how to make coconut oil lotion less greasy
The solutions are to use less coconut oil, or use a mixture of coconut oil with an oil that is non-greasy. It’s similar to a lighter whipped body butter. Fractionated Coconut oil is rich in hydrating properties that leaves your skin looking healthy and younger. How to Choose a Mold for Lotion Bars. I like almond oil and jojoba oil for face because they are both fairly uncomedgenic (like a 1 on the scale!) You might also want to omit, adding coconut oil to your conditioner. It absorbs into the skin easily and has a longer shelf-life than some natural oils. But there are ways to make that oily feeling on your hair and scalp feel less heavy and more light. Make up one batch, and whipped coconut oil lotion will maintain a luscious, body butter-like consistency for easy application anytime. Greasiness: To make it even less greasy, increase amount of mango butter and decrease grape seed oil accordingly. Or try a mixture of oils. First, add ½ cup (140 g) of beeswax, ¼ cup (60 mL) of coconut oil, and ¼ cup (60 mL) of olive oil to a glass bowl or jar. Coconut oil is so good for the skin. I hope my response helped! I love making body products. Greasy Oils to Avoid. In this recipe, I chose a cute heart-shaped mold to shape these Valentine’s Day themed bars. It leaves no greasy after feel and is great for all skin types. I used St. Johns Wort. Rich in nourishing fatty acids, it is anti … Thanks to Elizabeth at The Nourished Life for inspiring this recipe. Conclusion. Eg. While many types of homemade lotion are thick and greasy, this all natural body lotion is light and quick-absorbing. If you like it ‘less’ glide increase the beeswax. Use a stand mixer (or hand mixer) to mix the ingredients until it achieves a uniform texture. Clear jojoba works well, as does fractionated coconut oil, which is also clear. Coconut oil, yes the kind you can get at the grocery store, is a staple of crunchy kitchens and beauty cabinets. Star ingredients are coconut oil and aloe vera, both wonderful for the skin. Coconut Oil; Olive Oil; Palm Oil; Castor Oil; Jojoba Oil; I’m actually on the fence about jojoba oil. COCOA BUTTER. There are many ways which answer the most googled question on butter, how to make body butter less greasy with non greasy shea butter lotion recipe. If you research you can find oils with a less greasy feel. Cocoa butter is moisturizing, but still relatively light (and smells amazing). But you can use this recipe with any mold you prefer, like these pretty flower molds or a simple square-shaped mold.. If you plan to package in an opaque container, this might not be an issue anyway. Refined coconut oil will be more greasy but also much more moisturizing—make sure it’s refined coconut oil, because unrefined will leave you greasy for hours. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer when you need something soothing and simple, although I don’t prefer it for a daily moisturizer since my face isn’t a big fan of this natural product. Then, pour in 1 teaspoon (5 mL) of vitamin E oil and a few drops of essential oil to give your lotion a nice smell. With the exception of some oils, mainly olive oil, the more dark yellow it is the more heavier it is. Step1. It is also less greasy, thus ideal for our recipe today. Make sure you like Herbs & Oils World on Facebook to be updated every time we find a fantastic tutorial for exciting and innovative ways you can use herbs and essential oils. It’s a great hand cream recipe and a simple homemade lotion recipe as well. Today I have a great recipe for a non-greasy homemade moisturizing lotion from Andrea at Some oils simply cannot help themselves. You could also try Mommypotamus has a recipe for lotion with less coco oil and you could replace the coconut oil with something else lik shea butter, mango butter etc. When coconut oil is paired with aloe vera gel, the final product is a simple “lotion” that’s soothing, refreshing, and moisturizing. You can use it in the kitchen, on your skin, in your hair, and the list goes on. 3 parts mango butter and 1 part grape seed oil. I have been using coconut oil straight out of the jar to moisturize my skin and it works great but I have been missing the thick whipped lotions that I used to buy. I think you are going to love this lotion: How to Make an Easy Beeswax Lotion. COCONUT OIL. The chemical composition of some oils, like coconut oil and palm oil, make them heavy in natural. A delightful tip for healthy skin is to simply whip extra virgin coconut oil to give it a lucious, fluffy texture. 3. This DIY Moisturizing Hand Lotion is a great way to get smooth hands and help out your cracked knuckles. Grape seed and jojoba are two good ones. I decided to head to the kitchen and make my own homemade whipped body lotion using coconut oil. Hi Jessica, this lotion is much less greasy than coconut oil based ones, but it is not a quick-absorbing lotion like you’d find in water-based store bought lotion. Instead of olive oil, try jojoba oil, or almond oil or grape seed oil. )-10 drops essential oils of choice (optional). Your husband might find it a bit too greasy for his liking. You can also make your own lotion using beeswax. Please let us know how it goes. This homemade coconut lotion requires only two ingredients. 1 c. carrier oil, such as olive oil, grapeseed oil or jojoba oil The hype around coconut oil these days is for a good reason. X Expert Source Joanna Kula Skincare Specialist Expert Interview. But, if you want to color your lotion, you will need a very white lotion base. Feb 23, 2015 - If you want to make your own lighter, non-greasy homemade lotion - this is the one. I would add an extra cup.The end result will be more like a solid salve if enough oil isn’t added. A lot faster and a lot less to clean. Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and excellent moisturizer for dry skin. Make an infused herbal coconut oil. So the second batch I made was using my hand mixer. If you choose to make a hemp lotion, it will likely have a greenish tint to it. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is highly saturated and can remain in the solid-state at room temperature. If you like give it even more glide, increase the carrier oil (mango butter or grape seed oil). Gather the Ingredients-1 cup aloe vera gel-1 teaspoon vitamin E oil-3/4 ounce beeswax, grated or broken into small pieces-1/2 cup almond or grapeseed oil-1 tablespoon cocoa butter (I added this for a slightly more luxurious lotion during the winter, but this is optional. And I used the pastilles version of beeswax as it melts faster. Using the kitchen scale, measure out 53g of Shea butter, 26g of coconut oil, 13g of sweet almond oil, 13g of sunflower oil, 7g of jojoba oil, 3.5g of beeswax pastilles, half tablespoon of arrowroot powder or tapioca starch, a quarter teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and 4-5 drops of any essential oil … Hi to make cream less greasy I use emulsifying wax 25percent rest 75percent is mix of butters,oils ,and water,coffee powder etc, take everything in big pot make it hot till all butter are liquid then use hand blender every 10 min or so till it get cold have been making since last 7 years The lotion may have a greasy feel with the lack of water to help thin it out. However, we need to be careful with the oil and grease the butter have, the grease makes it very tough to even use the butter and increase the chances of spilling the butter increases a lot. While they may have other benefits, these should be avoided in this non-greasy shea body butter recipe. It really is satisfying to create the perfect lotion for your skin type. Ingredients: 16 oz baby lotion 8 oz coconut oil 8 oz vitamin E cream Lavender essential oil (optional) Directions: Add the lotion, coconut oil, and vitamin E cream to a mixing bowl.


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