how to add salt to intex pool
Gemma Argent writes articles and essays for Associated Content, HART, Horizon Magazine, and Canada. Then, open a corner of a bag of pool salt and walk around the pool pouring it in a little bit at a time. Also, keep your water balanced. But, CYA is also somewhat of a double-edged sword. If you’re using chlorine tabs, put them in a floating chlorine tablet dispenser. pool FAQ's in the swimming pool community. Maintain salt levels within the manufacturer’s recommended range at all times. So we didn't mess with it last year and we decided this year to set it up and order the intex krystal clear saltwater system, and now we are waiting for it to be delivered and my question is can I go ahead and add 120 lbs. It is important to keep the pump running to help circulate and dissolve the salt. The best way to chlorinate an Intex pool is with an Intex salt water pool system. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. Without it, most of your chlorine would be gone within minutes. Test the salt content by dipping a test strip into the water and using the instructions to determine the level of salt. of pool salt to the pool water so that it can start dissolving while I wait for the arrival of the saltwater system??? To decrease your water’s Total Alkalinity: Use an alkalinity decreaser (sodium bisulfate). This is because salt water chlorination systems only use, well salt, to produce the chlorine. You can use anything labeled "Pool Salt", but also consider "Water Softener Salt". You must put the correct amount of salt in order for your salt chlorine generator to work. Go to a pool supply company, and get salt for the pool. Ideal calcium hardness levels for Intex pools are between 100 and 300 ppm. Just curious, why saltwater vs chlorine? The salt in the water is diluted to the point no one notices that it's a salt water pool. Converting Above Or Below Ground Pools To Salt Water Systems. Salt water pools are gentler on the skin than chlorine and just as easy to maintain, provided you know how and when to add your salt. it yourself in about an hour. Since there are a few different popular salt systems, it is important to check your salt chlorinator Owner’s Manual to see what the recommended salinity is. system on their pool, but don't know what to think about what IMPORTANT: Make note of whether or not your chlorine products contain CYA, or cyanuric acid. Receive helpful tips & tricks, how-to guides, and the latest promotions You will want to get some Saltwater Test Strips so that you can test the current salinity of the pool water. With your Total Alkalinity and pH levels in check, Calcium Hardness is the next chemical to adjust. Use the pool calculator to figure out exactly how much salt to add. Most pool stores offer free water testing services, so alternatively you could just take a sample in for a more accurate result.


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