dalit caste surnames list
A lot of human rights activists are dealing with this problem every day. This is living history, which bears testimony to centuries of indignities, shame, condemnation, untouchability, and deprivation. My history is not just mine, but the powerful history of 200 million people. New Delhi, May 5: Kanaklata had been fighting to keep her Dalit identity in the dark since moving to the capital eight years ago. The Ancestry Answer I Wouldn’t Have Expected: American. Dalit history is a large mirror to the historical processes of the subcontinent – it reflects not only our endurance but also the impunity that is at the heart of barbaric caste apartheid. As a Dalit, I find history complicated. The Indian caste system is a complex part of Hindu culture and this only touches the surface of its intricacies. That belief is partly tied to the type of work Dalits did during history, which was tied to cleaning and possibly even dealing with feces. In the Indian caste system, there are four different varnas, or the major social classes, that caste-based surnames generally fall under. A huge number of Dalit families live in extreme poverty and are discriminated even in the school system and the health services. This is why Dalit history is crucial. Whether you live in India or overseas, you can do it here. Aakrosh, Om Puri’s masterclass in the art of silence, is especially powerful after Hathras, Dear upper caste Indians, Hathras is not another Nirbhaya. The last major social class of the caste system is the Shudras. They bring with them diverse surnames indicating differences in religion, language, and culture, and frequently stemming from an inherited social system from across the globe. But, at the same time, it is also the history of an indomitable human spirit, assertion, achievement, conviction, and radical fights for social transformation. Digital Dalits: Is social media a game changer for Dalit politics? It refers to different social classes in old Hindu texts that divide the society into four castes (varnas). From sweet shops named after Agarwals, and airports named after Gandhis, to academic departments filled with Bhattacharyas, Chatterjees, and Sharmas. Do all Indian Americans speak Hindi? But, to be honest, words like home, history, and belonging have always left me baffled as well as insatiated. Finally, we have the Shudras, which are laborers that provide various services. Full list of family names of hilly, Himalayas, terai, madhesh regions. One of the measures was organizing special reservations where Dalits could live without being attacked. Dalits are also discriminated against through healthcare; they are avoided by doctors and are often banned from entering shops with rations. Indo Aryan Hindus divided themselves in 4 caste or professions – Brahmins , Kshatriya , Vaish and Sudra ( people who do physical work like farming , horticulture , Gwala or Ahir etc.) A Peak Inside Hindu Name Origins: Caste-based Surnames. Telugu Castes Names Like 1.Brahmin 2.Kapu 3.Kshatriya 4.Kamma 5.Reddy 6.Velama 7.Komati 8.Madiga 9.Balija 10.Mala 11.Yadava 12.SC/ST/OBC And Many More Castes in Andhra Pradesh. Ltd. All rights reserved. The Dalits do not fall in any of them, so they are called avarna. At university, some students could evoke nostalgia when speaking about home, while others could articulate their history with confidence. Is the theft of labour and life the real history of the caste Hindus? A couple examples of Brahmin surnames are Bhat, ‘scholar’ in Sanskirt, and Mukherjee. To deny either of these selves would be a lie. Singh, primarily a Punjabi Sikh surname meaning ‘lion’ in Sanskrit, was also adopted by the Hindu Kshatriya varna since the name alludes to the characteristics of a warrior. The word varna can mean class, order, or type. The History Of Dalits. The Dalits are a population of people living in India and certain regions of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal. Our Relationship Managers have … Their names tell a different story. The first caste is the Brahmins, which are teachers and priests, people that deal with knowledge and information. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. When these people adopted surnames, they turned to the caste system as a means to obtain a family name, thereby adopting names related to a distant ancestor’s occupation. And, most crucially, who took the credit instead? By documenting our stories through art, writing, cultural symbols, and poetry, we can create a counter-social conditioning that is instrumental to embracing our authentic historical self. Subscribe to our channels on YouTube & Telegram, Why news media is in crisis & How you can fix it. People belonging to one of the castes are called savarna. The Brahmins form the top of this social hierarchy. That said, their surnames come from a rich historical context which directly influences how Asian Indians interact with and respond to marketing. For Dalits to fit into that history is to accept our erasure and to … The repetition of caste Hindu history through surnames, cultural symbols, and news media houses is a dangerous process that will leave Dalit Bahujan and Adivasi communities without a home for our existence. It is a Khairlanji, Bal Thackeray’s father and Ambedkar used Navratri festivities to counter Brahmin Ganesh utsav, No interim relief for Arnab Goswami arrested in suicide case, Bombay HC to hear plea tomorrow, Proposal to increase retirement age, cut down pension in armed forces irks officers, veterans, Biden as president will be good for India, perhaps not that good for Modi.


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