celtic shaman names
The journey to which Eliade refers is usually undertaken to restore power or a lost soul.” (Harner, Michael, (1980) The Way of the Shaman, Harper and Row). It remains for us to ask whether we can then confidently speak of the existence of Celtic shamanism and Celtic shamans. Hunters and basket weavers gain supernatural allies, and miraculous healings and transformations occur. All realms interpenetrate, the tree and rock people express their concern at what the human beings are doing to Mother Earth, little men who live beneath the earth tell shamans how to heal various diseases, and time is circular rather than linear. “Magic and magicians are to be found more or less all over the world, whereas shamanism exhibits a particular magical specialty…. These are sensuous realms, the “many coloured land”, as the early twentieth century poet and mystic AE (George Russell) characterized it, filled with forests of golden trees, magical animals who act as guides, women of unearthly beauty, and sparkling, crystal seas. Shamanism has been recognized as the basis for all the modern religions. Though Sean o’Riada began the modern revival of the bodhran as a band instrument, subsequently to be popularized by The Chieftains and other Celtic bands, it seems fairly clear from historical evidence that it’s prior use was limited to the annual Wren Boys ceremony in County Kerry. from the structural anthropologists to the mythologists to the Jungians, the Freudians, the transpersonal psychotherapists, the process oriented psychologists, to the New Agers with their psycho- babble. The reason for this is that the act of interpretation is a mental exercise, whereas “shamanism” is a living dynamic that involves all of the senses. This had led to some disturbing allegations by other Roman authors, including that of Strabo and Julius Caesar who described sacrificial victims being burned inside ‘wicker man’ constructs to appease the deity. . we are all one. When Biddy died she left instructions that the bottle be cast into the depths of Loch Kilgarron, near to her home, from whence it has never been recovered. Like numerous other characters in traditional Celtic stories Finn passes quite easily between the worlds. The second was the ‘Magic Sword of Nuadha’, which was capable of inflicting only mortal blows when used. Her she held nightly consultations with the fairy folk who were her invisible companions and instructors in the arts of healing, spellcraft and prophecy. Known by his epithet ‘Fair Shining One’, Belenus was also associated with the horse and the wheel – and their composites tended to portray him as the effulgent Sun God gloriously riding across the sky in his horse-drawn chariot. In the more recent examples of the fairie doctors, I am almost tempted to say that we have something very close to the full shamanic complex. As a Dublin educated traditional musician once said to an American friend of mine when asked about the fairies, “Well, I dont believe in them . Curiously enough, in Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of the Taking of Ireland – collection of poems compiled in the 11th century AD), she is mentioned to have a quite a few domesticated animals, ranging from oxen, the king of boars, to sheep – and these critters used to cry out as a warning to the goddess. The painting might tell another shaman about the sickness, problem, that this person has. The Celtic shaman deliberately seeks to take on the shape of another animal or Her life and doings are fairly well documented, due in part to the efforts of Lady Gregory who, early in the twentieth century, took it upon herself to interview many old people who had known Biddy and had been cured by her. But unfortunately for the Tuatha Dé Danann, they were only given the underground to dwell in by the victorious Milesians – and this realm (underneath the Sidhe mounds) was perceived as the passage to the Celtic Otherworld. And the most well-known depiction of Cernunnos can be found on the Gundestrup Cauldron (circa 1st century BC). ( Log Out /  I cut and peeled a hazel wand Examples of ancient Shamanic practice can be seen through symbols and glyphs from ancient structures and temples such as those along the Nile in Egypt, Central and South America, Newgrange in Ireland and through age-old cave paintings, such as those in Lascaux in France and in Sedona in the US. The term shaman—being one who enters the spirit world as an emissary to secure healing and wisdom for the community—is obviously not a Gaelic word. All Rights Reserved. universal view from that of other Shamanic traditions, is that these worlds are all • The Shaman can journey to release spirits who have become ‘stuck’ during the process of their return to the spirit world following death. The apparent dichotomy between being at the mercy of, and yet also manipulating the spirit world features strongly in the accounts of shamans the world over. PO Box 1333 This fits in well with many indigenous peoples’ concept of the  Original Instructions or Original Teachings, the primary and aboriginal rules for living received many thousands of years ago during the dreamtime or mythic beginning time of the tribe. Also Avaron, Avarona, and Avilon. I have also attended two of the workshops presented by his Institute For Shamanic Studies (independently of my indigenous training) and find his presentation of basic shamanic techniques and knowledge to be accurate, honest and effective. It was said that Aengus has his dwelling around Newgrange after he had tricked his father, – the spiritual abode of the chieftain of the, . Thought it fit perfectly :) Defend freedom, YOU are the resistance. :P Honestly I haven't seen any amazing Shaman names. Interestingly enough, the familiar Welsh name ‘Llywelyn’ also comes from two Celtic sun gods, since it is derived from Lugubelinos – the composite of Lugus (or Lleu in Welsh) and Belenos (or Belyn in Welsh). There are many terms for Celtic traditions; Druidry, Tuaitha, which means Sorcerers, and Aes Dánu, People of the Art. The faery lord offers to restore it to it’s original color, but Finn chooses to keep it the way it is. . So, everything is energy and therefore holds some level of consciousness, of a similar nature as our own consciousness. Shamanism begins and ends with the heart, coming from the viewpoint that the Universe is a beneficent place and its building blocks are love and that is all that there is. Now given his eminence in ancient times, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Roman identified him with one of their own syncretic Greco-Roman deities – Apollo, the archetype of the youthful god of light. Within these stories animals talk, human beings travel to Otherworldly realms such as the land under the ocean, the land of the dead, or up into the sky world, or backward or forward through time. Rooted in the Lower realm, its trunk extends upwards, While widely known as one of the major gods of Gaul during Roman times, the origins of Taranis probably harked back to far older (and ancient) Celtic traditions. My Shaman's name is Lavos, from the final boss in Chrono Trigger. ), and thus was perceived as a god of war. Southbury, CT 06488 (203) 218-9450. & John Matthews. In modern Irish, her name, roughly translates to the ‘phantom queen’. The awenyddion of Wales, first written of in the Twefth century by Geraldus Cambrensis, are cited by some writers as evidence of a native tradition of Celtic shamanism. It demanded their emulation of that spirit. In some cases the shaman draws upon The They're all like Shokazulu and stuff like that. There are some shamans that do the painting board ceremony, in which the shaman would ask the client, “Well, why are you here? The source of this Otherworldly bag is said to be the sea god Manannan, a mysterious deity possibly pre-dating the Celts, who acts to part the mists between the Worlds. Regarded as the female deity and protector of horses, donkeys, and mules (etymologically, the word ‘Epona’ is derived from Proto-Celtic *ekwos – meaning horse), the Celtic goddess was also possibly associated with fertility – given the visual cues of patera, cornucopia, and foals in some of her extant sculptures. And in case we have not attributed or misattributed any image, artwork or photograph, we apologize in advance. He also identified the central feature of the ‘Shamanic journey’ to the spirit world as the common ‘vehicle’ used by the shamanic practitioner. Few were capable of making the journey, but those that could were able to use their connection with the spiritual world to perform miraculous feats. The mental wheel-spinning of academics or the shallow genuflecting of New Age entrepeneurs will never truly comprehend it until they stop interpreting and start experiencing it, internally and externally, with mind, emotion, body and spirit.”(6). . This couldn’t be further from the truth. For more information about Celtic Shamanism, In the fairie doctor tradition we have something surviving into our own time that we can draw upon, since much has been written down and recorded about it. As the tale unfolds, he eventually ends up journeying with seventeen men in a curragh, or skin boat, to thirty three distinct Otherworld islands.


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