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Follow. Use the HTML below. Then Gil Grissom (William Petersen) schedules a meeting with the criminal to deliver the money and be informed where Nick is.The plot of "Grave Danger Volume 1" is very similar to 1999 "Oxygen", i.e., a person buried alive with limited oxygen and the police fighting against time trying to find some clue. What movie is the guy who lives in Vaking Street, and is fallen asleep when the cops enter his house, watching? In the end of the episode of Random Acts of Violence Nick proposes to Gil Grissom Jr. who accepts and the two are engaged as Nick slides his engagement ring on Gil Jr's. Nick has a natural empathy with the people affected by the crimes he investigates, in contrast with many of his colleagues, who prefer to keep an emotional distance. Nick specializes in hair and fiber analysis. A haját néhányszor kopaszra vágatja, és a hatodik évad során bajuszt is növesztett, de hamarosan le is vágatta. While investigating a case, Nick is abducted and is buried alive in a special coffin while his team takes unorthodox steps to try to find him. When Raymond Langston, the newest and least-experienced member of the team, joined the team, Nick acted as his right-hand man, giving him tips and helping with investigations. In third season episodes, he continues to be involved with Gil Grissom Jr, but instead of keeping the relationship a secret from others in the lab, they showed it, not afraid of the repercussions that could have both their careers. These Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigator Nick Stokes sunglasses feature a gloss black frame, your choice of skull emblem, polycarbonate lenses and 100% UV protection. In Neverland Nick's husband Gil Jr. is shot by his old nemesis and is taken to hospital, Nick and their children meet after hearing the news. After Grissom left, Nick starts taking classes to become the lab's new "bug guy. Nick's father-in-law Grissom made a brief appearance on a video call with his husband Gil Jr., mother-in-law Sara and grandmother-in-law, Betty Grissom whom joined at the end of The Two Mrs. Grissoms. During early episodes of Season 5, 7 an… (19 May 2005). Nick is usually affable and gets along with his co-workers. During Season 6, he also had some messy greaser hair. Nicholas Stokes was born in Austin, Texas, to Judge Bill Stokes and lawyer Jillian Stokes as the youngest of seven children, with at least one brother. Stokes spent his first three years out of college in the Dallas police force, then transferred to the Dallas crime lab, spending one year as CSI Level 1 before transferring to the Las Vegas crime lab. He often jokes with and teases Sara Sidle which highlights their relaxed friendship. Nick is also seen dealing with tarantulas, and is shown taking Grissom's old tarantula under his care. Nick was worried, runs toward him who says "I'm so glad your still alive, don't know what I'll do without you." Additionally, Grissom's infamous fetal pig in a jar has been placed in there as well, by Hodges. Nick can become emotional under intense stress: he nearly cried when being held at gunpoint (Who Are You? He was promoted assistant CSI Supervisor to Catherine Willows who became Supervisor after Grissom left. Nick is a former crime scene investigator at the crime lab in Las Vegas. Later in season 6 Sofia Curtis agrees and surrogates Nick and Gil Jr's. Nick is chivalrous; while interviewing two girls at a wedding, he took off his jacket and gave it one of the interviewees, ending up with the victim's blood on his shirt. Was this review helpful to you? Although Nick was in horrific agony in this ordeal, the ants gave Gil Grissom (who is an insect expert) a vital clue that allowed the team to determine his location. He is seen throughout the series with dark hair that always stays relatively short and spiky. The mayor refuses to pay the ransom, but Catherine Willows asks her wealthy father and gets the amount. In Last Supper Nick travels to Miami, Florida with his husband Gil Jr. to help him capture Gil Jr's. Despite the ill-advisery of his moustache, it made his character look more rogue and scary to suspects. Jim Brass hears a shot fired and arrives on the scene to find McKeen still alive and wounded, and a once-again calm Nick stating coldly that "[he] missed.". Nick Stokes is back after his honeymoon with Gil Jr. who is now his husband. After D.B. We could adopt or maybe have surrogate children. During Season 6 episodes A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 1 and 2) and Dog Eat Dog, Nick had an ill-advised mustache, but soon got rid of it. It is seen that he is very protective about his mother, but definitely not a mother's boy. He shares a good-natured relationship with former supervisor Gil Grissom, almost that of father and son, or mentor and apprentice. In seasons 13 and 14, Nick has bulked up, but still keeps his fitness and speed when it comes to chasing down suspects. Gil Grissom then schedules a meeting with the criminal to deliver the money and be informed where Nick is. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Russell arrived, Nick was demoted; Julie Finlay has now succeeded his position. Nick's father, Bill Stokes, is a judge. Looking for some great streaming picks? [9] In the season 13 episode "Play Dead", Nick refers to a girlfriend in passing when talking to his dog, Sam. In Pilot, Nick Stokes was a CSI level 2 until later in that episode he got promoted to CSI level 3 by solving his 100th case. Nick is promoted to assistant supervisor after Sara Sidle advises Catherine that she needs a "number two". In Season four he proposes to Gil Jr. who accepts and they get married in the season finale. ", Nick seems to have had a very close relationship with his father, Bill Stokes, as they had nicknames for each other, Pancho for Nick and Cisco for Bill, most likely from the famous TV show, "The Cisco Kid". He was a member of a fraternity and is familiar with fraternity hazing, as he tells a fraternity member in the fourth episode, Pledging Mr. Johnson'. [16], Fictional character on American television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Exclusive: George Eads to Exit CSI After 15 Seasons", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nick_Stokes&oldid=964669871, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation characters, Fictional Las Vegas Police Department detectives, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 June 2020, at 21:36. His bad luck in relationships might be explained by a running gag that whenever Nick is with a woman, misfortune befalls someone else. Nicholas "Nick" Stokes is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, portrayed by George Eads.He made his first screen appearance in the show's pilot, broadcast on October 6, 2000, and departed the series on February 15, 2015, in "The End Game".Eads is credited in 335 episodes of the series. Afterwards, Sara told Nick that she believed that six months ago, he wouldn't have lost control in the room with the suspect like that. Sometimes bringing him in the lab. Other members of the team believe that it is better to maintain an emotional distance. Thus informed, Nick's coworkers rushed to his rescue and managed to save him from the brink of death. Nick then decides that he wishes to stay with the team again and is welcomed back. Because of a feeling that he would not be able to match his parents' considerable achievements, Nick decided to leave Texas for Las Vegas. Though he is not often seen with Conrad Ecklie, the former day shift supervisor, their relationship is a bumpy one. He is of average height and has a slim but muscular build. Nick was shot with a shotgun by Dr. Jekyll. ("Grave Danger") His mother, Jillian Stokes, is a lawyer, and Nick is the youngest of seven children, at least one of whom is male. In the season 9 premiere, For Warrick, Nick is shown to remain calm and composed upon learning of Warrick's death. When he turns out to have corrupt cops inside the LVPD on his payroll, the dawning internal investigation brings up memories of Warrick's death for Nick, who announces to Greg and Sara that he intends to quit. He considered co-worker Warrick Brown a very good friend. My vote is six.Title (Brazil): "Perigo a Sete Palmos" ("Danger Six Feet Under"). It turned out Nick was the target of an attack on the CSI team by a man whose daughter was implicated in a murder case. He is seen throughout the series with dark hair that always stays relatively short and spiky. He then walks out of the room and appears to be heading out of the building. Stand-alone episodes from different TV series, Films/Tv-Series/Episodes Where Quentin Tarantino Worked On The Script In Any Capacity, C.S.I. In "The End Game", Nick leaves Las Vegas when he is named the director of the San Diego PD crime lab. Nick handles tarantulas and takes Grissom's old tarantula under his care. He also often jokes and laughs with Greg Sanders even when the rookie CSI was still working as a lab technician. [15], Eads' departure from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was announced in November 2014, and Nick made his exit at the end of the 15th and final season. In season five premier Nick and Gil Jr. come back from their honeymoon, Gil Jr. changes his name tag from Grissom to Stokes since he took Nick's last name. Catherine turns down an offer to move into Grissom's office and offers it to Nick. The Las Vegas Police Department receives a package with a tape and hardware to permit them to watch Nick inside the casket, together with a request of one million dollars cash to release him. The box was also rigged with Semtex explosive. Swing Shift Supervisor Catherine Willows. Despite the ill-advisery of his moustache, it made his character look more rogue and scary to suspects. Sara reminds him that she will only be a car-ride away and reminds him what Gil Grissom would say to him: "You gotta go where you can do the most good". After D.B. In the season-five episode "Grave Danger," Nick is kidnapped and buried alive in a glass coffin rigged with explosives. He never told anyone until 2001, when he confided in Catherine Willows in episode 203, Overload. [4] As a result, he often has difficulty investigating crimes committed against children. During Season 14, he grew a beard. Nick flirts a little with Catherine Willows, his good friend and coworker, who becomes something of an "older sister" figure to him. Nick reveals to Sara that he has gotten an offer that is too good to refuse, but it will mean walking away from the friendships he has cultivated in good old Vegas. Nick is characterized as something of a ladies' man, but the only onscreen romance over the course of the series is a brief affair with a prostitute named Kristi Hopkins and a date with Dr. Robbins's niece. CSI technician, Nick Stokes, is kidnapped while investigating a crime scene and buried alive in a glass casket by his kidnapper. He appears extremely softhearted. Nick suffers emotional scars as the show goes on, aforementioned traumas caused changes, making him one of, if not the most traumatized CSIs of the three continuities. Nick was nearly killed when he was incapacitated using ether, put inside an acrylic glass coffin and buried underground while an installed web camera provided visuals of his plight to his coworkers who were initially helpless to save him.


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