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The very light shell reliability Styled with a matte black solid-steel receiver and 26” barrel, the non reflective surface increases the ability to remain concealed in the blind. Shotgun Starting Price $2,099 Those soda cans on the logs didn’t stand a chance.

Manually extracting spent shells might also seem like extra work if you’re used to the automatic ejection systems of a pump-action shotgun, but the chances of malfunction with the Stoeger Uplander is close to zero.

Benelli has added a new, easier loading shell carrier. Sometimes it’s three; sometimes it’s 10 or 12.

But if you’ve never used one before, the high cost of a double-barrel makes it a risky investment.

It’s a slower paced hunt but allows you to take in the scenery at the rhythm of a horse’s trot. Sport Shotgun Starting Price $2,439, Vinci Try This Midseason Shotgun Tune-Up.

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an interchangeable rib sounds good, but they aren't available and the The revolutionary Benelli Surface Treatment (BE.S.T.)

With the Ethos, they’ve shown they can do even better with a hunting gun.

The stock drop and cast is user-adjustable. If you’re familiar with shotguns, you know the exact reloading system the 870 utilizes.

Refine Your Search > > > > benelli ethos For Sale. Available in 2020 on select SBE 3 and ETHOS models.

Shop SuperSport Starting Price $2,949, Performance Sporting clay shooters shoot hundreds, maybe even thousands, of rounds over short periods of time.

Say the word Benelli and most hunters think of the Super Black Eagle II, a staple in the waterfowler's gun rack.Now upland bird hunters have a Benelli all their own, the new Ethos.. Let me know by leaving a quick comment down below. Depending on which barrel length you choose, it’s either 47.5” or 49.5” overall.

Shotshell, looking into a different type of shotgun, such as a 410. As with any side-by-side shotgun, the felt recoil is higher compared to hunting rifles, but isn’t an issue since you’ll be shooting less.

Available in 2020 on select SBE 3 and ETHOS models.

With the 20-gauge model I had no issues managing the recoil, though in my experience 12-gauge shotguns have much more of a kick to them.

Benelli put a lot of thought into reducing recoil with the Ethos.

The 870’s handling parts will work for most people, but if you’re picky I’d swap of the stock/grip with a more aggressive texture. So whether you’re on a budget or need the best semi-auto shotgun, you’ll find it here. You can do a couple of things with this accuracy. After 10 years of research and testing, Benelli solved the number one issue with waterfowl shotguns – rust and corrosion. You’ll be hard-pressed to talk to any shooting enthusiasts who don’t know about it.

One other hunter and I crept up a few yards on either side of the guide but behind Gal and another pointer, and Cody gave the green light to Deke, a Boykin spaniel whose sole job it was to jump the already located birds: “Get ‘em up Deke!”.

The Stoeger Uplander has been known to fail to fire, especially under colder temperatures.

Available on select ETHOS models.

View All Brands. google_ad_width = 728; The Ethos combines the reliability of the proven inertia operating system with light recoil and fast handling, all necessities when a rooster bolts from a cornrow or bobwhites whir out of a honeysuckle tangle. Just like the original 12-gauge Ethos, the new 20-gauge is a winner. The semi auto comes with one modified choke tube, and accepts standard RemChoke(c) tubes. The 20-gauge model comes in 26- and 28-inch barrel versions, of which I tested the former.

The overall 46” length of the gun, with a 14” pull is an easy length for him to operate. just as it was in the Vinci. Copyright

remain current: Performance It comes with an AA-grade walnut stock and fore-end with laser-cut checkering.

Today I’m going to show you the best 20 gauge shotgun. Most of what we’ll be hunting for as my son learns will be small game and fowl, which means the lighter load ammo is what will be needed. I was happy to be able to get my shells on target without too much spread. (Benelli Surface Treatment), a proprietary coating that protects steel with a tough, impenetrable armor that stops rust and corrosion. As a hunting shotgun, the Stoeger Uplander doesn’t come with rails or screws to fit your own. Benelli Ethos B.E.S.T. eight of their current models. On a budget? Despite the long barrel length, it’s not muzzle-heavy.

To remedy this, they added a spring-loaded ball dent into the bolt carrier body, which helps nudge the bolt head into the battery. surface treatment is simply the most effective rust and corrosion firearm protection available. --> The 870 has carved a path for itself alongside rifles in law enforcement and military usage as well as being extremely popular in tv, movies, and video games. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The ETHOS wore a light weight carbon fiber vent rib incorporating an interchangeable front sight so you can use the best color for the day’s hunt. All Rights Reserved. My model also came with a nickel-plated, engraved receiver. far more prominent, and the entire line of Benelli inertia guns (excepting

like a gun to avoid, if it wasn't already. With the basic Ethos

This will prevent the gun from having space to slam into your shoulder. That’s where the Stoeger Uplander comes in, but is a budget shotgun really worth taking on a hunt?

There’s that split second when the covey rises and the birds seem almost frozen in time, only to dart off at breakneck speed and leave you feeling like an uncoordinated buffoon.

.338 Lapua vs. 6.5 Creedmoor: What’s The Difference? When the dogs get on a covey, a quick dismount and a short walk is all that separates you from the birds.

Remington provides for easy installation of a sling for the 11-87, with one molded sling swivel stud on the rear of the stock and another stud affixed to the magazine cap. The 3 ¼-pound pull made it easy for his trigger discipline.

Double-barreled shotguns have a special place in the hearts of hunters: they’re simple, effective, and have a satisfying break-action. This shouldn’t be surprising though, as having twice as many barrels as the average shotgun certainly adds a lot of weight.

Black synthetic stock is built with good checkered panels on the pistol grip and forend. He doesn’t know yet which ammo works best in a situation, so having options will help him learn as he practices. Reliability was one of the biggest selling points for the 870 to me and it has proved itself over time for me. But I remember the first one very well. bolt into battery (enabling the “Benelli Click”), 4) you can't

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Benelli spent more than a decade developing BE.S.T. Benelli’s Ethos reliably and smoothly cycles any load you feed it, from light shells up to 3” magnums.

I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site.

Affordability (For under $400, this gun is a steal), Utility (Great for both home defense and hunting). The toggle bolt release is located on the right wall of the receiver, and the mag release is right in front of the trigger guard. This shotgun review appeared in the January 2016 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. You should never need to fight your trigger to stay on top of your target.


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