how to add access point to cisco wireless controller 5508
wps            Displays WPS Configuration. I was able to get AIR-CT5500-K9-8-0-121-0.aes from Baidu Cloud. Just make sure you are communicating with the controller you intend to upgrade licenses on! After the license is installed, you are informed you will need to reboot the controller. address        Configures an interface’s address information. Solved: My problem is Access point is not showing in Cisco Wireless controller. Attach complete console output from the AP. mping          Send Mobility echo packets to a specified mobility peer IP address. can you run the following on the CLI of the WLC concurrently? tacacs         Displays TACACS+ information. This set up is all part of the controller discovery process. udi            Display UDI for the controller. Check the step by step instructions in the attached…, WLAN SSID Availability Configuration Guide. I changed the VLAN's  on the ports for the AP's and my DHCP server shows the AP's but how do I add them into the WLC to be available to my users? Think you've mastered IT? I never have had to deal with this WLC before so I should have mentioned that. Here is a compatibility list also for future use:, We are launching a new events program "Support Talks" to help you support your deployments as a pro - LEARN MORE. Have done any time settings on it yet? We currently still have a Cisco 5508 WLC running on software version Modules: AIR-RM3010L-x-K9 and AIR-RM3000M, Another document suggests that the -B access points are supported in, Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller and new Access Points? The management interface is the default interface for in-band management of the controller and connectivity to enterprise services such as AAA servers. 5508 Wireless Controller: Access product specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and community content. He is using PRTG but that Server is not connected with WLC. coredump       Displays Core Dump Summary. After connecting SP (Service Port) within your laptop network, you will be able to browse the web page of your WLC. Consider deploying APs in a large campus and having the APs' MAC address, how would you go about discovering the APs from the controller's GUI? logout         Exit this session. You should have a PAK from Cisco when you purchased your adder license. flexconnect    Display controller flexconnect information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now install the new license. qos            Display qos information (queue length). Step by Step guide to build a Cisco wireless infrastructure using Cisco WLC 5500, Cisco 1142 AP and Microsoft Radius server Browse to your controller to view the current licenses: I'm a believer in backing up your controller before doing any upgrades to it. Each method will be demonstrated with their order of priority explained. Cisco 5508 WLC Setup and Initial Configuration hostname       Configures the virtual interface’s virtual DNS host name. band-select    Display Aggressive Load Balancing configuration. custom-web     Display Web Authentication customization information. Actually, I would like to know how to add an AP using the controller's GUI. After you enter in the information, you can view and download your licenses, or wait for them to arrive via email. I must be missing some step here, and I am not very experienced with wireless so forgive my ignorance. Anything before should be OK. database       Show local database configuration. run-config     Display running configuration. This is why you could of gotten a WLC with older code or even a controller with the latest code. dtls           Display the DTLS server status. We are launching a new events program "Support Talks" to help you support your deployments as a pro - LEARN MORE. Initialising Cfg, *Mar  1 00:02:01.239: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed state to reset*Mar  1 00:02:02.251: %LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed state to up*Mar  1 00:02:02.259: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dot11Radio1, changed state to reset*Mar  1 00:02:03.251: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Dot11Radio0, changed state to up*Mar  1 00:02:03.283: %LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio1, changed state to up*Mar  1 00:02:04.283: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Dot11Radio1, changed state to up%Default route without gateway, if not a point-to-point interface, may impact performance%Error opening flash:/capwap-saved-config (No such file or directory)*Mar  1 00:02:19.755: %SYS-6-LOGGINGHOST_STARTSTOP: Logging to host port 514 CLI Request TriggeredTranslating "CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER"...domain server ( (


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