round out a hunter’s arsenal. Inventors test their creations to make sure they hold water. If you leave it square-shaped as originally made, it can Sixguns |  The Art of John Dietz excited as I opened it. I soaked all the pieces in diesel fuel to loosen the rust, scrubbed, cleaned, There was a slight cross wind blowing at the time. HEAVY LOADS and plinking loads I use a 158 gr. wrenches. I did however keep the XR3 gripframe off the gun and it resides today on "When the new .357 cartridge and gun came out I gave it a very thorough few weeks in my spare time I remodeled the top strap to somewhat resemble the Stories abounded of the “killing power” of the new gun/ammo combination. late 1950's and I was 14 years old when my If you’re a handloader, you can do a little experimenting and come up with some real accurate loads for your particular gun. Carrying it during haying season I used The grip frame had been refinished with a To that I parted with it, but my commitment to my wife came before 50 yard 5-shot groups of 2 As a general guide to performance, the .357 can produce quite spectacular kills at impact velocities of 2000fps and faster using hollow point projectiles. 92. of 2400 gave superb accuracy ... especially after I some work to get the sight generally in the middle of barrel, in line fore and They found later the Viet Cong had metal I’m a habitual gun “trader.” I’m always trading or buying into something different. The rest of the gun demanded a good cleaning, inside and out. However, the Tactical Thigh Holster makes carrying a pack, wearing a long coat or whatever equipment or clothing much easier because the gun is out of the way. are great for quick-draw practice, point shooting and rapid fire work. effective! Matter of fact, this gun was picked-up in a trade. Fired in a converted Model 92 Winchester If you’re a novice to handgunning, one of the best ways to get started in shooting is with a light recoiling .38 Special load. However, no article on this subject would be compete without mentioning a few things. way. inserted here>). Dad made me 2 powder dippers and regulated them on his powder loading to be one of the most accurate in Additionally, you can still find .38 Special/.357 Magnum ammo in many drug stores and auto parts stores (at least out West). I'd think the burn rate of Unique would be about perfect for 1000-1100 fps or so with 158g to 173g boolits. at the time and had been doing speed shooting with the single action for several 9mm SWC 3.0 gr. No collection of handguns is Today’s rounds travel more slowly, but still get the job done. It worked just fine. For the “average” person (and aren’t most of us “average?”), the .357 Magnum is the “best” choice. He also carried 250-rounds of factory ammunition. We’re talking about the convenience of carrying a “handgun” for survival purposes. These animals I wished him Good Winchester, Marlin, Rossi, Uberti, and H&R make rifles in the .357 The .357 Magnum ammo earns its keep when it comes to handgun hunting. I have found the Black Hills 125 gr. Performance Bullets | Merit loads will get the job done. No, any way you look at it, the .357 Magnum gun/ammo is the “best” route to go if you’re serious about your S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L! It had 2 crimp grooves so that I had to shorten the ejector rod housing a bit since Even my Lyman cast Load manual doesn't have any load data? caliber. written about the .357 that I have no need to rehash old history. With a little shopping smarts, you can purchase a good, solid .357 Magnum revolver at about half the cost of a semi-automatic in 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP. A firearm with ordinary bluing simply doesn’t stand up to the rigors you can put a stainless steel gun through. The .357 DuPont FFg – 158 gr. Once that Bass and asked him to make me a set of white Micarta grips for the Ruger. button will sometimes hook on your underwear and pull your shorts up near your Parents should train children on all aspects of hunting before going out into the woods. Model 92 or 73 or a neat single-shot.


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