7 major mountain ranges in the philippines
The vast forests of the Malindang Range are particularly noted as a haven of countless rare and diverse floral and faunal species, among which are the Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), rufous hornbill (Buceros hydrocorax), Philippine deer (Rusa marianna), Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), flying lemur (Cynocephalus volans), long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis), and the Mount Malindang shrew (Crocidura grandis). The views are spectacular – the high mountains of the Cordilleras can be seen at the west and the Sierra Madre is at the east. Further afield, in Mountain Province, is Mount Amuyao (2,702 m or 8,865 ft ASL), another one of the highest mountains of the Philippines. Find information on mountain ranges in Philippines as well as 1173 mountain ranges in Asia, 9908 mountain ranges in the World. Amuyao features well-established trails that pass through idyllic villages, terraced rice fields, and piney and mossy forests all the way to its summit. A. Apo–Talomo Mountain range; C. Caraballo Mountains; Central Panay Mountain Range; Cordillera Central (Luzon) K. The entire Kitanglad Mountain Range is a protected area known as the Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park. 19 rivers drain Mount Apo’s eight major watersheds. Mount Dulang-dulang is covered by forest and is home to diverse flora and fauna with 58 species of mammals living within it. At an imposing height of 2,899 m (9,511 ft) ASL, Mount Kitanglad, an inactive volcano, is ranked fourth among the tallest mountains in the Philippines. These serve as natural barriers against the many typhoons that pass through the country. Pinatubo earned worldwide notoriety for its cataclysmic eruption in 1991. Grow your travel business and get new leads from interested customers. Built upon the Tagaytay Ridge is a number of municipalities and the City of Tagaytay, a veritable tourist resort city sought for its mild climate, pine-clad highlands, and scenic views of Taal Lake and Volcano, one of the most iconic landscapes of the Philippines. The mountain range is also the ancestral domain of several thousand members of the indigenous Palawan tribes. From its foothills, to its slopes, and thence to its summit, it hosts a wide variety environments, ranging from luxuriant rainforests, mossy swamps, verdant grasslands, crystalline lakes and pools, rocky terrains, to volcanic structures. Against its vast sides, slopes, and walls, typhoons are weakened, so that their full might are not brought to bear when they pass across Luzon, reducing the damage done to lands, lives, and livelihoods. Mount Amuyao is situated in Cordillera Range in Northern Luzon, with an elevation 2,689 meters. Indeed, the relatively few mountaineers who have been to Mantalingahan all agree that it is one of the three most difficult climbs in the Philippines, alongside Mount Guiting-Guiting of Romblon and Mount Halcon of Mindoro. Mount Amuyao – BenguetMount Amuyao is situated in Cordillera Range in Northern Luzon, with an elevation 2,689 meters. Like Guiwan, it is also forested and rich in wildlife. Mingan of Aurora is elevated 1,901 m (6,237 ft) above sea level. This volcanic mountain is situated between the two beautiful provinces of Davao and North Cotabato. But the major mountain ranges of the Philippines, and most of the more minor but no less important ones have all been included. The most prominent of these is the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park in Isabela province, the largest protected area anywhere in the country. The range is bounded to the north by Pasaleng Bay and the Babuyan Channel; west by the strips and slivers of flatlands of the Ilocandia along the shores of the West Philippine Sea; east by the broad, fertile lowlands of the Cagayan Valley; south by the vast Central Luzon plain; and southeast by the less lofty Caraballos, which connects the Cordilleras with the Sierra Madre further to the east. Mount Palali in Nueva Vizcaya comprises the highest point of the Caraballo Mountains. 3. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this travel blog. Another notable mountain of the range is Mount Kilakron (2,329 m or 7,641 ft ASL), which rises far to the east of Mount Kalatungan. Mount Mariveles (1,388 m or 4,554 ft ASL), on the other hand, is the southern terminus of the Zambales Mountains; it also forms the highest point anywhere in Bataan. The rainforest and the mountain regions are home to wildlife including birds, plants, and animals. In those earlier days, Sungay’s remarkable peak was used by mariners as a navigational tool when sailing in and around Manila Bay. Its eruption devastated the surrounding lands and was felt worldwide. Several of these are volcanoes, formed by subducting tectonic plates surrounding the archipelago. Another noticeable peak of the range is Mount Baloy Daku (1,958 m or 6,424 ft ASL), which forms part of the central mass of the mountainous chain. The northern portion of the Daguma Range consists of low plateaus elevated only a few hundred meters above sea level. The views are spectacular – the high mountains of the Cordilleras can be seen at the west and the Sierra Madre is at the east.


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