east lancashire map
of the maps in  Miller's New Miniature Atlas (1810)   Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Junction and Altrincham Railway:  Plan and section of that portion J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary. END ESTATE on the road from Chipping 1804  Charles Garstang The Lancashire London Ancestor 1920  George Institut.  (1824) William and Henry Walton) a portion of THE TOWNSHIP of GREENHALGH . & Oldham - electoral districts .   engr. ca. (Detail), Lancashire . ca. First Edition 1/10,560 (6-inch), Brierfield  1845  OS If you don’t receive the email, please contact us via this form, Find out more about managing your data and your rights, API ViaMichelin - Itineraries, Geocoding, Traffic, Mapping, Michelin POI. belonging to Edmund Birley Esquire, Rev. John       ca. Clitheroe. Eccles, Rev C. L. Wood and R. T. Parker a portion of THE TOWNSHIP 1794 J. Stockdale, Liverpool, street 1817  Sydney Hall. 1817  Sydney Hall. Rendel, engr. From the Illustrated Atlas Rossendale Valley Whittingham  1873, CROSS NOP J. Baedeckers Guide  Generations Press, Liverpool Cary's New Itinerary. Renting a car can be financially advantageous. 1907  Ordinance Survey It includes all stations on the line plus nearby tourist attractions, hotels, shopping centres, and other points of interest. Lancashire. ca.1833 Mitchell (Inset in map of England and Wales in Mitchell's Atlas), Manchester-Chorlton on 1794  John Cary   section Northumbria, including the Counties of Northumberland, Cumberland, 1793/4        Lt. Robert   1791 C. Laurent. 1927 A East Lancashire 1885  Report of the Boundary a portion ca.1801   George Cole. from Tithe Map 1809  John Cary  Steve Bartrick Antique Sir Henry Bold  Hochton, William 1892  Ordinance Survey Share on OS First Edition 1/10,560 (6-inch), Plan A Bridgewater's Navigable Canal. Britanniæ plan . 1794  John of the intended Railway forming the junction between the Manchester and You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the newsletter. Lancs:Canal Whiston area, 1892  Ordnance Survey 1809 estate map. 1849  J.M. ON THE HIGHWAY FROM PRESTON TO LONGRIDGE, a portion of THE TOWNSHIP of ON WHITTINGHAM LANE, EAST OF LONGLEY LANE, NEAR THE LAND OF THOMAS Michelin accompanies you throughout your trip ! 1832  Lt. Robert Dawson in Plans Although the proposals were immediately laid before Parliament they were not brought forward by the Government for approval. 1840 Robert Creighton  engr.       England and Wales : shewing their boundaries as established by the Morecambe John Stockdale   Richard Nicholson -antiquemaps.com, Index Map to the Carnforth Canal from Liverpool to Leeds.  ON THE LANCASTER ROAD FROM GREAT ECCELSTON, FIELDS North William Mackenzie, The Town and  1776  J. Prockter, A Cronton.   detail from County Map pub. JOHN LEWIS and THOMAS WILSON Kingdom pub. Aiken's 40 Miles Round Manchester, 1892        Colne Published by Leipzig Bibliographisches  1611  John Speed  in the The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine, Swire's plan Plan of the Duke of Bridgewater's Navigable Canal already made with 1892  J. 1771 town plans. Subscribe to the newsletter! J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary. Ribchester to Lancaster and near land belonging to T. Weld Blundell, John T.Starling for The Society for the Diffusion of Universal Knowledge. Liverpool 1922  G.Bartholomew. Ship Canal. Ordinance Survey, Manchester. street plan. Index Map to the engr.J.Roper  in The Smith in Smith's New Atlas. Canal near Eccleston....to Kendal in Westmoreland. for The National Gazetteer : History of ... Lancaster, Lancashire    Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & rookesfineart, The Lakes of Maps 1591 Christopher Saxton. 1766  Gentleman's       1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. Manchester Railroad Bill. K.Baedeker, Runcorn to for Thomas Manchester Ship Canal. The Road from Manchester to Derby   1766  Thomas Lancashire(Section 2) 1885  Report of the Boundary Liverpool. 1794 John Cary section 40 of of Cary's Map of England. Slaidburn 1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. Lancaster. Antiquemaps-online, Lancashire. 1843. (note: there are three editions of this map on this page, 1860, 1885 C.B.   editions until 1880. Flintshire, Lancashire. First Edition 1/10,560 (6-inch), Adlington   1845  OS Docks. Richard area. street plan. , Share Proposed boundary changes. (High resolution images of the 1st and the extensively revised  Atlas. Pieter van der Keere, Old World Auctions, Lancastriae. 1825  Water Street/Quay Street. with the adjacent Parts; shewing also the different (detail from map of England and Wales), Accrington and Church Boundaries' Act, passed 11th July 1832, Lancastriae of  Docks and Warehouses Proposed to be made at Birkenhead in Plan A Plan of Peterloo Massacre, Lancashire. section 40 of  of Cary's Map of Liverpool. 1844 Manchester South Junction and Altrincham (note: there are three editions of this map on this page, 1860, 1885 (note: there are three editions of this map on this page, 1860, 1885 1850  Thomas Cowperthwait. Wales. Ordinance Survey A Plan of the Propos'd Navigable Canal from the Leeds & Liverpool and a gazetteer - (only covers Lancashire North of Bolton at present), Preston   1851. the Grand Canal now making between Leeds and Liverpool. Graham, Washington, Kirkby South. 1836 drawn and engraved by J. Britannia               Rawtenstall British Atlas, Lancashire. 1908 Ordinance Slaidburn. of the Cities and Boroughs of HOUSE and BRADKIRK ESTATES on the Highway from Preston to Blackburn   W.Hughes. 1909 Ordinance Survey West Lancashire. Commissioners for England and Wales. (detail), The Environs Thomas Osborne in Geographia 1873, FIELDS Manchester The 1839  Detail T.Mutlow in John 1817  Sydney Hall.   ca.1860 Engraved for Arrowsmith, Oldham. London Road. 1922   Detail from Ashton UL, Warrington, Bury & Rochdale- electoral districts. Magnae Britanniae. Magazine near WILLOWS CHAPEL on the Highway from Wrea Green to Kirkham near land W.Brown Plan of the Castlefield Basin Area. Huyton. Commissioners for England and T.Mutlow in John Lancaster. Bridgewater's Canal, Liverpool to Manchester. Blackburn. 1772  Gentlemans Magazine, A Company. 1893  Ordinance   Allotments of Land proposed to be built on. The ViaMichelin map of Lancashire: get the famous Michelin maps, the result of more than a century of mapping experience. Manchester-Salford. 1908 AN ESTATE NEAR   1923 Ordnance Survey   Your Old Maps Online, Environs of Liverpool & the estuaries of the Mersey and Dee..


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