ao oni walkthrough

(Secret: For an easy win, use Japan's skill "Blade of Wrath." Approach the area with the pale mats.

Walk in and turn the switch on. You will find Russia and Canada being confronted by Steve inside. For the quickest option without losing the game, choose "Pour Maple Syrup".

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Germany tries to remove the mochi from the wall but he fails to do so. If Japan wins, you should obtain 25 EXP and 100 HETA, as well as leveling up to Level 2.

Go back to the 2nd floor. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy and customise your settings below. You will find Spain and Romano waiting at the top of the hole. England joins the party again. Collect Germany's whip on the bed.

After talking with the other nations, leave the cell and go back to the stony part of the basement with the rope ladder. You should find yourself in another room after entering the dark chasm with two doorless doorways and a room with a door. The bookshelf in the upper-left corner of the room will be moved over, revealing a door. Go to the room with the door located at the lower-right corner of the corridor. You are in control of Japan.

You will be led to a large room with sofas in it.

Walk towards the lower-rightmost shelf of books.

You will then be in control of the nations that are still in the basement. Also attempt the Ao Oni minigame at least once.

America loses his glasses. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Collect a note at the upper right corner of the room. The 5th boss battle then follows.

After you complete the battle and have the discussion, head to the 2nd floor to the room with the iron door. New Oni added. You will be led to another room. Simply don’t lose any of the chapter 10 cutscene fights. Through the Looking Glass The 'R' in Ao Oni R can stand for a lot of things - such as reboot, remake, or retelling, but at its core it is a labor of love. Use the key to leave the library. You must be missing one. Go to the end of the area of the pale mats and you will find two doorways, Approach the one on the right. Head to the room in the lower-right side of the corridor with the door. Enter the lower-left room. If you win, your party receives 2 EXP, 100 HETA and an onigiri. Ao Oni: Moon Attribute, 6300000 HP, 9999 ATK, 9999 DEF, 4000 MAT, 2000 MDF, 900 AGI: The Oni deals extraordinary levels of damage, so mitigation is a must. You find yourself in an enclosure filled with Steves. Go through it, and just keep on walking down. Germany comes outside of his door to talk with Japan and Prussia. Prussia later leaves the room while the Axis members are still asleep. — horror.

After a discussion, you will be in control of Japan. — also based on a horror game. The key is the Fourth Floor Key, which opens the attic on the fourth floor.

The new skill Island Country is available to the user when England and Japan form a link.


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