40 mph wind damage

58 - 74 mph At Superstorm Restoration, our storm damage repair team will educate you on the cause of your roof damage, necessary repairs, and cost thereof, so you have the information you need in the event you choose to file a claim with your insurer. If you are asking that type of question, we recommend that you first call the Des Moines roofing contractors Superstorm Restoration for your free drone roof inspection. Strong thunderstorm winds can come from a number of different processes.

On beaufort scale, 40 mph is sign by twigs and small branches are broken from trees, and you'll be difficult to walk. Is your chimney looking a little crooked?

Our roof inspections are free! CURRENT HAZARDS Weak trees can fall over in even a moderately strong wind and possibly damage structures and take out power lines. The edges and other pressure points on the roof are most likely to sustain damage from wind. Wind can cause cracks, loose or bent areas or even blow off loose fascia entirely. Graphs Straight line winds are winds that travel in a uniform direction over an area (as opposed to a tornado or hurricane which produce winds in varying directions).

We will ensure that nothing is missed in term of the necessary repairs to your roof.

If you haven’t had your structure inspected recently, consider reaching out to a contractor for a routine inspection.

If the roof is old or you suspect it’s got some issues - give us a call.

Shingles keep out water, so if they’re loose it will lead to water damage and a quickly deteriorating roof.

Entire tress can be uprooted, and significant structural damage can occur. High winds can cause hazards to your property and surrounding areas - hazards such as fallen branches, uprooted trees and torn down power lines. "High wind" with sustained speeds of 40 to 57 mph. During our inspection we’ll look for curling shingles where the wind took hold and began to peel the shingles. The National Weather Service (NWS) categorizes wind speed and its related damages as: To minimize the impact of high winds on a structure, our team of commercial restoration specialists offers the following tips: If you have experienced wind damage because of a summer storm, our team of commercial restoration specialists at Reynolds Restoration Services is on-call 24/7 to respond. National Hazards Graphical Please select one of the following: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Sustained wind speeds of 20 to 25 mph, or frequent wind gusts up to 30 mph.

The first place we look to determine if you have missing granules is by inspecting your gutters for the granules, as this is where they tend to pile up. Outlooks 50 mph can do very minor damage...tree limbs down..but 30-40 is almost never damaging wind. If you notice damage to your roof, schedule a property evaluation right away, because damage will only worsen the longer your roof and home are exposed.

For 15 years we have helped restore homes and business in the Harrisburg, PA, Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD/DC Metro region to their pre-loss condition quickly, safely, and efficiently.

thats on the land. This speed of wind makes it difficult to drive a vehicle and can blow small unsecured objects such as plastic lawn furniture around.


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