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She’s weary, and as cynical as maybe any hero in a movie like this—vaguely spiritual, definitely influenced by the Nicholas Sparks cinematic universe—can ever get. But Bray is the man who made her feel warm, comfortable, and confident about herself. The movie that Tennant is trying to make is one more subtly—and persuasively, and empathetically—about people allowing the potential for new joys, new excitements, new contentedness into their lives. For instance, she always knew that something wasn’t quite right about her relationship with Tuck, but she still pursued it because Tuck made her feel secure about her future. Maybe it shouldn’t, but that counts for a lot. With so much negativity all around her, it’s hard for her to set her mind to all the positive possibilities that could lie ahead. It’s really in the marketing—the Secret before the Dream—that sullies the whole thing. The messaging is still faintly intact—chiefly, that we can invite good fortune into our lives simply by willing it hard enough—but Dare to Dream blankets that sales pitch in an appealing, medium-worn texture. Spoiler alert if you are unfamiliar with the book: The baseline “secret” is the Law of Attraction. What actually is being preached here, using Miranda’s little (and assiduously happily ended) story as a delivery system? She also finds a new home for her family. And magically, a pizza arrives at Miranda’s doorstep. Bray Johnson (yes, Bray Johnson) is keyed into the supposed law of attraction that lies at the heart of The Secret’s principle; one must be an open and active receptor for good things, or else they will pass you by. There’s a cozy ramble to the movie, which really only once swerves into high drama. From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter. But zoomed out just a bit, Dare to Dream reveals more insidious dimensions. Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. While returning to their respective homes, the couple runs into each other on the highway, and everything ends perfectly for them. But soon it turns out that Bray, too, isn’t as perfect as he seems. That’s when a fender bender introduces her to Bray Johnson (Josh Lucas), who, with his optimistic “I can fix that” attitude, turns out to be the perfect embodiment of Sam The Onion Man from ‘Holes.’ Even though Miranda was the one who rammed his car, Bray offers her help and fixes her bumper for free. If that’s true, Dare to Dream could actually be something good. the Art of Putting White People on the Spot.


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