android textview autosize not working
Leave a comment. android:textIsSelectable="true" for TextView inside Listview does not work. On most situations, the issues mentioned here won't be a blocker for developers wanting to take advantage of the native autosizing capabilities. android – How do I display a CalendarView in an AlertDialog? I heard something along those lines when I asked the Android UI Toolkit team about this in the last I/O, and I couldn't agree more. Splitting up a word isn't as bad as cropping it, but it's still pretty bad depending on the situation. Mid-word breaks may still happen when a word is wider than the layout and there is otherwise no valid break. If you like videos, there's also a quick and great introduction to the subject by Florina Muntenescu. Use the Download Materialsbutton at the top or bottom of this tutorial to download the starter project. But then I encountered this post – Android: "TextView does not support text selection. ", I thought when it first happened to me. If you google that, you'll also most likely end up in this other Stack Overflow question I also created a while ago. There's another attribute that might seem relevant for this which is called breakStrategy, but I played with all its values, in combination with different hyphenationFrequency values, and it always splits the word regardless — it just changes where the split happens sometimes. Okay, so the combination of settings that worked : You also need the appcompat-v7 library as a dependency in your module build.gradle file. However, if everything about it was great, I wouldn't be here writing a blogpost about it. Overall, autosizing on Android is awesome and it works great. jquery – Scroll child div edge to parent div edge, javascript – Problem in getting a return value from an ajax script, Combining two form values in a loop using jquery, jquery – Get id of element in Isotope filtered items, javascript – How can I get the background image URL in Jquery and then replace the non URL parts of the string, jquery – Angular 8 click is working as javascript onload function. Autosizing of TextView doesn't work (Android O), And as you can see I didn't use other attributes in my example, so it probably is not the problem of incorrect attributes. If we make it normal or full, we at least get proper hyphenation: But this isn't what I want. It is not currently accepting answers. Making them adjustable was tried through code: Any ideas ? Here's a very simple example to reproduce the situation I just described: The minimum size of 40dp isn't enough for the whole text to fit, so it gets cropped even though I have an ellipsize="end" there. Material design recommends using a dynamic type text instead of smaller type sizes or truncating large size text. The project you’ll work with, Jokes, is an app that shows you a list of jokes. However, depending on the case, these issues might prevent us from using it — and that's actually exactly what happened with me. I remember I was super excited when Autosizing TextViews were announced with Oreo. My minSdk is 24, all the tools are 26 and compat ist 26-beta2 as well. Before autosizing was an option, the best we could do whenever text wouldn't fit was to ellipsize it. android – TextView autoSizeTextType not working in Compat . If we simply crop text that won't fit, we're basically breaking the user experience and making users aware that we failed to properly present the content for them. 안드로이드 working textviews not autosizing autosizetexttype android android-textview android-support-library autosize android-8.0-oreo 인스턴스 상태 저장을 사용하여 Android 액티비티 상태 저장하기 This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. Here's another query for you: "android autosizing split word". Home » Android » android – TextView autoSizeTextType not working in Compat. His solution suggested the TextView … Ellipsize is a hard topic, and it gets especially hard when you mash it together with autosizing. It offers a simple yet powerful API to solve a particular problem: scaling of text size to fit text bounds. Posted by: admin June 15, 2020 Leave a comment. This setting makes it easier to optimize the text size on different screens with dynamic content. So let's get our hands dirty. So let's start by looking at some code again: This is exactly the same code presented before with only two differences: Given our minimum font size is 1 dp, I'm sure we can fit "magnanimous" in that rectangle, right? This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. There are three ways to do it: Default – Size changes happen by 1 px. However, if everything about it was great, I wouldn't be here writing a blogpost about it. You can pick a joke to create an image with, add other quotes, change the background and share the result with your friends. With Android O and Support Library 26.0+, TextView gains a new property auto-size text type which allows you to optimize the text size when working with dynamic content. As you can see, in TextView - 1, we have used none as autoSizeTextView and uniform in the other and from thr above image you can clearly see that first textView has not scaled itself but the second TextView has scaled itself to the size of the container. Now, add a TextView like you normally do. I tried using autoSizeTextType. Substituting Android's LiveData: StateFlow or SharedFlow? Since we have some vertical space left, instead of decreasing the font size, the word is split up so that vertical space is used.


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