fj40 restoration process

Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. The rear door repair sections look great. Engine and transmission get installed in the frame. We went to great lengths to use as much original hardware as possible. overview of work done to vehicles; however, all individual "Purchase Order for a

Just wanted to say thanks for the super fast shipping, right parts shipped, and cool poster with ... read more, I received my parcel this morning 10.00am Monday morning, doesn’t get much better than that, thanks ... read more. ( Log Out /  If an issue is discovered at delivery, we immediately correct and or repair at no cost to the customer. Copyright © 1998 - 2020, CCOT, All rights reserved. Discover (and save!) Back in the spray booth, every square inch of the body has been scrutinized, sanded, cleaned and is ready for paint.

The engine gets torn down, cleaned up, rebuilt and painted. depending on more or less work being done by CCOT. We buy only the best Land Cruisers available and make our specialized improvements, thus creating the highest Land Cruiser value for your dollar in today's market. Discover (and save!) Early on we knew that we wanted this to be a top notch restoration. Thank you ... read more. I just got a packages from you. After all the components were cleaned all the hardware was stripped and electroplated. It is nice to find a company that has Integrity !!!

hubs, rear window wiper/washer/defroster, all cloth interior (gray or tan), reclining bucket seats. A true Restoration is using as many factory original manufactured or OEM parts as possible. We want you to enjoy your Land Cruiser as soon as it arrives. Great customer service!!!! There is nothing wrong with that as often original hardware is stripped, rusted or just plain ugly. Nice quality and they appear to fit well. The restoration process of my FJ40 however has been ... read more, I just wanted to really thank Coolcruisers for all of your help with everything.

The frame and axle tubes were sent off to be media blasted and powder coated. A rubberized undercoating, similar to a spray on truck bed liner, is applied to the entire underside of the body. We then set up an electroplating station to apply a new zinc coating to all the original parts. .. C Note. Keep it up!!!!!

The parts are perfect, ... read more, Just a note to thank you for the excellent parts and service. Change ), 1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Restoration Project. Our lives got much harder once all the body panels and parts came back from being media blasted. Thank You !!! Everything had been stripped down to bare steel and the condition of the body was much worse than we thought. Following the color coats we apply the clear coats. A real nice job! Window and door installation gets finished up. Better than I had hoped for. Nuts, bolts and screws were media blasted to remove all dirt, oil and previous coating. We started with a few primer coats. Tagged as 1978, Automotive Restoration, FJ40, Land Cruiser, Toyota. When we purchased the car in September of 2013 we didn’t quite know what we wanted to do with it.

It's awesome! 13-may-2017 - Rusty Restoration descrubrió este Pin.

Aug 2, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Kristian Peterson. For more details on the car and what we do check out or main website or scroll down for pictures of the entire restoration process. We deliver a ready to drive cruiser. Thank you very much. I appreciate your awesome packing ... read more, FYI, the last shipment from you arrived today and as expected, the quality of the parts is ... read more, Manny, Radiator install went great and FJ60 is running cool again thanks to Cool Cruisers! FJ40 1971 Toyota FJ40 1971 Toyota FJ40 About Vintage Cruisers Vintage Cruisers helps make finding, outfitting and restoring a classic Land Cruiser ~ trouble free ~ All our turn-key land cruisers ship with a limited warranty upon delivery. Rocker panels getting cut out and replaced. Upon opening the packages I ... read more, This is to let you know that I have received both boxes and also that I am very pleased with all the items you have supplied me.Thank you for all your kind assistance. It ran very well, it looked good, it was well maintained and had low milage with full service records. I have finished installing all of my CoolCruiser weatherstrip around both front doors and the three ... read more, I just finished installing my CCOT Replica gas tank, and it's one of the best fitting ... read more, Just whant to say thank you to all at ccot received my order and it is great to deal with such a ... read more, I have restored a number of cars as a hobby. They are fantastic! The carburetor gets a complete overhaul. Fj40 dash restoration. Received my order in short order and it worked great..........Thanks, You guys are great. Parcel arrived today thank you. We found that most of your clients use the term restorations but are really looking for more of a Resto-Mod or Revival.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 13-may-2017 - Rusty Restoration descrubrió este Pin. All perfect. All the weld seams get a layer of high quality body filler for a perfectly flat paint surface. One thing I’ve always paid close attention to when looking at restorations is the hardware that was used, It’s quite common to see all new nuts and bolts installed on a restored car. vehicle), or an individual may wish to pay more or less for a particular vehicle WOW! The service records with millage indicate that the car sat for about 10 years, it must have taken somebody that long to sand all the body filler that this car had on it. Arrived in record time, and appreciate the bonus ... read more, Gday manny received fj40 order today and all is there and everything is perfect thanks for your help ... read more. Can't believe how quick it came. New brake line system is installed, engine bay gets assembled, new exhaust system is made and installed, steering system is assembled and we start to install some interior components. Very pleased with the quality of the parts and the prompt delivery. And you are right: Oscar is really ... read more, Dear Cool Cruisers, I just have to say your Customer support on this issue was Awesome! Cool Cruisers of Texas is not affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporation or Toyota Motor Sales. I received my order in record time and have already installed the parts - perfect fit! All spot welds get ground down and sanded.

Fits a 1976 FJ40 ... read more, Thanks guys I just received my order everything looks spot on.. Vintage Cruisers helps make finding, outfitting and restoring a classic Land Cruiser ~ trouble free ~ After all 43 pieces were done being painted we were ready to start assembling the body on the finished chassis. Are there really any barn finds left to be found? The FJ Company is the premier restorer of Toyota Land Cruisers. Follow the "More" button to see the restoration process step by step. For example, a certain vehicle may I'll be ... read more. ( Log Out /  By the guys are awesome at Coolcruisers. I just recieved my first order from CCOT - It got here in one day - !!!

I appreciate ... read more, I don't believe it, my 76fj40 was leaning to the driverside a lot and it seemed worse after a ... read more, I'd like to thank you for all your support and assistance in helping build the suspension of my ... read more, Just to follow up: UPS delivered the seat covers on Friday. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Manny .....Radiator was waiting for me when I got home Fri. - and It was exactly right! We will help guide you through the process with confidence.

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