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He plays as much in defense as in attack. He makes it possible to make good teams around him. Darion is double revenge endure with 26k HP, 1.7k DEF, and 181 SPDEshir is slightly slower at 173 SPDPlaty is faster than both. thank you for this info lol, I've been trying to look this up but I can't seem to find it anywhere! Used in PvE and PvP they are mainly used in attack. He starts coming into play when you're able to take Arena like a business. Often used with Imesety and Bulldozer, Copper is an excellent three star monster for PvP. It allows you to apply immunity to your monsters and reduce the enemy's attack gauge. Bastet is very popular although rare to obtain, it provides a shield and increases the attack gauge of all allies. Usually, a good Amduat will always get away with PvP defense. :/. My mostly 5* team with same composition was first team that was able to auto B8. No votes so far! As far as my other six stars I have: Don't get me wrong. Darion can defense break on first skill, he could deal very great damage if runed with high HP and has an amazing passive that reduces the amount of damage on all other allies by 15% H Nice what runes on your team? Among all the native 2-star monsters, some stand out and are even given at the beginning of the game for beginners. :). I don't think he's a unit that need really good runes. Among all the available monsters, they will be divided into different grades: As you can imagine, the bigger the number of stars, the bigger the monster. Be the first to rate this post. Darion (Light Vagabond) is a great defense tank in Summoners War. While his passive is a direct upgrade over the Light Vagabond, Dias doesn’t nearly have the same amount of damage and debuffs given to either GB10 or DB10. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the summonerswar community. Dungeons: Unlike Darion, Dias isn’t as useful in the Cairos Dungeons due to a lack of a consistent defense break and attack break. It allows you to apply buffs to your team by heal your monsters and to take some away from the opposing teams. Miho is very useful in the current Summoners War meta. for a 4 man FL Darion needs only 1200-1300 def. Once your team has stabilized, Darion will likely be the first monster you swap out for a nuker to reduce your clear time. They form several teams used in arena or gvo. You won't see him shining so well in PvE, since lots of other monsters (Belladeon for one, Bernard for another) can provide def debuff, and his damage is only "okay" for dungeons without DoTs/enemy HP scaling. [Automatic Effect], You can obtain Vagabond from I mean technically if the rest of your team is already really good, you could manage with "less tanky" Darion for R5 but I haven't tried this myself. Helped a lot!!! Therefore I would choose Acasis but she probably has to be 6★. Galleon is a must in Summoners War PvP. 11 January 2020 00:17. Created on 2018-09-20 by Summoners War Monsters. Chasun Betta Perna Wind Homunculus Darion (tartarus Hell, 10 teams, full guide by Maths Plus Games) Your opinions. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I have some questions, I searched in r/summonerswar and don't found my answers before creating this post. In PvP, it can do a lot of damage! sadly still haven't summoned a triana, whats a good substitute? Katarina brings dps but nothing more forget her she's not for giants.shannon must have 85+ acc and 13khpAcasis will be your main damage on giant. Competing with Véromos, Lulu has all the skills required for support. If you do not reach that at 5★, you're going to have to evolve her.3.) Used in defense in gvo and in attack, he is very versatile. Be careful to keep these monsters as they can come in handy when you're well advanced in the game! So if you want to replace him, you need a monster that can prevent damage and/or heal. During the Hall of Light, every sunday, do more run as possible even in low floors and always look for other players in the chat room, who may have found his secret dungeon, then ask politely a friendship. Current Darion stats: Revenge/Energy/Broken. i was thinking to change Bella n Zaiross, so my new AD will be Vero Vela Chasun Jultan/darion. Enjoy the video! Kro is certainly the most interesting three-star monster in SW at the moment. Darion should be there for a tanky DD that also makes it harder to focus other targets... a tanky nem healer a bruiser and a nearly full tank darion wouldnt be that hard to beat since there is no real threat besides that 1 bruiser. You can farm his summon pieces in his Secret Dungeon unlockable on Sundays by farming the Hall of Light. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the summonerswar community. For me it looks weird (no buff or debuff removal), but surprisingly doable. The main reason of Darion is his -15% damage passive. As soon as a team member receives a critical hit, he increases the attack gauge of his allies by 15% and when he receives damage, he also returns 15% to the enemy responsible. I have found the a PVP darion needs high hp and cr while R5 darion needs 25k hp, 1.5k def, is it possible to create a darion that can work for both r5 and pvp? Further, wait for a darion procing 5 times killing you veromos. Leo is simply very useful everywhere! In PvP, he is used from beginning to end! You will have to keep him to bring him out in different scenarios. 6* shannon is not necessary, it depends on your other mons. Very used in gvo defense, Orion is very important thanks to his third skill which allows him to remove the enemy buffs numbering four. Would help to know what your team actually is. I say, build both. if so, share stats please. Garo is ruthless in battle! Hello all :) So this starts about 4 months ago and here I am trying to run R4, though I'm lacking a Dias. In Summoners Warmonsters are an integral part of the game. Works just fine. His attack power reduction is really just icing on the cake for him. 3 - Lushen can be my main dmg or I need a DoT dmg? Here is the list of the best 5 nat in Summoners War. Lyn is very much used for the speed teams in the Dungeons of Cairos. Are you sure he can sit that low? Lushen will be awesome on the way to the boss... what team you use? Their passives are virtually identical, with Dias having a little bonus CR protection for himself. 37k hp 1.1k def 170 speed filler runes. If your HP isn't 30-40k+, and you aren't on Violent, Darion will look very lackluster. Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe. If you continue to use our site, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies. Number of votes : 8. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Copyright © 2020 JeuMobi.com. Allowing to reduce the attack speed of enemy monsters and to break their defenses, it will be useful in several scenarios and in PvP. So here is: 1 - What is a good replacement for darion? What is the context/stage in the game. Being two native stars, she'll be quite fragile in battle. If you just bring the weaker element of that bruiser and 2 of the elements that have advantage... lets say your bruiser is rakan, ill bring ramagos and 2 water units. Very, very rare to obtain, but he deserves his place because of his very hurtful record. Aegir is very interesting since he can steal the enemy buffs and attribute them to himself. If you want to learn more, see the cookie policy. Megan is very useful in both PvE and PvP. It will also be a good support for your team. Subreddit for mobile game Summoners War: Sky Arena. max his skill, put violent with as high as hp, plus revenge. (I have 5* briand, Acasis, Belladeon) or darion is a must have? Use chatroom from 100 to 120 to maximize the probability or try SD farming chat rooms like 4444 or 777. His simple kit makes it impossible for AI to mess up - 100% def break on first skill, so revenge is a GREAT option. As a little bonus to this Summoners War PvP third list, we've selected some very useful PvE monsters for you when you start on SW! Often used in PvE, it deserves its place in PvP because it is extremely advantageous for the team involved. It is extremely important to make him tanky to take advantage of his second skill which inflicts huge damage based on his VPs. The problem is that you need is supply to be max skilled and his atk debuff last 2 turn and you have to wait another 2 turns... From what i see a good team for you would be : Acasis(lead) ahman shanon bernard briand.


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