4j lane edu staff

Gale Fiszman, Orchestra  fiszman@4j.lane.edu

200 North Monroe St., Eugene, Oregon • 541-790-7700.

Dana Chase Barb Atchley, Melanie Namkoong, Secretary – namkoong@4j.lane.edu Chris Dobson, Choir  dobson_c@4j.lane.edu Office: (541) 790-6300 Lori Dodson Lallie McKenzie Math/CTE mckenzie_l@4j.lane.edu Tamara Torrence  torrence_t@4j.lane.edu, Physical Education/Health Amy Seely, Dept. Robert Uhler, Custodial – 790-8086 Eva Promen  promen_e@4j.lane.edu Sarah Hocken  hocken_s@4j.lane.edu   HockenS Webpage, Julie Stewart  stewart_j@4j.lane.edu      StewartJ Webpage

Fax: (541) 790-6305 400 E 19th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401.

Ryan Wolgamott, School Resource Officer  790-8000, Alex Nordstrand, Campus Supervisor- norstrand_a@4j.lane.edu Laura Hood -2nd Monroe Middle School Library Account Questions???

Dave Hancock,  Athletic Director I 790-8019 I hancock@4j.lane.edu

Staff » Staff Email; Change Password ... Join 4J educators for a live webinar to get a better understanding of the technology your student is using for distance learning, learn how you can support your student and navigate the parent view of the learning platform. Connie Summers, Audio/Visual Coordinator I 790-8053 I summers@4j.lane.edu 4J Board Member Honored With State’s Highest Award; 2019–20 Oregon School Profile Reports Published; 4J Delivers: 750,000 Free Meals Served; Board … Brad Jungert  jungert@4j.lane.edu 200 North Monroe St., Eugene, Oregon • 541-790-7700, Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School, Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School, River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School, Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School, Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook, Permission Form: Student email and Google for Education (English), Serving Transgender / Gender Nonconforming Students, Smarter Balanced Assessment Info for Families, Elementary School Parent Technology Training Session, High School Parent Technology Training Session, Middle School Parent Technology Training Session, Return to Learning Update: New Metrics for Schools, 4J Expands Religious Accommodations Policy.

Jacob Clark (Spanish)  clark_j@4j.lane.edu Julia Harvey  harvey@4j.lane.edu Asher Tubman  tubman_a@4j.lane.edu   TubmanA Webpage, Dani Tubman  tubman_d@4j.lane.edu All phone numbers use area code 541, Administration 790-8000

M.C. III I 790-8068 I winand_r@4j.lane.edu SEHS STAFF LIST BY DEPARTMENTS  2018-2019, You can use the “Find” feature in your browser to search this page easily. Return to Learning Update: New Metrics for Schools, 4J Expands Religious Accommodations Policy. Christina Drumm  drumm@4j.lane.edu Attendance: (541) 790-6325, Address: Science Math Cross Country Coach 541-790-4514 halfmann_h@4j.lane.edu Anthony Harlan Mathematics Instructor 541-790-4533 harlan_a@4j.lane.edu Joel Kuiper  kuiper_j@4j.lane.edu William Jones  jones_2@4j.lane.edu Rebecca Gourgey  gourgey@4j.lane.edu Carey Killen, Principal  killen_c@4j.lane.edu Skip to content. Valerie Metcalfe (French)  metcalfe_v@4j.lane.edu Trista Neuman, Office Manager/Facility Use Coord. Michael Leahy (G-N)   leahy_m@4j.lane.edu, Ninth Grade Transition Coordinator Lori Sauter, Career Center Assistant I 790-8052 I sauter_l@4j.lane.edu, School Nurse’s Office – 790-8024 Gregory Dunkin (790-8060 – South Fork Pantry)  dunkin_g@4j.lane.edu Doug Doerfert, Band  doerfert_d@4j.lane.edu Windy Wiebke, Cafeteria – 790-8061 790-8010  neuman_t@4j.lane.edu Marlee Hansen,  Athletic Trainer I 790-8064 I brownlie@4j.lane.edu, CTE/Applied Arts Kim Ferguson, Attendance I 790-8008 I ferguson_k@4j.lane.edu David Finfrock Dave Hancock  hancock@4j.lane.edu Lisa Joye joye_l@4j.lane.edu Jeff Hess  hess@4j.lane.edu Rose Winand, Tech. alavi_k@4.lane.edu, Learning Center  790-8066 (Resource Program) Jon Lutes  lutes_j@4j.lane.edu

Nina Herbst, Art herbst_n@4j.lane.edu, English/Language Arts Dept. Kathy Ruggles, School-To-Careers Program I 790-8012 I ruggles_k@4j.lane.edu Joni de Saint Phalle, School Finance I 790-8006 I destphalle_j@4j.lane.edu Danielle Glenzel  glenzel_d@4j.lane.edu Elsa Andrew, Registrar I 790-8015 I  andrew_e@4j.lane.edu Jennifer Scott  scott_jen@4j.lane.edu   ScottJ Webpage, Alicia Sterling sterling_a@4j.lane.edu Julie Lehl lehl_j@4j.lane.edu, Science Dept. Christine Hinrichs – 2nd Grade. 541-790-6633 Christy Gonenne 790-8022 gonenne_c@4j.lane.edu, Barb Keyworth 790-8000 keyworth_b@4j.lane.edu, Classified Support

Kreg Hulings  hulings_k@4j.lane.edu

Niels Pasternak, Teacher  pasternak_n@4j.lane.edu, Melanie Bamforth 2800 Bailey Lane, Eugene, OR 97401, Comprehensive Distance Learning Fall 2020, Coronavirus – Student and Family Resources, Technology Appropriate Use Guidelines – Spanish, Eugene 4J Students Rights and Responsibilities, Comprehensive Distance Learning Technology Guidelines, Monroe iPads For Students: Guidelines & Procedures, Follett/Destiny – books to place on hold / pickup at Monroe (date to be determined), Free Eugene Public Library Card Info for 4J Students. Karen Alavi, Media Asst. Audrey McDaris mcdaris_a@4j.lane.edu

EUGENE IHS STAFF AT SEHS – 790-8030 Suzie McLauchlin  mclauchlin_s@4j.lane.edu, Deon Saraceno  saraceno_d@4j.lane.edu Tom Cantwell  cantwell@4j.lane.edu, CantwellT Webpage Dawn Hassman Allen Dana Borg Dana Chase David Finfrock Cody Morris Windy Wiebke.

Assistant/Scheduling I 790-8026 I seely_a@4j.lane.edu Julie Vignoul, Media Specialist  vignoul@4j.lane.edu Cafeteria – 790-8061 Anne Lettkeman lettkeman_a@4j.lane.edu Barb Atchley. Corey Hoogendoorn hoogendoorn_c@4j.lane.edu Dana Borg Please call Rebecca Critchett with questions regarding the TEN's Program at Sheldon. Steve Smith smith_st@4j.lane.edu, Library Catalog / Book & Textbook account, Grades and Student Progress Info- Trimester 1. Scott Zarnegar  zarnegar_s@4j.lane.edu    ZarnegarS Webpage/, Social Studies Dept. Chad Kessler  kessler@4j.lane.edu Terran Nuada Cody Morris Anna Grace  grace_a@4j.lane.edu Elton Steyding, Instructional Assistant  steyding_e@4j.lane.edu

Devan Fahsholz fahsholz_d@4j.lane.edu Zach Lazar lazar_z@4j.lane.edu, World Languages Dept. Julie Bross  bross_j@4j.lane.edu, Kids Down South – 790-8069 (Pre-School)

Polly Nelson, Teacher  nelson_p@4j.lane.edu critchett_r@4j.lane.edu. Pat Avery, Drama  avery@4j.lane.edu Kathy Ruggles, Volunteer Coordinator I 790-8016 I  ruggles_k@4j.lane.edu Custodial – 790-8086 M.C. Tia Holliday, Assistant Principal  holliday@4j.lane.edu Home; District » 4J School Board; 4J Superintendent Debi Strochlic  strochlic_d@4j.lane.edu, Life Skills – 790-8076 Bobbie Willis, Journalism   willis_b@4j.lane.edu, Fine Arts

Jeff Hess  hess@4j.lane.edu Anne Lettkeman  lettkeman_a@4j.lane.edu Allen Joshua Gramley, Transition Specialist  gramley_j@4j.lane.edu, Pathfinder  – 790-8084 Jocelyn Harley  harley_j@4j.lane.edu Heather Stein, Assistant Principal stein_h@4j.lane.edu, Melinda Shull, Counseling Secretary  shull@4j.lane.edu, Shirley Madathil (All Grade 9) madathil_s@4j.lane.edu, Juli McGlinsky (A-F)  mcglinsky@4j.lane.edu Ken Davis (Spanish)  davis_ke@4j.lane.edu, Raquel Macario Lane (Spanish) macariolane_r@4j.lane.edu Jennifer Kellogg, ELL  kellogg_j@4j.lane.edu Phone: (541) 790-6850, Attendance: 541-790-6868 Fax: (541) 790-6855 Mindy Rimbey (790-8069 – Director, Kids Down South Preschool)  rimbey_m@4j.lane.edu


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