doom 3 ps4 trophy guide
The timing has to be pretty dead on so move fast when you see somebody go through. Repeat this process until he dies. At the very end of the Lost Mission campaign you will be walking though Hell. Simply complete it on the "Too Young to Die difficulty", as that way there will be less enemies and it's harder for you to die. If there are multiple demons, concentrate fire on the one the drone isn't shooting. It won't work every time but just keep pacing back and forward and an imp will most likely hit an Arch Demon. This can potentially get tough, especially in episode 4 Thy Flesh Consumed. See. Here is a way of avoiding it thanks to Subterfuge but be aware this doesn't always work. There are a couple holes near the walls of the arena you can drop down to hide from him if his attacks are getting crazy, but you have to be crouched. You're going to have to kill an innocent man for this trophy. Everything is awesome! Here he is, the final boss. DOOMed Marine (Bronze) — Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Marine, 4. Pick it up and your fists will do insane damage. 29. Overclocked (Gold) — Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run. Every Nook and Cranny (Silver) — Find all Collectibles. You just have to shoot them and they'll explode. This will likely be the hardest trophy in the whole collection because Resurrection of Evil has a noticeable increase in damage done to the player, often meaning you will die in far fewer hits. ALSO, there's a missable trophy in Delta 4 to be on the lookout for. The Imps take 3 HP off of you so if you're at 100 health, just keep letting it hurt you until you reach 1 HP. Shoot his blue ball (I'm serious don't do it) once it reappears and it should be enough to kill him. Strategy Tips: The Hell Guards are the second boss in DOOM (2016). In Mars City reach the point in the story early on when Hell first breaks through and chaos ensues. This is the only trophy in DOOM 2 that might give you trouble. If you take the path to your right, you'll see a big brick wall with little lighting on it, a cutscene will trigger and you'll fight the Cyberdemon. You Laugh, It Works (5G) — Find the bloody handiwork of Betruger (in Delta 4 Hallway) in DOOM 3, 26. It's easiest to do this in a boosting session so find somebody through the PSNprofiles boost sessions to get a posse together to get these multiplayer trophies. In the Delta Labs you area tasked with turning on the power and the reactor, the power activates the elevator which can become glitched. Turncoat (Bronze) — Get 2 demons to fight each other in DOOM 3, Resurrection of Evil, or Lost Mission, 28. The Doom 3 BFG Edition Achievements guide & Trophies guide lists every Achievement & Trophy for this Xbox 360, PS3 & PC FPS Survival-Horror game and tells you how to get and unlock them.


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