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Ian Elliott’s defense attorney, Joseph Barberi, complained that Kolodziej was withholding information, and interviewing witnesses himself, rather than having them go through police. He was the prosecutor that handled the sexual assault case of Ian Elliott, who is a former Central Michigan University student government president. She knows what it looks like, she says. Wilson had previously gone public with what happened to her in an interview with Central Michigan Life. Kolodziej described them both as “brave, heroic survivors.”, Kolodziej specifically described Wilson as having “provided the blueprint for rape survivors going forward: Fight until your voice is heard, demand fairness.”. Frankly, he was a long-shot candidate. An investigation into a former assistant attorney general’s behavior in sex-crime cases has resulted in a request to dismiss charges against two defendants in Oakland County and an agreement to set aside a plea in an Isabella County case. Wilson says it’s Brian Kolodziej, who was an assistant attorney general for the state at the time, and had just won a conviction in the prosecution of Wilson’s rapist. On Thursday, the Michigan State Police notified the state Attorney General that Assistant Attorney General Brian Kolodziej “had allegedly engaged in an intimate relationship with one of the victims” in a high-profile sexual assault case involving Central Michigan University students. She told Kolodziej everything he said he needed to know, anything that Elliott’s defense might try to use against her in court: family drama, mental health history, previous romantic relationships. Moody, who according to Barberi's excerpts may now work for the U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of the United States, was informed of Kolodziej's conduct on multiple instances, including one before the preliminary examination. He also ordered him to pay $198 in fines and costs. Public service is a sacred responsibility, and those who wield their vast powers unlawfully should not find refuge or charity in the statute of limitations.". Assistant attorney general Brian Kolodziej stands next to Rachel Wilson as Wilson read her victim impact statement before Isabella County Chief Judge Eric Janes on Aug. 2, 2019. “Anything I say that upsets him could just be the one thing that pushes him over. “While several factors contributed to this sentencing, the agreement made with the defendant’s counsel ensures Mr. Elliott will continue to serve time behind bars with additional conditions imposed throughout his probation.”. But eventually, by the summer, Ian Elliott agreed to a deal: he would plead “no contest” to third-degree sexual misconduct. I don’t want to be treated like shit anymore. "The victim here is not the defendant," he said. Updated September 10, 6:45 p.m.: A state sex crimes prosecutor is now the one under criminal investigation. “I got ahold of him for eight minutes last night [because that’s all the time he gets for a phone call in prison,] and he and his father were shocked. I’m sorry it’s never enough. But just as scary was receiving those texts, where it's like, I saw it in a flash of a moment: everything that I had fought for, everything, every fight that I had to overcome over three years, all of it was in his hands. He handled sexual assault cases. “I want to help you!” Wilson can be heard yelling on the tape. “So that Mr. Elliott, who is 24-year-old college student, [and] when all of this stuff happened, he was 21, that he knows how this is going to come out, rather than going back to the uncertainty of starting all over.”. They concluded Elliott had engaged in sexual contact with a person who “was incapacitated on the evening of Aug. 31” and that she “therefore was incapable of consenting to sexual activity,” Central Michigan Life reported. Kolodziej yelled at her, she says, before taking her key off his keychain and throwing it on the floor. Nessel says her office is now reviewing all of Kolodziej’s cases, and has notified the defense attorneys and the judge who presided over the Central Michigan University case.


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