exotic bully puppy

I will take the best care of him and make his life as good as I can for however long I’m blessed with him. There should only be, “This dog’ll die young and shouldn’t be bred and we should never try to breed for this look again.”. What happens to the dogs that physically break down? I have had my Bully for 12 years and he is probably healthier than you.

These breeders are unethical, inhumane and all about the greed. 7.

Register your Exotic Bully Kennel, Exotic Bully Puppy Litter Registration Papers and Exotic Bully Pedigree Dog Papers online or mail in. Our breeding male has top bloodlines, good structure, and excellent temperament.

A descendent of Mr. Miagi, he is only 13 months old and he is on pain medication 2-3 times a day, and an anti-inflammatory daily. SOUTHEAST BULLY KENNELS IS THE #1 RATED AND REVIEWED AMERICAN BULLY KENNEL FOR AMERICAN BULLY PUPPIES AND CLEAN EXOTIC BULLY PUPPIES IN THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GOOGLE . He’s allergic to everything, probably including air and sunshine.

We strive to create a WOW factor dog with structure , heavy bone and compact frames. Average annual vet expense, $4k, not including travel. The two even look identical to each other. Monthly meds $300. It should stop! eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'americanbullydaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',114,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'americanbullydaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_11',114,'0','1'])); Owner: Jorge Luis Soto Kennel: Bully Camp Line Location: California. They are a great breed and great around kids. Copyright © 2018 Exotic Bully Classified. German shepherd standards have destroyed their hips, bulldogs have developed every single health problem that a dog could have, obese labradors are becoming more “popular” in shows, and the list goes on… looking badass doesn’t outweight their health. Very low to the ground, thick muscled and front legs turned like an Old English Bulldog. The Exotic Bully’s physical features have … our friends have puppies also that are amazing for family pets. All Rights Reserved. Sound the violins…play you a toon. For those who are knocking the breeding of this dog and glorifying the dogs they own and breed, didn’t the entire concept of dogs come from breeding a wolf with something that weakened the bloodline but I don’t hear you talking about that? sweet suffering dogs? Rockruff, Blue Tri Trindle – ATAT All breeds are deformities. I cannot believe that anyone would promote these poor deformed dogs!! We have a Razer Edge Bully, this dog is so well mannered, obedient, and just perfect with kids , other dogs and cats. read our guide about the best affordable dog food for pit bulls. Bullies love kids!!!!!

Pit bulls are likely the#1 breed of dog euthanized. “Hey Steve this dog turned out deformed, should we take him to a vet?” AND THERE IS NO JEERING REPLY, YOU KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH. Don’t take it as an attack on the these breed. It’s painful just looking at their elbows, hips and back… not to mention the breathing and overheating issues they must have. It’s all about the dollar bills. Owner: Ed Sheperd Kennel: Gottiline Location: Southern California, USA, If there one American Bully that people consider to be the ideal Extreme pocket American Bully that Bully dog would be the famous Dax of Gottiline, who has made an impact on the image of the American Bully dog. Daxlines if known for its high-quality Exotic Bullies and John Niar of Bahala Na Pits decided that a Bully dog from Daxline would breed with a Dame from Acelines. Exotic Bully Directory, Exotic Bully Classifieds, We are a Bulldog classified site, solely for the purpose of listing your Exotic Bully, or exotic Bully Kennel. Hope you enjoy your visit to the Unleashed Bullyz site. Edge of Gottiline specializes in Exotic Bullies that are short. Everything About Pitbull and Bully Dog Breeds.
Bullycamp is just a group of breeders that specialize in a particular breed and bloodline. Dogs were not meant to suffer needlessly for your enjoyment – and this includes the bad breeding done to modern German Shepard’s and Neapolitan Mastiffs. Before you start talking like I wouldn’t know a papered dog, I own an ancient blood-lined PAPERED Pero de Presa Canario that has come from health-checked and temperament-checked parents of working and show lines. In some ways, it enhances the exotic look of the American Bully. Ed Shepherd, who is Dax’s owner, is the original Gottiline and is an established breeder who has gained recognition worldwide for his top-quality Extreme Pocket Exotic Bullies. 3 year guarantee. What measures are breeders taking to ensure that they are not breeding serious defects into the line? A wonderful family member and a EXCELLENT watchdog.

We are a Bulldog classified site, solely for the purpose of listing your Exotic Bully, or exotic Bully Kennel. Not real hyper like the apbt either. Marcello is one of the many Exotic Bullies that is considered by many dog fanciers around the world to be the best Bully dog studs. At $5000 once can see that the price is high and that just a starting price. Marcello is the father of Bully Camp Line’s Mr. Miagi and Mr. Revi, who is an ABKC Champion. For those who are curious google a pure breed from 1950 and compare it to today’s. Who cares if your a physician! .

But let’s worry about humans first. Bully Puppy for sale.

Required fields are marked *. 8 GENERATIONS OF PRODUCTIONS. Bomber Bullies considers Exotic Bullies that have good disposition temperament and the eagerness to please their owners to be the ideal Bully. If you truly love dogs, breed responsibly and rarely. Starter food
The popularity of the American Exotic Bullies is due to its physical features making them a favorite for Bully dog-lovers. Get a life. What about Bassett hounds, what about Yorkies and tea cup poodles and sharpai or pugs. MY Bully is more standard or classic. Some examples of G2’s offsprings are Drama of Kingpin Line, Diamond Girl of Gottiline, Military Pits Romero Sakae, and Hidden Society’s Corona. Some of Golden Boy’s offspring like 91 West Queen Gotti, Bigslick’s Golden Dream, Golden Line 91 Baby Lunatic, Golden Stamp of Mex-Line and Lord Rocco are also famous. Why would you want this? As usual, you can see that Karate Kid’s big bone structure, a thick muzzle that looks smashed and blue/white coloring wide chest short body. American Bully breeder Juan Lomeli owns Goliath II or otherwise known as G2 as well as Kingpin Line Kennels. Who’s up for taking their dog for a walk every evening, pushing them in what looks like a baby stroller (cost $225)? 6. However, he suffers daily. It is a very strange giving an Exotic American Bully the name “Freakshow” since it doe notes some deformity in the dog, but strangely enough, this dog was intended to be “deformed” in physical appearance. I think if your on here talking shit about them its because you think they are pretty too. There is enough money breeding AKC dogs without continuing to breed these poor beautiful dogs for a life of daily suffering, until mercifully their genetically engineered lifespans expire as the only means of ending their suffering. The list goes on. Freakshow’s physical appearance is not similar to other Exotic Bullies. best exotic bullies, blue tri color exotic bully, tricolor blue pocket bully for sale california, miagi bloodline. The dogs in these pics aren’t as bad as other micro bullies. “Do it.”, I love my pocket bully she’s a Miagi I don’t think nothing is deformed about her she’s is aloving and kind little beautiful dog and she’s a very well well trained very nice peopleloving dog and she loves me just as much as I love her and follow me everywhere have no problems out of her and she’s not deformed.

And PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP BREEDING MORE!!!! But they are deformed, and if you can’t see that then youre blind. You are breeding solely for a look (no idea why), regardless whether the dog should be bred or not. It kills me. be sure to read and compare our reviews on google. You just cant afford one thats why, Im here because I saw a pic of micro bullies and couldn’t believe people were breeding them knowing of their deformities. I can’t believe this is legal or that anyone would be evil enough to breed them! His sire is no other than Mr. Miagi of Bully Camp Line and Lulu, who is American Bully of the Daxline. Animal cruelty. Get a go fund me for god sake. price will increase if i hold them and they turn 6 months or older so don't sleep on it don't miss out!!! What you have created is a monster most people cringe at. They have many health issues. These critics declare that the dog is flawed in design and some advocate neutering Freakshow just to stop more American Bully dogs like him. But I’d never wish this on another dog.

4. I spend 20 min every evening cleaning and caring for his paws.

Puppy data sheet

Deposit 100% refundable. Agreed 100%!!! Joint and body structure issues result in immobility and handicap. I’m pretty sure some amongst you commenting again this breed are fat and deformed or not so good looking to me yourself. Or will the dog languish in a backyard suffering. 3. You’ll have no consistency and you’ll have a legacy of worsening health problems that will result in a mangled bastardization of a once proud breed – somewhere in that mess.

There are 5 sizes. Hemivertabre? How does that sound? Thousands of beautiful dogs are dying in shelters and backyards every day. He’s on an allergy medicine daily for the rest of his life. mr miagi is 8yrs old an still producing bad ass dogs plz if u dont know anything about our breed keep ya mouth shut, Preach… most of these people talking trash cant afford a document bloodline so they by cheap inbred undocumented trash and complain about the defects. “…” They have been genetically breed to look that way, not for functionality, but for looks.

Most of those breeds are what they call the “pocket” size American Bully. We get You Top Ranking on Google & All Major Search Engines, to ensure you get Relevant Traffic to Your Puppies & Dogs For Sale. SHAME ON YOU BREEDERS!!!!!!!

eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'americanbullydaily_com-box-4','ezslot_3',116,'0','0'])); Owner:  Jack Nakamoto Kennel: Nakamoto Bullies Location: Southern California, USA. Puppy Pack One look at the Exotic Bully Karate Kid and you know that the guy is aside from looking small and cute. Be bounced from home to home until it ends up abandon or in a shelter?


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