50 ae rifle

The average bullet speed was over 1,760 feet per second, and the recoil was very noticeable. Out of a rifle-length barrel, it has about the same energy as a traditional.45-70 load. The latter were fairly rare and definitely more expensive. - Manticore Arms Transformer Rail handguard, - Boyd's Pepper Laminate Handguard and Stock. Comments have not been generated for this article. I am pleased to report here that I was not disappointed, but actually very impressed with this system. The rail features a U notch so that the iron sights can be used with the rail attached. I grew up in the “gun culture” being surrounded with firearms of all sorts, but the vast majority were hunting rifles or target pistols. Yes, you read that title correctly Special Interest Arms, best known for their .45 ACP and 7.62x39mm Enfields, are doing limited runs of .50 AE and .45-70 Enfield conversations. The Dalphon.50 AE AR-15 Conversion By Jeff W. Zimba Without a doubt, my favorite rifle is the AR-15. This bad boy has some thump! When the line would quiet down, the first question I would get was “How much are these?” Not only was it very functional and comfortable, but the aesthetics were incredible. I have enjoyed the versatility of the AR family of rifles for many years. Box 2215 I gave everyone interested a few rounds to fire at the appliance or automobile of their choice, and almost all the reactions were the same. I think this was my first true love. They said that the Enfield No. If the quality of their .50AE upper receiver is a reflection of the quality of these others, I am sure you will be impressed. All Rights Reserved. He gave me a crash course in operation, care and maintenance, and the rest is now history. The magazine utilizes a standard 30-round magazine body with a modified follower and a built in spacer / feed ramp to accommodate the shorter cartridge.

When the gun arrived, I took it apart to see what made it tick. I was pretty impressed this time when I picked up a few boxes of Speer Gold Dot for less than $1.00 per round. Without a doubt, my favorite rifle is the AR-15. The sound is moderate, and the heavy barrel assists you in keeping the muzzle down a little bit when firing rounds close together. This seemed to be a natural marriage, and when it arrived and was mounted, my suspicions were confirmed. ALEXANDER ARMS®, Beowulf®, .50 Beowulf®, Beo®, and .50 Beo® are registered trademarks of Alexander Industries, Inc. One customer is having his built as for use as a Grizzly bear gun. I believe it was a 9mm upper I was looking at, but they had many more in the works. It is arguable that there are many others that perform better for specific tasks, but for an all around gun this brainchild of Eugene Stoner is a hard choice to beat. I have seen many different colored receivers in the past, that seemed to cover the spectrum from gray, to purple, to gloss black and this is definitely one of the best finishes I have encountered. 4, rated at 45,000 CUP might, but the No. These rifles are so cool that I am declaring them the TFB Gun-o’-The-Month even though the month has barely begun. It is gas operated and utilizes a unique adjustable gas block. Magnum Research Desert Eagle MK XIX.50AE This is a brand new Magnum Research Desert Eagle MK XIX chambered in.50AE. It was perfect for the Dalphon unit. Die .50 Action Express ist eine Patrone mit dem Kaliber 12,7 mm (0,5 Zoll). Dalphon is currently manufacturing upper receivers in 45ACP, 40S&W, 9mm, 10mm and 7.62x39. It is arguable that there are many others that perform better for specific tasks, but for an all around gun this brainchild of Eugene Stoner is a hard choice to beat. This was a shoot for the members of the Hiram Maxim group that work at the big Military Firearms Shoot & Expo every year, and was an opportunity for the crew to get a little shooting in. I also asked if they have considered making a .500 S&W chambered Enfield. I had mentioned to a few of the guys that I may be bringing the Dalphon and when I pulled in I was asked right away of its whereabouts. It has a 6" ported barrel. They had some pretty innovative products on display. I remember reading about the massive muzzle energy and stopping power, and thinking it should be on my list to someday own one. There are also many ammunition choices now, as where there were only two originally. .50 AE is the cartridge designed for the infamous.50 Desert Eagle. I experienced no malfunctions due to the design of the magazine. The bolt carrier and lower receiver remain original and unmodified. IT CAN EITHER BE FAXED TO US AT 540-633-3001 OR EMAILED TO ORDERS@ALEXANDERARMS.COM, .50 Beowulf® Advanced Weapon System-Complete Rifle. 1 Mk. When I set the rifle down and the bore diameter was visible, the line got longer. My first exposure to “military style firearms” was when my father purchased a Bushmaster Pistol manufactured by Gwinn Firearms back in the late 70’s.

(360)427-6867 After a while it was just obvious that a new caliber was all that was left. Two .50 AE carbines (top/middle) and a “K” 7.62×39 Sporter. The C-More Tactical Sight is a red-dot sight that also utilizes the iron sight for superior accuracy. the most recent 45-70 conversion. Having used a number of red-dot sights over the years, and seeing few real improvements, I set my expectations low. Shelton, WA 98584 The hinge points are left on the receiver because the upper receiver would cost more to manufacture by removing them from the design. I contacted C-More Systems and they shipped me one of their Tactical Sights. Target acquisition is fast, and by using the dot in conjunction with the rear sight it is much more consistent than any I have used in the past.

The hand-guards varied from the original beavertails, to the A2 Style round ones, the carbine A2 style on the shorty upper and even sported the M-203 hand-guards when a flare launcher was added to the family. Posted August 6, 2010 in Rifles by Steve Johnson with 22 CommentsTags: .47-70, .50, enfield, rifle, rifles. The number of new caliber conversions manufactured by Dalphon now opens the spectrum even more. I had expectations of light to moderate recoil due to the very efficient buffer system, but these expectations were soon quelled. In my early days collecting the AR-15 rifles, there were not many caliber conversions being marketed that I was aware of. P.O. When they introduced their newest upper receiver chambered in .50 Action Express it caught my attention right away.

They are not left specifically so that port doors can be retrofitted to … I mounted the C-More Sight and it surprisingly set almost dead center from the factory. Sie wurde für die Verwendung in Faustfeuerwaffen entwickelt, die bekannteste Waffe in .50 Action Express ist die Selbstladepistole Desert Eagle. We wanted a string of five rounds to get an average reading. Website: www.dalphon.com Dalphon Thumbs up to C-More.

The bolt was opened up to accommodate the much larger base of the .50AE round and the extractor also needed to be modified. I seem to have this foolish grin that washes over my face whenever I encounter a firearm with a bore of 1/2” or better and it was definitely present again this time. We have seen the Remington R2mi on the shelves, but we still prefer the Bushmaster BA50. One customer is having his built as for use as a Grizzly bear gun. When I pulled it out and started loading a magazine, an instant line began to form. Website: www.cmore.com, This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V4N7 (April 2001)and was posted online on July 11, 2014. Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50 AE Mark XIX Black Oxide Pistol with 10-Inch Barrel $1,683.00 $1,269.99; Brand: Magnum Research; Item Number: DE5010; Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 AE Burnt Bronze Pistol $1,782.00 $1,599.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Magnum Research; Item Number: DE50BB; Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 A.E. I was very impressed with the quality and the craftsmanship of the Dalphon system. 1′s and Ishapore 2A Enfields. When I asked about the recoil, almost everyone compared it to shooting a shotgun, and no one thought it was too excessive. My quest was a lonely one without many options, but to anyone on this same road today Dalphon Manufacturing is here to assist you. For some of you this statement may be the answer to a burning question you have had all along. It was not shiny at all, and actually resembled a very desirable, early Colt finish. The only stoppage I encountered was a short cycle due to the fact that I started out with the gas system in the hot ammo setting when it was not necessary. Before this purchase, most of my firearms were more “traditional”. This would prove to be the beginning of a life long hobby, and the basis for many future career choices. He started pushing pins and pulling parts, and eventually gave it the stamp of approval. I had done enough fondling and it was time to test it out. I wasn’t allowed to shoot it right away but I always knew I wanted to. My first one was an original Colt SP-1 with a pencil barrel and beavertail hand-guards. By Jeff W. Zimba


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