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Ain't Going Down 'til the Chiefs Clean Up. It’s either overly sincere or almost cloying in how it seems to be aware of leaning into trying to profit off a local sports anthem. It just creates this energy, I think it’s amazing. The next day, she was like, “Do you remember that song where the verses were just listing off players from the Chiefs?” I was like, “That never happened.” We tracked down the song, and now it’s a thing that we walk around the house, just absent-mindedly singing to ourselves. No diss on the Royals, but they’re kind of re-configuring and it’s kind of hard to grasp something. Chiefs Kingdom Comin’: I consider myself a curmudgeonly dick regarding music. Usually, if we’re writing a song and he’s working on the lyrics, I’m working on whatever else. We haven’t been contacted by anybody, and I really want to get the song to their attention so that they can use it because so many people know about it now. Alarid: Right? It gets into what you were saying about being an indie artist and also to be an unabashed Chiefs fan. Tech Nina Yet. Her?” What kind of journey you go on, from being in a small scale band like that to writing football anthems. It’s DT the great and we flaunt it Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 14, 2018, A split cassette archives the recordings of two youthful Massachusetts bands, whose sounds range from math rock to dream pop to punk. This is our interview with Kianna Alarid of KC’s own Yes You Are. Red Kingdom (yeah) The second or third play of the song absolutely eviscerates any of those criticisms. Rick “RocknRick” Patterson is the man behind the “Mahomie Show Me Shuffle.” As a Kansas City native who grew up in a musical family and as a Chiefs fan, Patterson said writing a song was a natural way to celebrate the team. It was slick, with cool vignettes of people dancing. Bandcamp New & Notable May 8, 2015, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, This Week’s Essential Releases: Psych-Pop, Indie-Pop, and Hip-Hop, Moddi Explores Each Track of His Politically Charged New Album “Unsongs”, Boy Pablo Showcases His Chilean Roots On Optimistic Debut Album “Wachito Rico”. Chiefs Kingdom, got to love us, got some other Beasts, bring ’em, mop ’em up and stop ’em, got the Heat stinger, you hot when we stop ya Dropped when he rock rock, got blocked in me casa Ball in my city live, but I find her Raw when they get beside My lucky numbers are 15, 10, 87, 29, 7, 50, 95, 55 [Tech N9ne] Red Kingdom (yeah) Red Kingdom Released on the eve of the team’s 2019 AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots, Tech N9ne created a passionate hype song that Chiefs fans everywhere could use for years to come. They’ve also used Niko Vega and the like. He’s so good, obviously, but he’s kind of baffling people. The song is short, less than three minutes, but is packed with lyrics honoring Chiefs Kingdom like: Coach Andy Reid, KC Wolf, fans and team, big tough family, it’s a … Alarid: [Laughter] Oh my gosh, that’s a great question. Loud is the recipe, loud sitting next to me, no doubt “One morning, I'm at the kitchen table and they had Chiefs stats being told on the TV,” Patterson said, describing his inspiration. Chiefs Kingdom Comin' is a song about the best team and the best fans in the world. We didn’t want anyone to think– we’re just legitimate Chiefs dorks. There’s this song. A massive punk record made for the height of summer or drowning out the rest of the world. Chiefs Kingdom Comin' is a song about the best team and the best fans in the world. We put it on the back burner, and then last year we were like “Oh my gosh.” Within a day, we had written the whole song, the next morning we recorded it, and that night we recorded a video and stayed up all night making a highlight reel for this video. You’ve also had a song that was featured in a Pepsi ad at a previous Super Bowl. Step One: Sign up by downloading the Chiefs Mobile App and clicking on Chiefs Kingdom Rewards. We kind of put it into that file, and we never thought it would sell. Chiefs Kingdom Comin' is a song about the best team and the best fans in the world. Upon first listen, it feels like an odd joke. Lyrics: Mahomes for the Holidays. I will say that when I moved to KC, it made a big difference. That made sense. Heat stinger, you hot when we stop ya But your life gets affected by a group of people who are so determined to do something. A split cassette archives the recordings of two youthful Massachusetts bands, whose sounds range from math rock to dream pop to punk. I’m like, “That’s not really our choice, but I’d love to.” They really want the song to play at the stadium. What is it about your current band that connects to football audiences in a way that, say, tap-dancing sad ballads don’t? If you read our YouTube comments, people were asking when it would be available on Spotify and if we were going to play it at the Superbowl. You just care about them. Beasts, bring ’em, mop ’em up and stop ’em, got the Their supervisors are basically looking for something new, but their stuff sounds really fresh. lyrics. I don’t have to be an indie artist or a rabid sports fan. Released on the eve of the team’s 2019 AFC Championship Game against…. She was like, “Listen. So. LET'S ROLL!!! So now it’s available for streaming. If you’re KC based, you’ve almost assuredly heard it. There is, at least for locals, a transitive property here. When I looked up who was responsible for putting together this Chief’s fan song, I was like, “You’ve gotta be kidding me. Tech N9ne — In Kansas City, Missouri, Chiefs fans are showing their support with music. Even you describing that indie musicians don’t do blank blank blank, isn’t that just crazy? They don’t know how to not say that he’s the best they’ve ever seen. They want to hear your voice, trust me.” I was trying to compute what she means, and I think that there’s something about– I don’t know what it is about my voice, but it works for football people. That goes across the board in life. I love getting up and– Jacob and I are like, “We’re playing the Chiefs song!” and everybody else is like, “Oh no!” But we’re doing it, y’all. I’m shocked too. We hope you love it and that it PUMPS YOU UP for the payoffs!!! I was saying, you know, if they win the Super Bowl, people might want to hear that. Do you feel like this is such a departure that people will fall in love with it and look up your band and be like, “This is… not that.”. You’re either into indie music or sports, you can’t exist between the two. It’s worth mentioning that the first time we heard this song, my wife and I were in the car and we were having a fight. I just want to have fun, you know? On this, he did it, and I’m just watching him work. Welcome to a bizarre situation. Big, sparkling pop music from The Aces, with hooks for days and glimmering instrumentation. Before it was the playoffs last year, his mom was like, “You should write a Chiefs song!” We rolled our eyes at it. Make ’em taste these cleats, [Tech N9ne] His personality on top of it; he’s so humble and deflects credit out to his team. Kansas City, Missouri. It could’ve been a country song. So I just let him work. 1. I didn’t get it. [Tech N9ne] Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. I started writing things down and said this will be fun.”. Good on T-Mobile. Someone today was like, “You got to get this on Madden.”. When you inevitably record an anthem for the Royals, what’s the song title going to be, and who from the Saddle Creek family do you want to come guest with you? Alarid: We have a couple of shows coming up before the Super Bowl. Chiefs Kingdom, got to love us, got some other I gotta say, I never had a turnaround like that. Alarid: It was Day One! I don’t get the support, so I didn’t join them with that love. Lots of expletives involved. “In the background, they mentioned he looks to the left, he throws to the right, Patrick Mahomes he never can guess. Well, the thing is that this one jelled together because all of the energy was happening at once, so you have something to really grab. My lucky numbers are 15, 10, 87, 29, 7, 50, 95, 55, [Tech N9ne] Get the latest from The Pitch delivered directly to your inbox. Everything about the intent is a delight, but most of my friends had an initial reaction of cringe upon hearing it. Thank god. There’s a legitimacy about that because he’s in the rap world. Welcome to the Red Kingdom (yeah) Kansas City's independent source for news and culture, Presidential election results remain pending, but local elections are settled, KC's new mobile barber service is trimming quarantine hair on demand, Voting results for Kansas City 2020 [final update]. We hope you love it and that it PUMPS YOU UP for the payoffs!!! As far as that song goes, my husband Jared and I were the two songwriters there. Alarid: [Laughter] Yes. I know one thing is the female voice is very in-demand, for lack of a better word. Raw when they get beside Like, I was raised in a baseball house, and my parents were and are big Cubs fans. She has this perfect country voice and I’m like, no. But a Raymore man wanted to explain how the ladies of Chiefs Kingdom have particularly taken to … Here is the music video for the song. KC Chiefs come and break these geeks Make 'em taste these cleats [Chorus] Welcome to the Red Kingdom (yeah) Red Kingdom Welcome to the Red Kingdom (yeah) Red Kingdom Welcome … KC Chiefs come and break these geeks Ya ready? Danny Seim (Menomena), Bryan Devendorf (The National), & Dave Nelson (Sufjan Stevens) craft charmingly scuzzy pop. So when rapper Tech N9ne does a song about the Chiefs, no one questions it. But we also made art, and I feel like you don’t have to be one or the other. Red Kingdom Kansas City Ball in my city live, but I find her It is an alt-rock song with a female vocalist that goes from feeling like a nonsense corporate trick into an absolute earworm almost immediately. Red Kingdom And it's open to everyone! It was awesome. It all came really fast, and Jared was just a madman that day. It wasn’t until I moved here that we had a professional home team. Strange Music, yeah Featuring interviews with The Diabolical Liberties, Stephane San Juan, and Gilles Peterson. To help you get ready for gameday Feb. 2, here's a list of 10 songs that should be on any true Chiefs fan's playlist, from pump-up songs to parodies. Alarid: Patrick [Mahomes]– it’s hard to not pick him. Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 12, 2016, Danny Seim (Menomena), Bryan Devendorf (The National), & Dave Nelson (Sufjan Stevens) craft charmingly scuzzy pop. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Will you be playing a victory parade? Chiefs Kingdom Rewards – a program that lets you earn and redeem points for exclusive Chiefs prizes. I can’t even imagine mastering a track in a day or mixing levels. So I was distracted and the song was playing in the background. “Red Kingdom” is Kansas City-rapper Tech N9ne’s ode to his city’s football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Red Kingdom In Omaha, there was football and I caught a game, I’d be like, “This is fun, but I don’t really follow it.” Not having a professional sports team in the city. Our distributor was like, “Let’s just take out the NFL announcer.” No, it’s not for you, it’s for the people asking for it! I just don’t ride that train anymore, at all. Especially discovering that the lead singer was a part of an emo-adjacent Omaha band that I loved since high school. We at The Pitch love what we do, and want to keep bringing you interesting and insightful pieces. Tell me how it feels to be so wrong about something Wish that I could see the look upon your face As we put the Lombardi in our trophy case And year after year we’ll be living this dream Cause its your nightmare trying to stop #15 Showtime, superstar, big record breakin Future hall of famer, history makin And when they feel it shaking the ground Yeah tell em it’s the sound of the kingdom coming Chiefs kingdom … It’s on there, as of today. It was really invigorating to realize how much we could do when we put our minds to it.


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