harvard classics vs great books
In my view, there really is room for an edition of great books of the world, or a world classics series, given how bad the HC is on this. ( Log Out /  Coup d’oeil, the list may appear significant, but, in reality, the overlap between the editions is miniscule. Also, for each book in both series there are more authoritative and helpful editions/translations of these books. EDIT: Some folks have been complaining that this isn't a direct link to the free books. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. EP have the Harvard Classics well covered and as this series was not well known in the UK, FS are unlikely to pick it up. Just as I would say that this is the major advantage of the GBWW, I would say that the converse, the willingness to scrupulously excerpt, is a major advantage of the HC. You can find the free books here and here: (http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Harvard_Classics_(Bookshelf), (parenthesis on the second link make hotlinking it not possible). Also, for each book in both series there are more authoritative and helpful editions/translations of these books. The reason is that the set presents such a wonderful blend of different aspects of literature. Some selections will be a mere matter of taste. one book at a time, and then you are not in danger of every wasting hundreds of dollars Change ), 3rd Annual Brian Bolton 2012 Essay Contest Submission, Comparing the Great Books of the Western World to the Harvard Classics (Part I): General Observations and Remarks, Comparing the Great Books of the Western World to the Harvard Classics (Part III): Assessing the Philosophy Selections | milliern, Review of American Public University | milliern, Response to Pigliucci on Metaphysics and Interpretation of Data, A Superficial Reflection on Nagel’s “Mind and Cosmos”, Quo Vadis, Materialism? This is, to my mind, precisely what people lack when we see them acting in absurd and destructive ways, regardless the destructiveness of scale, regardless of whether inflicted upon the self or upon society. http://propheticprogress.blogspot.com/p/ten-year-reading-list-for-great-books.html. a better translation and more complete than the smattering of Montaigne you get For more information on the 2009 competition and what it is all about visit [http://www.lexiophiles.com/english/top-100-language-blogs-2009-nomination-started] The HC books are an excellent size for reading, and are printed on paper that will stand up to use, highlighting, and note-taking. in one of these series with acceptably large print. One of the things I like about the GBWW is that the committee members at Encyclopedia Britannica prided themselves on a project that refused excerpting. Great Books of the Western World I need not devote too much space reiterating what you could find through a Google search of “ Harvard Classics vs Great Books .” If you want a set of books that would look impressive on any shelf, I don’t think you’d go wrong either way. Thank you for sharing. Also, please hold any quibbles about where I categorized certain works, as I have tried to be fair. I was looking online, decided to gather as much information about the series before purchasing it, when I discovered your blog. I do not do so, here, because of the labors involved in so meticulous a metric. Donald Frame), is both That is, even if you are very much interested in philosophy, as I am, a stroll through the HC will do you some good. The paper is too thin to stand up to regular use (including note-taking, where bleeding is an issue.) If you would like a special description to go along with your blog, just send me an email [marc@bab.la], Kind regards, … -Each blog will have a one-sentence-description for the voting. This makes sense, though. Exposure helps one acquaint one’s self with philosophy over the course of history and to reflect on how those two areas interact. Do you believe the ‘great books’ (and I am aware of the overwhelming irony of my quoting this during this argument) to be ‘the best that has been thought and said’, as Matthew Arnold put it? (attention: Please note that there are about a dozen works (a few more so in the Harvard Classics than the Great Books of the Western World) within each collection that I have not read, and I will do my best to note which those are. I just think they are that important. In the everyday, you may hear someone called a “Cassandra”; one of Freud’s complexes was called “Oedipal”; one Nobel Laureate and philosopher referred to “Sisyphus.”  Who were these folks, anyways? Powered by WordPress. They’re definitely available, but you have do have to search (unlike the Harvard Classics, which are all on a single list from Bartleby). Marc Were you ever bored / frustrated by reading higher-level works growing up? To a very great extent, ideas deconstructed into linguistic components and reconstructed from them, by the reader, back into the original form, ideas. I found your website this evening and I am happy that I did. 2 comments. I will start with the Harvard Classics (HC). There are plenty of mathematical treatises that are worthy of a non-mathematician’s education. There may be some copyright issues with including selections organized in the exact same way, as the series is considered an anthology. A quick look at the list of readings tells you so much. The reason is that conveying ideas requires craftsmanship with the English language, and the adequate reception of those ideas is dependent upon reading ability. How many times I have read Beowulf, and forgot that what I was reading was hundreds and hundreds of years old. Summary of reason number one: Literacy! He uses English equivalents that might have made sense in 1870, but not now. Though we are individuals, we have this genetic heritage to people, events, and cultures past. In all of these respects, and many more, I think the HC is a wonderfully chosen compilation. And, where the titles differ, the chosen texts convey the same ideas.


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