catfish and the bottlemen tour 2020

So overall I would say a successful night! Hope to meet them! Catfish and the Bottlemen is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 7 concerts across 3 countries in 2020-2021. That's the good bit, the bad bit was the totally inept ticket company See tickets. They launch into “Kathleen” which is such a fresh sounding song, with some absolutely fantastic vocals on, with so much grit and feeling, over a four to the floor beat that just makes you want to dance all night long. View all concerts. my only complaint about the night and it's nothing that the band had done wrong, lots of the audience was teenagers like myself who were fans of the band but there were a few groups of older lads who were a very footbally type crowd, shouting, swearing and throwing (plastic) beer bottles. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Liverpool University Guild of Students (Mountford Hall & Stanley Theatre). Their sound is even better live than it is on the album and they seemed genuinely excited to play for the crowd. After the event I was asked to RANGO a taxi because my friend was feeling a little HOMESICK. The lead singer Ryan has such good stage presence and he was great at hyping up the crowd, not that they really needed it as everyone was so happy and dancing and screaming the words at the top of their lungs and it was amazing to be apart of. if you're a fan of their music already seeing them live just makes their music even better than it was already, van the lead singer was lovely and i thought he came across really well talking especially as it was in a big arena. It was such a good show and I definitely want to go see Catfish again, and anyone who is thinking about it - do it! Join Songkick I already had learned some of their songs on guitar so I was pretty familiar with how they sound and such but the solos sounded so much better live, all the improvised guitar to the shedding that did occur. Bob Hall joined the group as the drummer in 2010 and in 2014 Johnny “Bondy” Bond replaced Bibby as lead guitarist. All rights reserved. Van was super friendly and they were better live than recorded, which basically sums up how fantastic they were! They recently announced their biggest Welsh show to date, and their only show in Wales in 2020, at Swansea’s Singleton Park. McCann is originally from Australia, but moved to Wales at a young age. Be the first to know when they tour near Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Join 313,706 fans getting concert alerts for this artist. Find information on all of Catfish and the Bottlemen’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2020-2021. I have been to many, many concerts and can safely say that Catfish and the Bottlemen will not disappoint! Was a totally bad experience and will never book with them ever again. They played every song off The Balcony as expected and even shared a part of a new song. Catfish and the Bottlemen are one of those bands that have made such a splash in the indie rock scene this last couple of years, with their hipster image sporting leather jackets and 70s haircuts. The 1st configuration of the band featured McCann as lead vocalist, McCann’s best friend Benji Blakeway as the bassist, and Blakeway’s brother Bill Bibby as lead guitarist. The band released their second album, The Ride, in 2016, with a third album, The Balance, released in April 2019, which has added a whole raft of exciting new material to their already highly charged live set. By continuing past this page, you agree to our terms of use. Then when they showed them proof! Catfish and the Bottlemen were awarded Best Newcomer at the 2014 BBC Music Awards. 313,706 fans get concert alerts for this artist. I pay money to see a band play awesome music live, not to see the length of your arm recording a shitty quality video. From the start of the show I was blown away by how much energy these guys had. I had to ask her TWICE if she was really 26. I brought a friend, and she's now converted to a C&TB fan herself.

Catfish entrance was incredible and they performed so many old and new songs, the crowds vibe was amazing shame they didn’t go encore as an encore but I can’t complain they’re beautiful would never have a negative thing to say about any of them especially not van mcCann. The opening act, The Worn Flints was amazing and created a lot of energy in the crowd.

This follows their sell-out shows at both Cardiff Castle and Motorpoint Arena in the past 18 months. They go hard during their guitar solos and Van uses the whole stage to his advantage which is amazing as you can get a close up look at him from whichever side of the stage you are. I already had learned some of their songs on guitar so I was pretty familiar with how they sound and such but the solos sounded so much better live, all the improvised guitar to the shedding that did occur. Go see this band if they are near you or you will regret it! I will definitely be frantically trying to get tickets any time these guys come back to Ireland or Northern Ireland hopefully I’ll be able to get closer and see more of Van McCann. The night started off OUTSIDE, I lost my tickets so I looked everywhere and I thought ANYTHING could have happened to them, so I asked the security guys if they could POSTPONE the event, he said "sorry mate, it's none of my BUSINESS" by this point I thought we was going to FALLOUT. I went to the Toronto show on May 4th, and loved every minute of it. It is so well performed, and you can tell that this band are humble and fun dudes, who just want to have a good time and play great music together.
Catfish played their repertoire of songs from their album The Balcony, including Kathleen, Tyrants and my personal favourite Business, they were charismatic and enthusiastic, the crowd responded brilliantly, the mosh pits were fantastic! Their sound explodes with distortion, screeching solo tirades, and scratchy vocals, while simultaneously introducing reflective lyrics and sonic ambience. The entire night was insane, twin Atlantic the supporting act were beautiful so much energy from them. Explore Catfish and the Bottlemen tour schedules, latest setlist, videos, and more on But hugely enjoyed night. I saw Catfish and the Bottlemen live this May for my birthday, was SOOOO worth it! I've loved their music for the past couple years, and I was really bummed when I missed their show in Toronto in October. And OMFG was it amazing!

There were a few songs where Ryan would stop singing and let the crowd sing on their own and hearing the whole arena sing the same song was beautiful. Fucking incredible. Catfish and the Bottlemen is not playing near you. I didn't expect to be rocking my head so much during their set but I (and most of the crowd) was so amped up the whole time. Fucking incredible. Absolutely crazy night. Their songs are huge, with magnificent choruses, driven by well played guitars.

Catfish and the Bottlemen Full Tour Schedule 2020 & 2021, Tour Dates & Concerts – Songkick Catfish and the Bottlemen tour dates 2021 Catfish and the Bottlemen is currently touring across 3 countries and has 7 upcoming concerts. The most exciting new guitar band to burst through in the UK is Catfish and the Bottlemen, comprised of Van McCann (vocals, guitars), Johnny Bond (guitars), Robert "Bob" Hall (drums) and Benji Blakeway (bass). Apart form their studio work, Catfish and the Bottlemen are equally loved for their live performances. I went in expecting it to be very good and I was not disappointed. Fucking incredible. Bought the tickets as a present for my kids.


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